Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zombie Runner

 Today was my first day at attempting to train for a half marathon. 

Yesterday was my first day of strength training.  Notice the close proximity of firsts.  Firsts should not be that close together, I found out.

I woke up so sore that I had to roll out of bed to stand up.  My ribs are sore. My ribs! I was not aware that ribs could even get sore.  Maybe I was run over by a truck in my sleep?

All things are difficult today: standing, sitting, walking, lifting my arms.....breathing.  The standing/sitting issues are especially problematic as I have been drinking a lot of water.

Photo Source: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/
  With much pain I walked out of the house zombie-style: stiff legs shuffling and lots of moaning.  Running intervals were comical for a couple of reasons:
  • the way I shuffled and groaned the entire time
  • I am pretty sure that the new pants I got on clearance are youth XL and not adult XL.  My belly kept wanting to peek out to see what was going on.  Or to escape.  Not sure which.
  • I had to run past some crews working on houses so I'd pull my shirt down and hold it there which only made my cleavage hang out the top of my shirt.  I had to decide each time whether I wanted to cover my big belly or big cleavage. *note to self: no V-neck shirts while running just yet*
Through all I persevered and finished the most painful walk/run session in my very short history of running.

Today's lunch will include ibuprofen followed by Epsom salts bath.

Interesting factoid: sore muscles make the scale say terrible things.  Just so you know. :(

In food news: I am totally kicking dieting butt.  I'm staying right where I need to be with my calories and drinking all of my water plus more.  I am so going to give myself a gold star.

Best news of all:  it is predicted, if I stay on schedule, that I'll reach my goal weight on April 20th.  How's that for precise?!

I do have to confess something: all of the cool moms are making holiday cookies and I haven't made any of my special treats.  I just don't want to bring that stuff in the house.  I sure hope my kids don't end up in therapy because of this.  I really felt guilt when Charlie came home from a friend's house and told me about all the cookies that friend's mom was making. :(  Poor deprived kid.  Maybe I'll get some slice-n-bake cookies for my underprivileged children. 

Have yourself a great day. So happy that it's already Tuesday. :D


  1. I'm not sure if I should laugh at ya, or cry for ya! There is some humor in some of that, after all :)

    I definitely hope the Epsom bath will help! Keep on keepin' on. We're both on the right track!

  2. I'm so sorry but I had to giggle reading this post. It is only because I can completely relate to the pain you are going through. Remember after those hard workouts to get on the treadmill and really work it for about 5 minutes to get the blood flowing through your body and the lactic acid distributed a bit better. Drinking all that water will really help too.
    And yeah, sore muscles equals holding lots of water in them and the scale is not your friend. But in the end, everything will all work out.

    I am like you, have not done any Christmas baking this year - I don't want it in the house because then there is no temptation.

    Get in the bath and relax - then do a little nice stretching.

  3. Great job on the training...sorry to hear about all the pain, though!! Salt baths always help me with soreness.

    And I read your comment on Allan's blog about the shirt. I MUST KNOW where you got that shirt!! Leave me a comment please!! :)

  4. I'm sorry, but I have to giggle at your zombie pain :)

    It reminds me of day 2 of training at the gym with my psycho..i mean trainer. My toe nails hurt. TOE NAILS!

    Good job pushing through!

  5. Bio Freeze works for me.... I actually buy it by the gallon!

  6. Awww "hugs"!! Your doing great staying away from the junk.

  7. I do this too - try to do everything at once and then suffer for it. Everything I've read says you should alternate strength and cardio. So pick one and do it, then the next day do the other. That should make for much nicer lunches of actual food. ;)

    Buy some cookies from Dessert Gallery. That will make up for the lack of baking and you won't fill your house with aromas of cookies that you can't have.

  8. Oh yeah, that water vs. bathroom/quads dilemma...been there many times - major ouch. Hope you're feeling better today - and remember, as long as you keep building on this, you'll never have such soreness again! That may not help at the moment, but in about a week, you'll be golden. :)

  9. Oh this was funny. You made me feel so much better that a 30something can feel like this. When I feel like this I am likely to just think I am old. And then I remember my workout the day before.


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