Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rubberbanditz and New Clothes

I won some Rubberbanditz at the lovely Mizfit's blog and they arrived in the mail yesterday!
 These are so cool.  They're huge rubber bands (I tried shooting them but it didn't end well) and they're very versatile.
The package came with 3 bands, a thing to attach them to doorways, two hand grips, a manual, two clips, a DVD and a bag to carry them in.

I emailed the company to tell them thank you for hosting the giveaway, etc. and he emailed me back immediately.  A real email!  Not a machine saying "thanks for your interest in our product."

I love the feel of this company.  I'm not sure of the size of the operation but they have a small company feel, if that makes sense.  They are also all about giving back to the world.  Part of the proceeds go to hygiene and humanitarian projects worldwide.

The DVD is not only educational but entertaining.  The exercises are done in various locations including village shopping markets, houses, a chicken house, hammocks, etc.  It shows various ways to use the bands.

I am excited about adding these to my fitness arsenal.'s raining outside today so I might just start today.  Forget the fact that my legs and rear are still sore from Monday's workout. Ha!  I'll do upper body!

Also love the fact that these things are portable and can be used literally anywhere.  Even while you're sitting in traffic.  I kid you not, they show how to use the bands while in traffic.

I played around with the bands last night.  I think this is going to be awesome.  I love the company too.  Guess you couldn't tell. :)
Exercise:  Tuesday's forecast called for painful running.  Still so sore it's hard to walk from Monday's strength training session.  Just for fun, let's add high winds to the mix.  Yes, it was a painful run and running into the wind was challenging. 2.5 miles.
My sweet husband spoils me rotten.  If I mention that I like something he makes sure to find a way for me to get it.  Such was the case with a certain top and jacket I found.

I ended up buying them yesterday and feel a little (a lot) guilty about getting them.

The top:
 The jacket with the top:
It is fun to buy some clothes because they're cute instead of "just because they fit."  Know what I mean?  Before I would buy something just so it would cover my big, naked self.  Anything would do as long as it covered me.  Now I'm getting to buy something that I actually like!

And the compliments that Chuck gives me don't hurt either. :) 

All of this is motivation enough to stay on path.  No brownie can beat the feeling that I have right now.  And I'm not even to goal yet! 

2011 is going to be a lot of fun.


  1. Those bands look like something that would be excellent to travel with - small and easy to fit in your suitcase. Let us know how the workout goes with them.

    And I LOVE the top and jacket - I wanna see a picture of it on you not the hanger - betcha you look HOT!


  2. Love the outfit!!!!

    I look forward to hearing about the rubberband thingies

  3. Oooooh, sooooo pretty! And you can totally dress that up with fancy pants or dress up jeans by wearing the top. Hurray for new clothes!

  4. No guilt. No guilt.
    I could understand the guilt if you didn't look good in them. But you look REALLY good in them.

    So no guilt.


  5. Kelly! That top is so cute!!! And the jacket? WOW! LOVE THEM!!! I completely understand buying clothes now because they are cute - so nice to not be held hostage to "I had to buy this because it's the only thing that fit" - now show us a picture of you wearing the new clothes!

  6. Awesome top and awesome coat :) Yep, i'm jealous!
    You'll to tell us all about those rubberbanditz they look like they could be fun!

  7. Love the new tops! You need to post a pic of YOU wearing them! :)

    Congrats on all of your successes! :)

    Here's to 2011 ~ !

  8. Oh God don't even get me started on my shopping habits. I am like a crack addict waiting to score a hit when Ann Taylor LOFT has a sale.

    The top is really cute. I would buy that. I have plans on buying size 18 pants and skirts next week because my size 20s are so baggy I am walking on the bottoms (even the jeans).

  9. The bands and that company sound great. (I love the name, too) Um, a chicken house?! How funny!

    Love the new top and jacket. Great color! Your husband is wonderful.

    Hope your soreness eases up.

    Here's to a great 2011!

  10. Oh what a cute outfit!!! And I love that Chuck WANTS you to have guys are such an adorable couple. :)


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