Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Summer Has Arrived in Texas

We are having some really crazy bi-polar weather in Houston lately.  One day it can be freezing cold and the next day you're wearing shorts.  Today is very warm.  Hot, actually.

But my snowcone man (why, yes, I do have my own snowcone man) told me in October that we were going to have a mild winter.  So far he's been correct.  Not only can he predict the weather but he makes an excellent snowcone for only $1. :)

Today was week 2/day 1 of half marathon training.  I had to walk 3 minutes/ run 1 minute for 32 minutes.  I finished it off by walking until I got to my 5K.  So I'm slow.

I've been having little mental debates (please tell me I'm not the only one who does this) about running and speed.  I want to be as fast as the other cool running bloggers but I'm slow as molasses in January.  That's slow! 

I've thought: maybe I can work up to their speed.  Maybe I will be able to run the whole distance of races like they do.  Maybe, maybe, maybe....if I only work hard enough. 

I've also thought: there is no way I can do what they do.  I'm slow and I'm not sure I want to run an entire endurance race.

So many conflicting thoughts.  I've decided to make peace with myself and stop trying to compare my results (she can run a 5K in 30 minutes but it takes me an hour?!) with everyone else's.  Let me be absolutely honest here: I'm doing it for the swag. If there were not tee shirts and medals involved I would not be doing this. 

For now, I'll be happy doing my walk/run ratios at whatever speed may come.  It's my race against me. No one else.  If at some point the walk intervals seem too easy I will change it up to where I run most of the time and walk a little.  That's not the case for now. 

Instead of being ashamed of my times I will be proud that I'm actually out there doing something.  And just that thought takes a great deal off my shoulders.  It's so dangerous to compare ourselves with others.  It can rob you of happiness in your accomplishments.

Calorie intake has been perfect.  Yesterday I think I could have gotten pornographic with a cupcake but I resisted.  I did buy some beautiful cupcakes but I have not touched one.  I have some Dove Dark Chocolate Promises that are great for the ole sweet tooth.  I also had three dried apricots at 50 calories and that totally satisfied my sweets cravings.

For dinner last night I made some zucchini noodles (see a couple of posts down if you don't know what those are) and topped it with pasta sauce.  Two huge cups of "noodles" covered in sauce with a side of "lite" garlic bread.  It was freakin' awesome!  I felt like I was being bad with my calories.  Chuck even had his with the zucchini and went back for seconds.

I like to steam mine covered in the microwave for a few minutes just to make them a little bit softer.  Drain, salt and cover with pasta sauce.  That's it.  It tastes good and it's good for you. Try it.:)

I tried on a pair of Rachel's shorts and they fit! Size 14. Holy cr*p!  I can't remember the last time I saw 14.  I think it was right after Charlie was born.  10 years ago?  It's been a while.  I still have a belly pooch (pouch?) so I wouldn't wear them in public but it's still nice to know I could get them on.

That also means my brand new beautiful expensive jeans from Coldwater Creek won't be fitting for much longer.  Oh well.  Maybe a person in bloggerland will want some barely used size 16 jeans soon.
I stayed up as late as I could to see the lunar eclipse last night.  Finally I had to go to bed.  The kids stayed up and woke me up when it finally started to happen.  Very cool stuff.

You have yourself a wonderful Tuesday.  Only 4 more days until Christmas!


  1. Hot? Seriously? We are having a COLDER than normal December... and this morning they've started watching a storm that looks like it's going to dump some big snow on us Christmas Day.

    If you really get immersed in a running community you will find that everyone roots for everyone, time does not matter.

    As Bingham says, "It's not that I finished the race, it's that I had the courage to start!"

    You should read some of his books if you haven't... he's really funny and he's made a name for himself as a "slow" runner!

  2. I used to get caught up with trying to be faster. I compared myself a lot to other running bloggers but, then I realized most of them are in their 20's! LOL! This 40-something can't keep up!;) Anyway, I really don't care about time. I'm just proud of myself for getting out there and doing it! I finished my half marathon in over 3 hours and there were still plenty of people behind me! No worries, just do what you can do! What matters is that you are doing it!!!

  3. running is hard!! just doing it is good for you!

    I was scared in my first 10K "race" that I would be last. I almost was, but I was still proud to have done it!!

    Keep on getting out there, the speed will come.

  4. It's hard for us to remember that the MAJORITY of people that are breathing would never consider getting off of their couch, much less putting on shoes and running on purpose.

    I couldn't be more proud of you. Instead of taking the easy road of Excuse Blvd., you have tightened your laces and you are shaping your own destiny. Anyone could say, "I'll do it tomorrow", but you choose to do it today.

    Bring on the SWAG. If it helps, I'll make you some swag myself.

  5. Lovely weather.... downright hot!

  6. I'm a very slow runner too and I get frustrated because I can't run as fast as everyone else out there. But you're right- ultimately it's our own race and we shouldn't commpare ourselves to others.

    I wish it was hot here, it's COLD COLD COLD and we're getting a snow storm Thursday night- just in time for traveling- FUN!

  7. pornographic cupcake? hahahah!!!!

    I love zucchini "pasta". Don't make it often, and hubby won't eat zucchini, but I think it's great. Just like noodle-less lasagna where zucchini is used as the "lasagna noodle". Or eggplant. or both. Num.

    I think you should do your own speed...it's not worth getting injured trying harder to go faster than your body lets you in increments. Knee pain sucks. Trust me on this.

    Well, we have had some really chilly nights here and today was cool and lovely (not cold in the daytime, just pleasantly cool). My fave miami weather is winter weather. I hate sweating. (So why the hell am i in the subtropics? Well, cause I like all but late June/July/Aug/September here).

  8. Did you see the pic's of my walk today???? Cold, freaking freezing :)
    And i don't think there is anyone slower than me in Canada!!

  9. Um, seriously, what is up with today? I wore a light sweater and was sweating on the walk home from work. Houston is messed all the way up calendar-wise. Is it April or May and nobody told me?

    And you are right. Don't compare yourself. I think the thing about starting this running business is to just do it, then keep doing it and eventually everything gets better. The swag is appealing to me too. The January 5K gets me a t-shirt. I need to find a medal event and schedule that next year too. I want a medal.

  10. Holy moly it was HOT today! Hard to believe it's almost Christmas when I just had to switch the thermostat from heat to A/C!!!

    I do the same thing as you with regard to running speed. I just have to remember that everyone runs their own race, and mine is at a slower pace. But you know what? I'm out there, running, period. Sure, I would like to run a 5K in 30 minutes, but I'm going to have to work a hell of a lot harder than I am to hit that goal. Right now I'm just happy that I'm running, period. And I'm so proud of you for doing this half training on your own - it takes a lot of courage to get out there all by yourself and do it!

  11. I KNOW (she shouts loving the warm weather yet wondering when it will end and the christmas'y feeling will arrive).

    and yeah
    you know me :)
    Im SO SO READY to git back to the run.




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