Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday's Forecast: Booty Kickin'

There's nothing like a little challenge to make yourself feel alive....or near death.  I decided to challenge myself with a double whammy of exercise.  Could I do it?  Would I survive?

The day starts with Chuck making breakfast for me (he had the day off): egg beaters, cheese and salsa wrapped in a low carb tortilla and a cup of blueberry coffee.  (170 filling calories)

First stage of the challenge: a 4 mile run at Brazos Bend State Park south of Houston.  We did interval run/walks.  I averaged 10 mile minutes and 9 mile minutes.  The last minute we really pushed ourselves and ran a 7 minute mile.  Woohoo!  There is no way I can sustain that speed but it was nice to really push ourselves.  Those times sound great but keep in mind that these are short run intervals.  I can run pretty fast in a short amount of time.  Things are quite different when I have to sustain a run. :)

It's much nicer to run in a place with scenery:
 This poor gator looks sick.  I hope he makes it. :(
Now that's a happy camper!  Love it.  They also had plastic pink flamingos and hot pink chairs. 

On the way home we stopped for Subway lunch.  I had a turkey with honey mustard and a side of yogurt. (390 calories)

For dinner we went out to Panera Bread.  Oh it's so easy to be bad here.  But I checked the menu and nutritional info before we went so I knew exactly what to order: Pick 2 broccoli cheddar soup and almond chicken salad sandwich. (about 600 because I had a couple of bites of the bread they put on the plate)

At home we watched Old School with Will Ferrell.  OMG, some of that show is funny and some is.....hm, how should I say?  Shouldn't be watched with your parents.  I never wanted to see that much of Will Ferrell's body.  What has been seen can not be unseen.

While watching the movie I did 45 minutes of upper body strength training using weights and Rubberbanditz.  Nice, easy way to get a workout in.

I forgot to mention that Sunday we saw True Grit.  Since I'm not a big fan of westerns and shoot-em-up movies, I didn't have high expectations.  But it was really good!  I'll definitely buy it when it comes out on DVD.

Calories burned: 2827
Calorie intake: 1160

Calorie deficit:1667  (almost enough for half a pound)

EDIT: Forgot to mention that we also worked in the yard for a couple of hours and I have the blister to prove it. ;-)


  1. Good job on the run. 7:00 mile - wow! That is speedy McGee!

  2. Whooo you go girl!!! I can't wait to kick this cold so that I can get back to exercising!

  3. Well you sure worked hard today! I cannot imagine doing a 7 minute mile right now.

  4. WOW!!! freaking awesome exercising. You really can run. I need to kick up my speed. I am like a turtle. But a consistent turtle.


    Have a good night.

  5. Wow- those are some fast miles! Way to go!


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