Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weigh In

It's Sunday: weigh in day.  Yesterday I stepped on the scale and it said 186.  This morning it said 188 so that's what I'm going with.  Down 2 pounds.  I'm sure I'll be seeing 186 or lower next week.

Friday night I made up a fantabulous Chinese chicken salad from my new cookbook America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family CookbookI <3 this book. The delicious recipes of ATK but with lower calories.  And the calories are actually listed for each recipe.  Did I mention that I really like this book?  I highly recommend it.

Only 280 calories.
 Friday night Chuck and I stayed up until 2am.  That's late for old folks like us!

But Saturday morning we were up early.  We were on a mission. :)  First, a stop by Panera bread for breakfast then off to Bike Barn.  We picked up Charlie's bike (his Christmas present) and also mine and Chuck's bikes. 

Before I go any further in my blog post-turned-novel, let me say that I LOVE my bike. Love it so much.  And it hurts my rear so badly.  Must get biker shorts or develop a tough rear. LOL

We get home and the kids are still asleep.  So we put the presents under the Christmas tree but keep the bike in the garage.  Then Chuck wakes up the kids and I video their reactions as they came downstairs.  They thought we weren't opening gifts until Thursday morning. (we won't be home Christmas day)

Charlie and Rachel were thrilled with their gifts.  They open everything up and Chuck then takes a few boxes to the trash in the garage while I "interview" Charlie and ask about his favorite gift.  While I distract Charlie, Chuck rolls in his new bike with a big bow on it.  Charlie finally sees it and freaks out. He actually started crying he was so happy.  Got it all on video.  One of the great moments of being a parent.  It's hard to put in words how happy I am for him.

Then Chuck goes into the bedroom and tells Rachel that he forgot to give a gift to her.  Her new Canon powershot camera.  She loves it.  The best part of Christmas is watching the kids open gifts.  Can't get enough of it.

Of course my living room is wrecked right now.  LOL  Oh well, gives me something to do, right?

The rest of Saturday was spent playing with gifts.  That night we had Chinese food then went looking at Christmas lights.  Down one street they were handing out candy canes and there was a Santa and a Frosty the Snowman walking around.  So much fun.


Friday- strength training.  Ouch, but it wasn't as bad as the first time.  And I was able to walk the next day. Win.  The strength training also has a few minutes of HIIT for cardio and some core strengthening.  I apparently can not do a side plank. Not yet anyway.

Saturday- rest except for riding my bike down the street with Charlie on his new bike. 

Sunday- half marathon training week 1/day 3.  Walk/run for 2 miles.  Chuck joined me and it was so nice having his company.  Had trouble with breathing for some reason. 
After the run, we took the bikes out and rode for 4 miles until our bottoms hurt too bad to keep going. LOL  It was really funny as we grunted and groaned as we hit every little bump.

I'll post pics of the new bikes soon.
Diet: doing great keeping at 1200 calories.  Looking forward to getting to maintenance so I can increase the calories but for now I just want to lose the weight.  Don't want diabetes and PCOS and whatever else I may have or get.

Rachel is doing her own challenge: no Cokes (in Texas all sodas are Cokes no matter if it's a Dr Pepper or's all Coke) for 30 days, only water.  She's over halfway done.  Her reward will be a new outfit.  You can do it, Rachel!

My mom has lost almost 20 pounds since October.  I'm very proud of her.  I don't want her to get diabetes and she's so close.  She's walking a mile per day (sometimes 2) and watching her carbs.  Go, MOM!

Hope all had a great weekend! I had a terrific one. :)


  1. Awesome news for such a Rock Star!
    Of COURSE you are rocking it!
    I hear the butt gets tough
    after awhile.... Just what I've been told.....
    Did you get an "old lady" seat?
    I sure did. For the bike, that is.

  2. What's better than an early Christmas :)
    Nice gifts!
    I always got a sore butt but (:)) for some reason it didn't bother me this year! Not sure why. I did start out slow.
    Now i just have to wait for spring to get back on it.

  3. Great job on the weigh in!!!!

    Your gift opening sounds so fun. :)

    Here is to a great upcoming week for you!

  4. I'm sorry i forgot to say congrats on the very nice weigh in :)

  5. You're doing so great, Kelly!

    I can't wait to see your new bike! I love biking too even though it hurts my rear, also. Let me know how the bike shorts work out!

  6. Waitaminute... did I miss Christmas?

    Kudos on the kick-ass weigh-in, btw...

  7. Whenever I ride a bike, because I live in the Los Angeles area (I think??) my nose gets full of dirt, and I am blowing out dirt boggers!!! No bikes for me!! LOL

  8. What a fun weekend! First, you had Chinese food the night before your weigh-in? There's the 2 pounds from Saturday - you really lost 4 pounds, which is fantastic! Nice work, my friend!!!

    Now, surprising the kids with the extra early Christmas? So cool. How wonderful that Charlie was so excited about his bike, and Rachel about her camera. It really is great to do these kinds of things for your kids. :)

    You'll get used to the bike seat - is it a "comfort" seat? Mine is, and it never was that bad. Have you tricked your bike out yet? Got to get all the accessories!

  9. Great job on the 2 lbs, Kelly! You are doing so amazing. That salad looks delicious- it reminds me of the one at Applebee's. I loved reading about your kids' christmas. How fun! :)

    Your butt will get used to the biking. lol. But I did get a bigger, more padded seat and that helps a lot!

  10. I got tears in my eyes just reading about your kids excitement!! So cool. FYI, I bought a gel seat for my bike and it is amazing - they aren't much money but really help you ride longer! :D

    It reminds me of the best gift we gave Hannah - pretty sure you wouldn't have seen this before, but it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

    You are doing great!! And I call all Pop "pop" even if its Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew, etc. - it must be a midwest thing!

  11. OMG! Now I'm feeling baby fever a million times more! I CANNOT wait to open gifts with my babies!

    I know what you mean about Coke meaning ALL soda. It was like that in New Orleans too. My hubby just doesn't understand it. Guess he will soon enough when we're Texans, huh? haha


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