Tuesday, December 7, 2010

5K #28: Unicorns and Rainbows

Good day to all of my blogger friends. It's a day filled with pink unicorns and sparkly rainbows.  And just what would make this Happy Texan even happier?  Deliriously giddy?  No, I haven't had a vicodin milkshake.  I just got tickets to see Wicked in San Antonio! AHHHHHHHH! *squeal*

Chuck and I are meeting Anne (carb tripper) Feb. 19 for lunch and Wicked and I can't wait.  Hey, you know what? YOU should come too.  Yes, you!  If you just want to meet up for lunch that would be cool too.  Get to meet awesome blogger people in San Antonio.  What could be better?  Come on, you know you want to.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!
 Of course for the musical I will contain my enthusiasm and act more civilized.  Must blend.
Yes, #28 5K is completed.  I was going to wait for Chuck to get home from work and we were going to walk together in the evening but it got so cold that night that I chickened out and opted for the dreadmill.

I think I enter some other dimension on the treadmill because time suddenly slows down and no matter how hard I try it takes forever to get to the next mile.  Most. boring. machine. ever.
 During the day I decided to dust off my Turbo Jam DVD.  I just did the 20 minute workout.  I've forgotten how much fun these are!  Nice workout. 

The first time I tried Turbo Jam my back hurt the next day.  This time was no different. My back is sore today.  I guess it really works those muscles or I'm doing it wrong.

I did great with the eats.  No snacking except when I was supposed to and that was on good stuff.

I baked a sugar free crustless pumpkin pie. I <3 this stuff so much.  1/4th of the whole pie is only 75 calories.  No guilt there.
Chuck's slice with fat free whipped cream
Crustless Pumpkin Pie

  • 15 oz can pumpkin
  • ¾ cup Splenda®
  • ¼ cup Egg Beaters®
  • 1 cup nonfat milk
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp flour
  • 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
Beat all ingredients together. Spray pie plate with cooking spray. Pour batter into pie plate and bake for 15 minutes at 400°. Reduce heat to 350° and bake for an additional 45 minutes. Place in microwave and cook on high for an additional 5 minutes, knife should come out clean when inserted into the center. Allow it to cool completely before cutting it.

Top with a dollop of fat-free whipped topping (not included in nutritional information).
Serves 4
Calories:75; Fat: 1g; Carbs: 19g; Fiber: 4g; Sugars: 4g; Protein: 6g

Have yourself a wonderful day. :)


  1. Excellent news -- please let us know how it goes :)

  2. We aren't moving to San Antonio til late February/early March. I'll JUST miss you :( Have tons of fun, though!!

  3. Okay, definitely making that pie!

    And you'll love Wicked! I saw it in Chicago when Kristin Chenoweth was Glinda and Anna Gasteyer from Saturday night live was Elphaba. I had no idea she could even sing when we saw it and it was goose pimply wonderful!

  4. How much fun is this going to be!!!!
    Yay yay yay I can't wait either!!!

  5. We just stayed across the street from the Gershwin Theater in NYC and were thinking about going to see Wicked. We would up seeing Billy Elliot (we had seen Wicked in Memphis a month or so ago).

    Have fun, it's a great show. Watch out that Anne doesn't dine-and-dash tho. She's notorious for that!

  6. I saw Wicked a couple years ago and LOOOOOOVED it! I wish I could go with you!

    Great job on your 5K! Only 2 more to go!

  7. Just put that recipe through the recipe builder and that's going to be dessert tonight! My MIL made a similar recipe for Thankgiving and I've been craving it ever since! Thanks for sharing it!! Only 2 points for 1/6!

  8. OH HOW FUN!!! Wish I could go, but I will be in Austin (at the Expo, shopping, woohoo!) before the half on Sunday. One of these days, I'll catch up with Anne. Or catch her. ;)

  9. Saw your blog on Allan's and now I am droooooling over that piece of pie!!!!! OMG!!!

  10. Turbo Jam - you aren't doing it wrong. My back gets sore because it does really work it. My sister, who I think is in great shape - it hurt her back too :) Well not that I'm happy it hurt her back but that she felt the same way I did.

    Glad you found Allan's site and joined in - we will do this right to the end!!

    And my new gadget - I've been waiting 6 months for that thing to arrive so I hope it works good. It is supposed to be just like the body bugg but a heck of a lot cheaper. And it tells me my stats right on it (it lights up). I can also wear it attached to anything I want and not on a band like the BB. AND I wear it at night on a wrist band to determine exactly how much sleep I am getting.

    I'll update my site as I get used to it and see what I learn from it....

    You are rockin those 5K!!

  11. YUMMO to the recipe!!!! Thanks for sharing! TURBO JAM!!! Man, I love those workouts...should dust mine off too, however, there is a NEW TaeBo collection coming out. Infomercial starts this coming Friday, so I'm so excited!!

  12. SO FUN!!!
    Ive heard it is amazing.



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