Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dirty Rotten Low-Down Scale

My scale calls to me like a siren.  She sings a sweet song (...I bet you've lost a lot of weight....think of how hard you've been working....step on me....come to've done so well....don't you want to see the numbers?)

I tried to resist her.  I had her hidden under my bed and promised only to take her out on Sunday morning for a quick weigh in and then back she would go.  No more craziness for me.

But the call of the siren scale overcame my sense of resolve.  I stepped on the scale and expected to see some magical number like something off a Biggest Loser weigh in.  What I got was -.7 pounds.  Come on!  Last week I lost nothing!

My heart sank.  I knew I should not have weighed myself.  Darn it!  I just wanted a number to validate my hard work. 

I had to go to the grocery store where I was fighting back tears the whole time.  I bought a loaf of bread to feed the birds in the parking lot.  Feeding birds always makes me feel better about anything.  So I sat there in the Kroger parking lot and watched very happy birds devour bread.  Then I went home to unload groceries.

What I must remember is that I have been adding strength training.  My body composition is changing.  The scale does show that I have gained lean mass and lost fat.  My clothes are fitting better.  I am gaining some muscle tone.  These are all indications that I am improving.

So why is the number so important?  I don't have an answer.  Maybe because it's easier to say "I've lost x pounds" instead of "my muscle tone has improved and my clothes fit better."  Maybe it's because at a weigh in the only thing that matters is the scale number.

And the funny thing is that the number will mean different things to different people.  I'm at 191 pounds right now.  Someone posted on a blog today that she was so embarrassed to post that she was 190 pounds.  But another person is hoping to get to 225.  While I may be disappointed at my number, someone else would be thrilled with it!

Reminds me of the time Chuck and I went to Dress Barn.  A saleslady was helping me and she asked what size I wore.  I put my head down and told her quietly what I wore because I was ashamed.  Chuck said she rolled her eyes a little (she was a little larger than me). The numbers mean different things to different people.

The most important thing is that every day I'm giving it my all. I work out, eat right, and drink my fluids.  I have to believe that eventually the scale will catch up with my efforts.

Walked 3.62 miles

strength (as prescribed by Jackie Warner for the challenge):
4 sets of 10 squats
4 sets of 10 side lunges
4 sets of lying torso raise (I call them supermans)

I'm pretty sure that's all my legs could do.  They're still a little sore.  I got the exercises done while I cooked dinner.  Side lunge, stir the spaghetti, side lunge.

Foods (I log them on
The breakfast was oatmeal with cinnamon and sugar free syrup. So delicious and filling!

That carbmaster yogurt from Kroger is pretty tasty.  High in protein, low in calories and carbs.

You can't tell by the chart but I spaced my snacks out to try to keep my blood sugar levels even.

I have started using shredded zucchini as my pasta noodles in some dishes.  It works beautifully with spaghetti sauce.  I even put some of the zucchini in the kids' noodles to boost their veggie intake.  Rachel said she couldn't taste them at all but Charlie was sure he could taste them. 

Calorie Deficit: -1290

Have a great day and be kind to yourself.


  1. I am going to have to try doing zuccini for pasta; with all the sauce and toppings I bet it is tasty! I like spaghetti squash but since I cook for 1 there is a lot of that leftover whenever I've made it.

    I am sorry the scale is getting you down. It can have the same effect on me. Sometimes it helps me to look more at the bigger picture...gaining the weight didn't happen overnight so it isn't going to come off overnight. Also, what's the rush, really? If you think about it, this is for life and we (hopefully, lol) have a LONG TIME left so we'll get there eventually if we keep at it. Plus, I can tell you from experience maintenance is a lot harder than losing. I am getting back in losing mode now since I failed at maintenance and am in no rush to get back to there.

    Hang in there. You have come a long way and have gotten so much stronger and fitter, celebrate that!

    PS I've learned never to get on the scale the day after strength training. It's always up from water retention as our muscles try to heal!

  2. Stay away from the scale dammit! Now see, you made me yell.

    I have to say that the mental picture I got of you stirring the pot then lungeing made me laugh right out loud. That's a very good idea (unlike getting on the scale)!

  3. My scale did the same thing this morning. I wasn't happy at all. Mine said I gained weight. How can you gain weight on 1200 calories a day?! Grr. Hopefully it was just mad at me.

    I love zucchini as pasta. Spaghetti squash is good too!

  4. Your scale sings too? Darn them. Your eating/calorie intake is on track and with the exercise the scale will move. I'm sorry it's not moving fast enough, it never does. BTW, I would love to weigh under 200 and will someday.

  5. Ummmm Zucchini!! I love it and put it shredded into all kinds of things... but the husband HATES it.

    The scale will come - when you are active and sore all the time the muscles hold water to help themselves repair. Your hard work is going to pay off. Do NOT stop!! :)

  6. We need to have a fire and burn all of the scales. If my scale had balls...I'd be punching them. It's so frustrating to do the work and not get the results!

  7. I swear... I WILL take this scale out to the back and fill it full of holes like the other one.

    You LOOK terrific. You are working HARD. Physics states that you WILL lose the weight. You are sticking to your caloric intake. You are exercising like crazy. I can see the difference. It's amazing.

    Right now, because of the cross training and all, your body is shifting things around. It's waking up and good things are going to happen. You're like.... you're like a shape shifter! How cool is that? Wish I was a shape shifter. I think I'd be a wolf. I digress.

    Keep up the good work. I can really see the difference. And, once again, if this scale can't keep it's mouth shut, I'll take care of it. I am hell on clocks and scales, Baby.


  8. I'm gonna Biz you and say that you are probably not getting enough calories (it always bugged me when she said that but she was right, dang it). You are burning a lot of calories AND building muscle - you need to feed that muscle, girl!

    I'm with Chuck and Helen - damn the scale. You know how I feel about that blasted thing! I think shows like the Biggest Loser have made that number so important, when really, it's your size and health that matters. It's just that the number is the quickest, easiest thing for people to ask about.

    There's no better way to sabotage your weight loss than by working your butt off (literally) and not having that dumb piece of plastic and metal validate all your hard work.
    You know you're getting slimmer. Other people can see you're getting slimmer. You feel healthier. Why do you even need the scale?

  10. I agree with Helen!! And what you need to away!!! :)

    Kelly, you KNOW that you are doing the right things. DO NOT let that freakin' scale get you upset. PLEASE! You are doing AMAZING! Your body may just be reorganizing. But, I also have to say that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a .7 loss! A loss is a loss and it all adds up!

  11. I only occasionally freak on the scale. :)

    But more importantly than avoiding the scale except on scheduled weigh-ins if you're a Freaker by nature is to stop with the shame. To say the number out loud without hesitation and DEFUSE it.

    I've never lied about my weight, not at 145 and not at 300. I never lied about my size, shoe or dress. I figured that if people had a problem with fat, they could tell I was overweight by looking at me, and me lying about it was downright idiotic and self-sabotaging.

    Own the weight. Own the size. And refuse to bow to shame.

    It's not cause I'm about accepting fat--though I am about accepting fat people--it's that I think lying or concealment serves no purpose at all. None. Unless one is gonna lose a job by saying one's true size or something (which, okay, might happen).

    I don't freak on the scale cause I'm fat. I freak cause on weeks when I was perfect and don't see loss, it short circuits my logic circuitry. It makes NO sense.

    Then i remember we're complex and very strangely and wonderfully made, and figure, "Eh, next week."


    I love zucchini pasta. The raw food people clued me into that a few years ago. Mmm.


  12. Don't worry about that crappy scale! That's why I got rid of mine for 2 years! But I still weighed in at WW so I had that every week.

    Only weigh in right now on your weigh in day! You are going to be too obsessed with the scale and that is never good!

    You have been doing fantastic!!

  13. I'm with Shelley on this one - I think you need to eat more. Your body will totally rebel if you exercise that much and don't fuel it. Eat to lose! :D

    It is crazy how much emotional power we give the scale. Sometimes I get on it and say "throw me a bone, wouldja!! Jeez!"

  14. .7 lbs. is great- it's getting you closer to your goal! I would love to weigh 190 lbs, so you're right- the numbers mean different things to different people. Just keep going because you're doing great!

    I love that you fed the birds in the parking lot. :)

  15. Your Chuck is just so darn adorable. With a comment like that, who needs the scale? :)

  16. Sounds like you're obsessing. For me, obsessing generally leads to deprivation...which of course leads to a binge. Just speaking from my standpoint. I certainly hope that's not the case for you. If it is, I would say, take a week off of calorie counting. Just estimate.

    Good luck!

  17. Multi-tasking is a good thing (lunge, stir, lunge)

    Does that scale know you have a gun? Maybe she needs to know what happened to the old scale :)

    Ya know, maybe things would work better at Weight Watchers if they measured people's waist instead of going by a scale. Just a thought...

    I know you have a Bodybugg so I was wondering - do you use their online tracking or just Sparkpeople?

  18. What Tena said.
    Sometimes it's a good idea to ignore Mr. Scale and concentrate on listening to Ms. Measuring Tape. She often has a better idea of how fit you are :)

    I was given the Mary Lou Retton scale to review.That one has Mary Lou's voice telling you what you weigh. It often adds some cheery, chipper, upbeat message. The documentation specifically states that you should not shoot the scale; this will not help.


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