Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Quickie

  • Kicked my butt exercising yesterday.  Not sure why I decided to keep going and going but I did.
  • Started with Turbo Jam Cardio Party 2.  I was a sweaty mess afterwards. Dripping sweat! 45 minutes, 450 calories burned.
  • If I haven't done Turbo Jam in a while, my back always hurts the next day.
  • Duathlon coming up so I better start training for it. Bike ride 8 miles, 41 minutes. Slow? Oh yeah.  Need to strengthen those legs muscles a little more.
  • Started thinking on the bike ride: what if I come in last?  What if I fail? Then it hit me like a brick upside the head: if I keep trying then I'm not failing.  I only fail if I quit.  Even if (for some terrible reason) I can't finish the race I don't fail unless I don't come back next year and try again. Failing is when I stop trying, not when I hit a bump in the road. This applies to weight loss and everything else.
  • Strength training: Oxygen magazine's February issue "Your Best Body" routine for quads, hammies, glutes and calves.  Holy mother of lactic acid! I know why they cry on Biggest Loser now.  OK, legs are my weakest area.  I know that.  This reminded me of that. Daaaaannnnng.
  • And, no, I am not walking right today. Still sore from the tricep exercises on Tuesday and now my back, butt, quads and hamstrings hurt.  Calves are ok.
  • I've been trying new recipes lately and it's been a lot of fun. Thursday I made fish just for the halibut. It was shrimply delicious. That's the trout, so help me cod.
    Cooking Light February issue: Poached Halibut with Lemon-Herb Sauce. 217 calories. Also with 1/2 cup brown rice and 2 cups broccoli.
  • New love: unsweetened coconut milk (found right by the soy milks) with protein powder.  The coconut milk is super thick like drinking cream and 50 calories per cup.
SO happy it's Friday.  I'm off for a busy day.  Hope yours is happy.  It's supposed to get to 70 degrees in Houston today!!! Woohoo!


  1. Enjoy your day, Kelly. I'm happy it's Friday too. :)

  2. I love this post! Seriously. I have brain issues that focus on failure. I am going to remind myself of this everyday. As long as I'm trying, I'm not failing.

    Fish looks amazing!

  3. Sheesh Kelly, this post makes me feel positively lazy. And it makes me dislike you a little since it's all of 16 degrees here. Well, not you. But Houston.

  4. You are killing me with your puns! Seriously, Paco is looking at me like "why are you laughing, lady?"

    Hope you are taking a rest day after everything you did yesterday!

  5. LOL! You're a riot!

    Way to kick some MAJOR boootay on the exercise!. I need you to be my drill sarge. Totally slackin' it up lately!

  6. Awesome self-talk about failure! You can only fail if you stop trying to succeed!

  7. Love the "failure" quotes - they really resonate with me today. And I'm with you - OH so glad it is Friday.
    I subscribe to Oxygen - I'm behind in reading my magazines - going to have to check out the Jan/Feb Body Now workouts you have been talking about.
    You have a fantastic weekend Kelly.

  8. Nice on the exercise! Coconut milk is awesome to cook with! I like the unsweetened too.

  9. You make me giggle :)

    Turbo Jam kicks booty all the time. I remember the first time I did Cardio Party 1 - I threw up afterward, again Biggest Loser style!

    I should probably start doing my TJ some more on days when I just can't get a run in.

    Btw, reading all your training makes my butt hurt, woman!

  10. I love coconut anything--water, milk, flesh, ice cream, sherbet, candy, extract.

    I'm a Caribbean girl all right!

    I used to use coconut milk in smoothies but cut back cause of the fat since the challenge allows so few. But I miss it. :(

    YOur seafood puns were fun!

  11. lv'd the puns. Good thoughts on failing.

  12. Wow you have been burning a lot of calories with your workouts lately.

    The fish looks yummy. I don't eat as much seafood as I would like. Something to change this year.

    Enjoy your weekend.


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