Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Thanks for the kind comments on my frustration post below.  I was a little out of it from stressing over that stupid number.  I'm sure the scale will catch up with my efforts.  I was doing so good!  Then BAM, it hits me.  Science/math say I should be losing.  I trust both so I'm going to chillax a little.

I'm also going to cut down on my carbs somewhat. I haven't been doing that in a while and if this whole insulin resistance thing is true (and I'm thinking it is)then I really should be careful with carbs. 

Nearly every woman on my mother's side has diabetes. My grandmother had it too.  My aunt just had both her legs amputated off last week because of it.  Chuck's uncle has been in the hospital for a year because of it.  I can not get this.  I have to fight it.

Yesterday I was a little out of it.  I mentioned that I do not eat when I am stressed.  Proof: we left the house to drop Rachel off to meet some friends at a coffee house. On the way Chuck says, "What did you have for breakfast?"  OMG, I completely forgot about breakfast.  I didn't have anything.

We stopped for lunch at Chili's.  I checked calorie counts for everything and ordered a margarita chicken that was delicious (600 calories).  That was my breakfast/lunch.

I had a Groupon that was going to expire in January so we went to redeem that at Araya Artisan Chocolates.  The chocolates were almost too pretty to eat.
 Best chocolate I've had to date.  I had a nibble from the corner of a few flavors and Chuck & Rachel finished them off.  I counted my calories as if I had two large truffles just to make sure I was covered (200 calories).  Worth the little indulgence.  Not something I'd want to keep around the house. 

The crazies were on the loose yesterday.  Three cars tried to hit us.  I'm pretty sure they were aiming for us.  Jeez, people!

Chuck and I went to the shooting range and killed some paper dead.  Poor paper.  It was a lot of fun.

I finally looked down at my shoes and noticed that they didn't match.  How's that for scatter brained?! LOL
With all the crazies on the road we decided it might be best to stay home.  I had bought a little light to go on my bike (just to let cars know where I am) so I went for a nice little night ride and watched people have parties.  9 miles.  Great way to end the year.  I wanted to ride longer but Chuck was getting nervous with me being out on the road at night with the crazies.  Did you know that people do not think they have to stop for bikes at a stop sign?  Nope, they blow right through stop signs if they see a bike.  I had no idea.  Crazies.

I wanted a Subway for dinner but everywhere was closing early for New Year's Eve so we ended up getting the kids Burger King and Chuck & I split an order of Dan Dan Noodles from PeiWei(390 calories).

We spent the rest of the night watching a Twilight Zone marathon and I sipped Indian spiced chai tea from the Keurig.  Love that machine.  First New Year's Eve without alcohol in a while but I was watching those stupid calories.  Oh, I did have 4 Fritos and a tbls of bean dip.  I forgot how many calories they were but I recorded them on sparkpeople.

I had a calorie deficit of almost 1000 calories.  Calorie deficit from Mon-Fri is 4867.  Should equal a 1.4 pound loss. 

Food choices weren't stellar but I stayed in my calorie range.  Tonight's menu calls for baked fish and veggies.  Much better.

Got some clothes in the mail from the Coldwater Creek sale.  I bought a pair of black size 14 jeans.  They're a little snug and create a nice muffin top effect but I can get them on.  I suppose I could wear them in public if I wore the right top to cover up my belly.  Makes my size 16s feel so loose!

I put on some size 18 capri pants that used to be kind of tight on me and I had trouble keeping them on.  That was a good ego boost!

To keep myself from going insane, I think I'll stay off the scale except on weigh in days.  I'm going to try to let my clothes speak for my weight loss efforts. 

I do like that my new scale shows lean mass and fat. It's also supposed to be accurate within 100 grams.  It recognizes Chuck, Rachel and I when we step on it then measures us and sends the info to a secure web site so we can track our progress.  Pretty cool stuff.

My old scale will be leaving us soon.  Chuck is going to shoot it and put it out of my misery.  I'll post pictures. :)

No New Year resolutions this time.  I'll continue to make mini goals throughout the year. Lose 5 pounds (I prefer to think in 5 pound increments instead of the whole shebang), seek adventure, experience something new each month, half marathon training, biking, etc.

Hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve. We stayed up until midnight, watched a few neighborhood fireworks and went to sleep.  I'm officially old. :D


  1. Happy New Year! That cocolate does look to pretty to eat.

    Its a good thing that you are starting to listen to your body and know what changes you need to make.

    Im old too....i was in bed by 12:03 to get up for work early.

  2. Happy New Year and i'm glad to see i'm not the only person to not use matching pairs of things :)

  3. I know when I chill out and just do the day to day that the scale tends to go down much easier.

    As long as you follow the math you cannot fail. It really is that simple.

    And I have done the different shoe thing before, more than once. LOL

    Happy New Year. I hope it is a great day and year for you and yours.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful NYE :)

  5. Carbs trigger hunger and cravings for me.
    So I would avoid them even IF I didn't do LoCarb. What ever THAT means!
    It's all good!

  6. You really get a lot in the day. I ought to burn a few calories just reading about them. HA HA

    However I'm considerably older with a heart problem now and searching for help in what I should and should not be doing. I a small remote area finding good doctors and advice you can rely on, whether good or bad, is very difficult. I am considering coming to Baylor in Dallas, if I can find some guidance.

  7. Happy New Year Kelly. Sounds like you had a great night! I spent it at my sisters and we had a fondue so I know my calories were not what they should have been last night. But water under the bridge, today I am on track (hope Allan isn't reading this cause he'll kick my behind) :)...
    I'm travelling all next week so am worried but I will do the best that I can... Hope the rest of your day today was fantastic!

  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Best wishes for 2011! I have the same shoes as you, the one you're wearing on your right foot. ;) but in brown. :)

  9. Coldwater creek, my all time favorite store!!!

    Happy New Year :)

  10. Hi. Just found your blog. I am originally from the Houston, Texas area. I am now living in Maine. Long story. lol. Congrats on your weight loss. You are an inspiration.

  11. Oh my gosh, so much of this post had me laughing! The shoes, the killing of paper, the future shooting of the scale (love that!), the live a crazyfun life!


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