Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Short and Sweet

  • After feeling guilty about the kids and cookies I got some cookie dough for them to bake.  They smelled awesome but I have not had one cookie.  The kids, however, have enjoyed many.
  • I am able to walk a little better today.
  • Still sore so just going to walk my 5K for exercise today.
  • Had to get up to pee 3 times last night.  Broken sleep is not fun.  No more water after 8pm.
  • Freakin' scale is showing a gain today even though I've had a calorie deficit Come on! :(  Puts me in an angry mood.
  • Made a layered eclair dessert for hubby to bring to office party that he won't be able to attend. Hate for hubby to miss the most awesome dessert in the world.
  • So excited about Christmas. We're opening gifts on the 23rd because we're not traditional at all we're driving to spend Christmas day with my parents and I want the kids to have a couple of days to enjoy their gifts before we go.  I remember as a kid we'd open gifts at the crack of dawn then the rest of the day we were on the road visiting family until late.  The kids were so anxious to get back home to play with their new loot.
Hope you have yourself a wonderful Wednesday.  Can you believe that the end of 2010 is almost here?!  Time sure does fly.


  1. The scale is up because your muscles are inflamed and holding water - it will level out soon. But it's not easy to see that after working so hard, I agree!

  2. No, I can't believe 2010 is almost finished! We're also opening presents early. We're doing them this Saturday b/c my daughter is flying to TX on the 22nd.

    Enjoy the holidays, and kudos for not jumping in the bowl of cookies :)

  3. What Shelley said. Stay off the scale for a bit and keep on keeping on. Don't eat the cookies.

  4. Alot of LC'er on the LoCarb blogs have this same phenomenon:
    1. no cheating
    2. a little gain
    3. then a swish!
    That is where the pounds just drop off all at once!
    I think bodies just take time to adjust...

  5. yep...daily fluxes for all that water happen!

    You are doing great... all that cookie temptation would be hard.

  6. I love the cookie monster picture- made me laugh!! :)

  7. Wow you are doing great!! Your working hard and staying away from the goodies :)
    Keep it up and your body can do nothing other than drop some weight!

  8. Don't worry about the scale. It will even out over time once you keep training. Would be nice if it could throw you a bone once in a while, though, right?

  9. I've made cookies two nights in a row and have only had one small tiny bite of one - you know, for quality control?! :D

  10. Arghhh, that stupid scale! The GREAT news is that even though the scale seems to be going in the wrong direction, YOU are still going the right way :) You should be proud of your will power and determination. It's SO amazing!!


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