Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday Fun and Fitness

Started the day by taking the kids to a park to meet up with some other folks.  A lady that I hadn't seen in a few months told me that I look fabulous. (made my day)   Another lady said, "Oh, you're the one on Facebook who's always posting things like, 'I ran 55 miles today.'  Makes me feel guilty."  LOL (For the record, I've never posted that I've done 55 miles of anything)

When we got home I had a minneola (like an orange or tangerine) and a cup of coffee.  Probably not the smartest thing to do right before a run but it seemed like a good idea at the time. 

Once I started warming up I was afraid that I was going to decorate the streets with orange and coffee but was able to keep everything down where it belonged.

Chuck was my running buddy.  We both agreed to take it very, very slow as we both had sore muscles. Still.  We took our time with the intervals but for the last one minute run we gave it everything we had.  Chuck took off and left me in the dust while I got my legs going as fast as they could.  I resembled a wind-up toy: start off fast and gradually slow as I ran out of juice.  Averaged at a 10 min mile for that one minute.  The rest of the intervals were mid to high 11s.  Like I said, nice and slow. :) 3.16 miles

After cooling off and having a glass of water, I was back out the door riding my bike.  It's such a fun way to exercise.  Wouldn't it be nice if our running speeds were as fast as the bike speeds?! Rode 9.5 miles.

That evening we met some friends that we hadn't seen in 12 years.  The restaurant we chose was a great Mexican restaurant called Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen.  I am so proud of me.  I did not have one chip or a margarita. Chuck and I split an order of chicken fajitas.  I munched on those along with some peppers, rice and beans and one corn tortilla.  The best homemade corn tortilla I've ever had.  Ever. 

We had a wonderful time catching up and I'm really proud of my eats.  Mexican food is definitely a tough one for me as I LOVE chips and salsa and enchiladas.  But we couldn't even finish all of the fajitas.  Victory!

I had to use estimates for the calories at the restaurant.  That's why you see Chili's fajitas and Don Pablos rice.

Today is Saturday.  I've paid the bills (boo!) and I need to do a little strength training then head over to the YMCA to rejoin.  They have some new classes that I want to take and with the upcoming cold front I need a place to work out indoors.  Does not run in cold weather.

I'm at a good place mentally and physically with my eats and exercise.  No stress.  No freaking out.  I'm on schedule to lose two pounds if the math is correct but it's not the end of the world if I don't.  I know that all of this effort will catch up.  Plus I feel freakin' fantastic!  And Hubby says I've lost a lot of inches when he hugs me.

Life is so good. :D


  1. I wish i could go out for a bike ride!
    Love your hubs way of measuring :)

  2. Great attitude, Kelly! It's all just science- it'll show up eventually! :)

    Not even ONE chip? That's freakin AUHMAZING!

  3. Life is good- love it! :) You are doing so great with your workouts. One of these days I'm going to have to do a Kelly workout!

  4. So glad you have Chuck around for your true measurements - I would believe him over a scale any day. :)

    Nice job with the Mexican food! Very impressed.

    Love that you run and then go for a bike ride...I see a duathlon in your future!

  5. You set out to do this and you did it.
    Big time - I can't keep up!

  6. "I know that all of this effort will catch up. Plus I feel freakin' fantastic!" <---- that made me smile :)

  7. Great exercise day, I am very impressed. I'm hacking away today with what seems like little air coming through my lungs, so no walking today.

    Glad the meet up with friends was a fun time and no regrets on the food. Good job!


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