Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Quickie

  • Used my Rubberbanditz yesterday. Just did upper body.  They must work because my shoulders and arms are sore today! Super easy to use.
  • Push ups suck!!
  • The scale had been reading 183 this week but today it says 185.  Darn sore muscles.  Does it every time. 
  • 40 minutes of Just Dance 2.  More like Jump Around Like a Fool with No Rhythm 2.  I can not do Britney Spears moves to save my life but I think I have James Brown now.  Nice way to sweat and burn calories.
  • I'd have to fork out some serious money if someone had a video of me doing the above to make sure it never ended up on YouTube.
  • Jeans fitting looser so size 14s are around the corner. "I'm meltinggggg."
  • I have a hot date this Sunday night.  Going to the Alamo Drafthouse with Chuck.  It's a movie theater that also sells beer, wine and dinner.  Can't wait.  I think we're going to see True Grit.  Not a big fan of westerns but I've made Chuck sit through enough girlie movies.  A glass of wine will make it more entertaining. :)
  • New scale is supposed to arrive today.
  • One more day left of 2010!
  • Stayed up until midnight playing Angry Birds.  Must resist that game.
  • Need to get new progress pictures up soon. 
  • Charlie has decided he wants to do strength training and get big muscles. LOL


  1. Hey, we have the same rhythm!

    I want to go see True Grit, I may be able to get hubby to the theatre for that one. He hates going to the movies.

    Angry Birds = the devil! It is very addicting. So is Alchemy and Geared! I got hooked on Angry Birds during football practice this fall.. Stupid pigs, DIE!!!

  2. I've heard that it is AMAZING - even to those that LOVE the oringal... you are in for a treat me thinks!

    Melt on lady.... perhaps you can turn up the heat down here...damn cold for TX!

  3. Go see "The Fighter" it is awesome. You will love it and you will still get the "guy-flick" points :-)

    Have a great day.

  4. Have fun that is a great theater.

    And I am also the white girl with no dance skillz. Although that ain't stopping me from getting it. I've heard it and Zumba are so much fun.

    Angry Birds is a tool of Satan meant to suck you into a time warp of get nothing else done.

  5. I'm hearing that True Grit is excellent and a date night with hubby sounds like a great way to start a New Year to me!

  6. Push ups do suck!

    Have fun on your date!

  7. Good luck to Charlie!

    I might have to check out those Rubberbanditz- I need to tone.

  8. I can't dance for beans. But hey - at least you're moving, right?

    Dinner and a movie sounds awesome, even if it is a Western, lol.

    Charlie and his big muscles makes me smile.

    Meltttttt away, Kelly! :)

  9. I love to dance, but only if no one is looking, lol

    Never heard of that movie theater. Sounds like fun. I love Matt Damon...

    I'm hooked on Angry Birds, too. I don't like that weird back-a$$wards bird though.

  10. Oh, I meant to say this too...Totally Awesome on the Melting! Go Kelly!

  11. I'm loving JustDance 2, and considering I have the rythm of a box of beans that says a lot! It was SO much fun to watch my husband and step son to play together...ok they were forced to play but it was still hilarious!

  12. Push ups do suck!
    I also have absolutely not rhythm whatsoever.
    Girl if i could find that on YouTube i'd burn a lot of calories laughing :)
    Don't worry if you saw me do it you probably burn even more!
    A glass of wine helps with a lot of things. Actually sometimes i dance better after a glass but then again maybe i just think i dance better.
    O.k i'm laughing out loud now, time to go :)
    Have a great night!


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