Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5K #29: Even more unicorns & rainbows

I get tickets to go see Wicked in San Antonio and get to meet Anne.  You would think that was my quota for awesomeness for 1 day.  You're wrong.

Awesome came in the form of discount tickets to see Blue Man Group the very next weekend in Austin.  Holy cr*p!  The day just got even awesomer.

Color me excited.  Bouncing off the freakin walls excited.  I might explode if one more awesome thing happens.


I have been Xena Warrior Princess when it comes to tackling exercise and eating right lately.

"How many calories does that have? *karate chop* Get that stuff away from me."

"How many miles do I need to walk today? Bring on another.  I'll totally slay those miles."

Instead of walking the 3.1 miles I walked 4. 
Tilt your head.  Technical difficulties.
 I was all excited.  Got home and looked up some different hiking clubs in the Houston area.  My bubble burst slightly.  These guys are hard core walkers.
 That's like almost a half marathon.  Not ready to join any hiking groups just yet.  Oh well.

Did great.  No snacking without permission from my brain (no mindless eating) and everything with reasonable calories.

Drank 1 gallon of water + some tea.

Made awesome chili with lean beef and Wick Fowler's Two Alarm Chili Mix.  

I did mess up the rice.  I have a rice cooking chart and I read "cook in microwave 35-40 minues" when I should have read "cook in microwave for 12 minutes."  I read the instructions for wild rice.  The stuff came out in one big rubbery disk.  Oops.  Still added some to the chili. :)

Also made some totally yum cornbread. 

Nonfat cooking spray
2 packages Jiffy cornbread mix
1 cup fat free sour cream
One 15oz can yellow corn, drained
3oz egg substitute
1/4 cup skim milk

Preheat oven to 400.  Spray 9x13 pan with cooking spray.  Mix all ingredients and pour into pan.  Bake for 20 minutes or until firm to the touch and light golden brown.

20 servings
calories: 119.3; carbs: 19.8g; fat: 1.3g; fiber: .2g; Protein: 2.7g

One more 5K and I am done with my challenge. Woohoo!  I'll report total mileage and stuff tomorrow.

And last, but not least, I joined another challenge because I'm feeling like be challenged. Again.

This one is Allan's Spawn of Double Dog Dare Challenge.  The idea is: drink your water, eat within your calorie goal, exercise, don't cheat, lose weight.

Bring it!  I'm ready to get into some nice clothes and lose this wad o' fat on my belly.



  1. You are en fuego, mi amiga!!! LOVE IT!!!

    What about a walk/run group (not necessarily Galloway) - is there a USAFit group that you can join? That's the group I'm in.

    BLUE MAN GROUP! So awesome! My son saw them in NYC when he was on a band trip with his high school and loved them - highlight of his trip. You are so lucky! :)

  2. Kelly, you are doing a great job!! Just the inspiration I need!

    And I saw Blue Man Group several years ago! It was so much fun!! And I saw Wicked too a couple of years ago. Totally worth the money I spent!

  3. Your enthusiasm is spilling over in this post! So excited for you.

    I've never seen Blue Man Group but hear its amazing.

    And there is nothing simpler than Jiffy corn bread mix - my store sells it 5 for $1! :D

    Hum, I've never thought to microwave rice before! I bought a $7 counter top rice cooker at Walgreen's and every grain I cook in it comes out perfect.

  4. You're so excited and happy, I'm excited and happy for you. Way to go on the extra mileage!

  5. You are all over it!
    grrrrrr wow!

  6. You are so close to finishing your goal!

    I saw Blue Man Group on a field trip in High school in Chicago. Pretty cool!

  7. I saw the Blue Man Group in Vegas and then again here in my City. I could go see them again as I really really enjoyed the show.

    Glad you joined in with Allan. I think he is a no BS kind of guy and what he writes really resonates with me these days.

    Feel free to email me anytime if you want any buddy help :)


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