Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Just a very quick note to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Festivus. :)

My Christmas present:
Specialized Crosstrail

Wednesday I rode 13.5 miles and only stopped because it was getting dark.  It gives me such a feeling of freedom to ride.  No worries about diets, losing weight, bills, the kids' futures (ok, I can never stop worrying about that), or anything. 

It's like a buffet of life when I ride.  I get to hear the crackle of pebbles under the tires, the sounds of kids playing, the smells of different detergents while people wash clothes, the smells of dinners cooking, birds, and beautiful sunset.  I felt so alive!!

I did have one incident.  I was riding and a bug went into my mouth and squirted something sour.  I spit it out as quickly as possible (of course it happened in front of the playground so all the kids and parents got to see me on the side of the road spitting copious amounts of crap on the road).  The sour gunk from the bug made my mouth go numb.  So weird and so totally disgusting.

Today was the 3 mile run for half marathon training and I felt great.  I felt like a I got my stride a few times and could run with little effort.  I love days like that.

I also got some new clothes!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't find a sweater in my closet that fit right so I went to Dress Barn (lovely store, terrible name) and a nice lady helped me match some clothes.  She even insisted that I buy some size 14 jeans.  I got them home and they do fit but my belly pouch is still too big for me to wear them in public.  I'd feel uncomfortable.

Weigh in is tomorrow morning so I'll post a quick update before I go to my mom's.

Merry Christmas, y'all!  I'm off to ride my bike before the rains come.


  1. And a Wicked Merry Christmas
    to you and your sweet family!
    Cool bike! A buffet of life. Indulge that!
    Awesome - bugs and all!

  2. Nice prezzy!!
    Bugs ewwwwww
    Have a Merry Christmas

  3. Okay that settles it. I'm getting a bike after the New Year.

    Did you track the calories from the bug? Allan says to track everything.


  4. Very nice! Beautiful day out today as well.

    No fear... a few more bike rides and you will be swimming in those 14's!!


  5. So funny, I always thought Dress Barn sounded terrible, too. But yay Kelly for getting some new clothes!!!

    Love your bike and the freedom you are feeling with it. And nice work on the 3 mile run!

    Have a Merry Festivus!


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