Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weigh In Day

Every Sunday morning I'll be weighing in as part of the challenge from Allan's blog.  This is his third challenge but my first one.

Allan is a no excuses, no BS, let's lose this weight as quickly as possible, kind of guy.  Did I mention no BS?  Not everyone will appreciate his no coddling approach but I need some tough love from time to time.  (Maybe that's why I liked Jillian on Biggest Loser)  Now if Chuck tried a tough love approach with me and yelled I'd probably cry.  LOL Like I said, not every person will like this approach.  I need it.

The challenge has me drinking plenty of fluids and eating 1200 calories per day and getting in some exercise.  The calorie count may sound low to some but this is exactly what I was doing to lose weight before I start a blog.  It worked until I got lazy. My goal: get to goal weight now.

I was told by my dr. that I will probably have diabetes within 5 years if I don't drop some weight now (said it was one of the worst cases of insulin resistance he had seen and was surprised I didn't weigh more) plus nearly every person on my mom's side of the family has diabetes and I have a healthy dose of Native American blood. A few things against me. Yes, it's pretty important that I don't fool around with this any more.  The pounds have to come off right now.  No whining and no excuses.  I want to live!

That's why I'm doing a hard core challenge.  I'm scared to death of the things my doc has told me. 

All of that being said, I stuck to my plan like glue.  Allan predicted my weight loss at 3 pounds for the week (and I didn't really believe him).

Sunday weigh in: -3 pounds  Wow! Right on the nose.  I'm hoping that the prediction that I'll weigh 177 by New Year's Day is correct.  The idea of it keeps me going. :)
High five?

I'm also having fun with a weekly challenge at SpunkySuzi's blog.  Every Sunday she posts a nice challenge that work as reminders through the week to make healthy choices.  She's such a sweet, sweet lady. This week's challenge was to drink our water.  This worked out perfectly for me since I had to drink water for the other challenge as well.

Check out her blog and join me in the challenges. :) A new one starts today.

The weekend has flown by.  I hope yours was wonderful and the holidays aren't making you stressed.


  1. Awesome job on the weight loss!!!

  2. Woohoo on the 3 pounds gone - nice going, Kelly!!!

  3. I love having you in the challenges!

    WooooooooHoooooooooo on the weigh in.

  4. Congrats Kelly!!! Awesome job!

  5. Great Job!!! 3lbs is significant!

    I can not wait to be back in size 16's again.

    Rock that Water!

  6. Way to go!!! Keep it up and you can be at 177 by New Years!

  7. thanks for visiting my blog! congrats on the 3 pounds! that is awesome!

  8. Congrats on the loss! That's great!

    1200 calories does sound low, but everyone is different. I would pass out eating that little but it seems to work for you. Rock on! :)

  9. Hi Kelly, I just found your site via Allan's.

    I am so glad you took heed to what your doctor instructed, regarding diabetes warnings.

    I did not act soon enough, and am now on oral medication. On the plus side, losing weight definitely DOES improve health conditions. On my last doctor's appt. (Oct 20), he was shocked at the amount of weight I lost. The resulting blood work up was the best I've had in years, and he pulled me completely off the cholesterol medication! He said, if I keep it up, I may be looking at eliminating some other meds too (either - or both??!! - BP and diabetes meds).

    If I could turn the clock back to my 30s, I'd have taken care of business then, properly. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

    And congratulations on losing 3 lbs this very first week of an Allan Challenge. If it was easy, it wouldn't be a challenge, right?

    I'll look forward to hearing you kicked the insulin resistance to the curb!! That will truly be a day to celebrate.

  10. You are just on fire lately!
    You are rocking your world in every sense of the word!
    Awesomeness is actcion!

  11. Fabulous job on the 3 lbs!

    You are doing so well with your challenges!

  12. Woot on the -3! I am hoping that by counting my wine points and staying within range, I'll have a loss this week too.

    Drinking cinnamon stick hot tea right now its so damn cold!

    Happy Monday!

  13. I saw your tenacity on your 5K challenge and somehow I have no doubt that you are going to be just fine!

  14. Yeah, way to go Kelly! 3lbs rocks. I know mine was mostly water but then again, I drank so much who knows....
    I was getting too close to getting back to my larger clothes and there is NO WAY I am going that direction again.


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