Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fun with Zucchinis and Bananas

Sorry for the perv title.  I was trying to think of a way to say it without sounding weird.  "New Things to Try with Your Zucchinis and Bananas" didn't quite work either.  Soooo.....let's just move on.

I love pasta. it.  But carbs and calories make pasta a tough one for me to have. :(

But while looking for something in the kitchen, I stumbled upon a gadget that I forgot I had called a spiral slicer.
 It makes noodles!  How cool?! You can use all kinds of veggies but I chose zucchini.
They're so neat and noodley.
 For dinner I made Cheesy Crockpot Chicken then served it over my sauteed zucchini noodles.  OK, I admit that it doesn't look very appetizing but it's really, really good.  Promise.  And the zucchini noodles are only 58 calories for 2 cups! Come on.....that's awesome!
For recipe, check my "recipes" section.
Calories:266; Fat 6; carbs 14.7; fiber 1.3, protein 36.6

The zucchini adds no flavor at all. I'm going to try it with spaghetti next.

For dessert: banana ice cream with a little chocolate sauce.
 I froze some bananas then ran one through my juicer with the blank plate on.  So totally yum.  Really.  Low calorie, sugar free, raw, natural ice cream.  Or ice banana, really, since there is no cream involved.  It's also very rich.  One banana does the trick.  And I'm pretty sure running this in the food processor will yield similar results.
Rachel has always been my little artist.  From the time she was little bitty she would draw all day long.  In art class this week she drew a self portrait and I am so proud of my little girl...who really isn't so little any more.
Exercise: yesterday I said I was going to walk a 5K but I didn't. I actually took a needed rest day.

Today was week 1, day 2 of half marathon training.  I did my walk/run ratios and then it was time for some cadence-type drills.  I felt so weird doing those in front of people. LOL  I wonder if I looked as dorky as I felt.

After the cool down I decided to keep walking because I felt so good.  Ended up with 4.3 miles.  Love to burn up those calories. :)

The scale still sucks.  I am pretty sure it is broke and incapable of going any lower.  Stupid scale.  I have confidence that the scale will catch up with my effort eventually.
Thanks for stopping by to read my little blog.  I'm doing this for me and to keep me accountable but it's always nice to have folks stop by and comment.  I feel like I get to have a mini conversation with you. :)



    oh my!!

    okay okay..noodles... you are safe. I actually loved my banana zucchini muffins. They are a great combo.

    Zucchini icecream...not so mcuh though.

  2. Oh you just made me want a spiralizer all over again! I use a vegetable peeler to make zucchini noodles, and I also sometimes add carrots, onion and mushroom, saute them all together and serve my spaghetti sauce over. I swear I like it better than noodles now.

    And the ice cream. Oh my, that looks scrumptious. Just might break my froyo habit!

    I really enjoyed this post!

  3. That spiralizer looks easier to make the zucchini noodles than my julienne peeler - and I loves me some zucchini pasta, so I may just have to get one!

    Frozen bananas are pretty tasty. I just slice some and freeze them...never tried making ice cream, but I will now!

    Rachel is so talented - with her cake decorating and drawing, she's quite artistic!

    You are doing great with the half training. Glad you are not letting what other people think stop you. Hint: no one is watching except for other runners - and they are impressed by your dedication. :)

  4. ok wow.
    Rachel is SO talented.

    you must be really really proud.
    I cant wait to see what my girl is drawn to.


  5. I agree, Rachel is SO talented! She can draw AND cook!

    I have got to get one of those slicers- how cool is that!!

  6. Your zucchini noodles look so cool! I tried making them before, but using a zester since I don't have a spiralizer. Now I want one!

    I love banana soft serve!

    You're doing great, Kelly! Don't worry about the scale... I believe it will catch up to show your efforts!

  7. Not only do I want that spiralizer, I think I need one! Thanks for sharing the link.

    Rachel indeed has talent! It will be interesting to see where she ends up with this once she's an adult.

  8. oh I just found you!!!

    ok, I am going to Bed, Bath and Beyond today!! I have a 20% off coupon (am I a cheap skate or what!! LOL) and that zuchinni noodle idea looks wonderful, I NEED to add that to my menu!!

  9. The spiral slicer is something I have got to get. I love veggie noodles. I would use that at least twice a week.

  10. Thaat spiral gizmo really looks interesting. Spaghetti squash just does not do the trick for me.

    Right now I am dealing with problems of old age which are greatly deterring my exercise; but dealing with the new WW diet is mind bending. However, it is more consistant to consider carbs instead of calories alone, as there are good carbs, regardless of calories. And the zero points, on fruits are great-yeah I know they are still have calories, but so do veggies; It is takint a lot of adjustment after 13 years of basically the same program.

    I bought a new scale once, a WW endorsement, it weighed 3# MORE than my old one which at least agreed with the DR office!!!

    I love frozen bananas.


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