Thursday, December 9, 2010

5K Challenge Done! & weigh in

I remember when I ran my first mile.  I really never thought the day would come.  It was so difficult to work up to that mile.  Walking around the block was near impossible but a mile was almost unattainable.

When the miracle mile finally arrived one day, I was on a treadmill doing C25K.  The mile came......and went.  No confetti streamers.  Just here and gone.  Life went on and so did the treadmill. 

It wasn't a sad moment.  Just a moment. A milestone, so to speak.  Then it was time to keep moving forward. 

I imagine that's how reaching goal weight is going to be.  I'll step on the scale alone, see the number, rejoice, and move on.  Weight loss is a journey but I don't think that journey ever ends.  I'll reach goal and make new goals for myself that are non-weight related.  I'm ok with that.  Actually, that's how I run my life.  I must have goals whether it's planning for a trip in a couple of months, losing 5 pounds, starting a new challenge or training program, planning a hike or camping trip.....goals make my world go round.

Yesterday I was going to take Charlie along for my final 5K while Rachel was in biology lab but when we got out of the car it was cold and the wind was blowing.  Charlie said, "Can't we do this on the treadmill?"

So instead we went to Borders and I got some disco ball ornaments and some battery operated lights.  Fun!  I plan to wrap myself in lights when we go looking at Christmas lights on Saturday. :D

We didn't get home and have dinner until 6pm.  By this time it is much colder outside.  I put on a hat, sweater, hoodie, two pairs of pants, and gloves.  Ok, it was only 48 degrees but that is cold to a Bahama Mamma.

Chuck kept me company during the walk.  We didn't talk much on the dark walk.  If he was like me, we just wanted to hurry and get back to the warm house and watch Modern Family.

So we're walking back towards the house and my Garmin shows 3.1.  "I did it," I say.  Chuck gives me a hug and we go inside.  30 days done!

I've run sometimes.  Mostly walked. In rain. At 11pm.  On vacation.  In the dark.  On Thanksgiving.  While on medicine that made me sick.  No matter what.  I did it.  I'm really proud of me.  I stuck with something!

Total mileage: 98 miles in 30 days.
 Chuck, my sweet husband that he is, surprised me with a necklace for my accomplishment.
Thank you, sweety. I love it!
 Now for the scary part. Weigh in.  Oh gee, I wish I hadn't had that second margarita while on vacation.  Or those yum fries from McD's that time.

Moment of truth.  What will the devil scale say?
 Weigh in: -7 pounds in 4 weeks! 1.75 pound loss per week.  Not too bad.
So what's next?
  • drinking 3 quarts of fluids per day
  • counting my calories
  • strength training
  • begin walk/run training schedule for a half marathon
That should keep me busy!

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement through my self challenge.  I've had a lot of good times doing this but I'm happy to be moving on to something new.

I've gained muscle and endurance while losing weight.  I also got back into the habit of exercising which is something that I needed.

On to the next.......


  1. Kelly!!!! You did it!!! It is a great accomplishment! I love that Chuck honored it with your very own MEDAL!!! He's a keeper, that one :)

    Congrats on your loss this month, too! You are AWESOME!

  2. VERY proud of you, Sweetie. I knew you could do it, in spite of me wanting to baby you during the process.

    The perseverance is strong with this one. Mm? Yeassss.


  3. That necklace is absolutely perfect for what you accomplished - I am so proud of you, Kelly!!! Congratulations on reaching your 30 Day 5K goal!

    And HELLO - minus 7 pounds? During a month where you not only had Thanksgiving but a vacation? That is incredible. You've really changed how you approach food and it shows. :)

  4. You are truly my hero....
    I am so proud of your Wicked little scale kicking self!!
    You inspire me!

  5. Kelly! That's fantastic! And omg, I love that necklace! I love Chuck!! :)

    And congrats on the 7 lbs!!!

  6. Oh absolutely loved this post - way to go Kelly!! You ROCK!
    Loved the necklace, loved the pictures, loved the fact that you are raring to keep the motion going!

    We can do this!! :)

  7. I'm sitting here smiling like a silly goon so I'm glad no one but me is in the room!

    Chuck gets some big ups for that gift - it's absolutely perfect!!

    The weight loss too? Why that's just the cherry on top!

  8. I seriously adore that necklace. How cool are YOU!? I'd love that on a bracelet, as I'm not really a big necklace person. But I love bracelets. :)

    You really are inspiring! And your husband rocks!

  9. Congratulations on your running! I remember when I ran my first mile without having to stop or walk. It was quite the achievement! Then I went on to run the Hood to Coast Relay race (17 miles).

    As for goal weight. Everyone will feel different. For me, it took almost 2 years to lose my 100 pounds and those last 10 took FOR-EVER!!!!! to lose. It was like I lost 1 pound a month, if that. So it was quite frustrating. Then I finally made it. 150 pounds on the scale. One of the happiest moments of my life.

  10. Love that necklace, its very cute.

    --I prefer running without shoes. My toes didn't get cold. Besides, if I'm in front from the start, no one can step on them. ~Michelle Dekkers - saucony running shoes

  11. What an amazing job you are doing! Congrats on the achievement!
    Path to Health

  12. Go Kelly! You are unstoppable! So proud of you!!

    That is so sweet of Chuck- what a perfect necklace!

  13. I am so proud of you Kelly!! I had no doubt that you would complete your challenge - you are giving me inspiration as I start WW tomorrow.

    -7 is HUGE for one month!! Woot!


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