Monday, January 10, 2011

New Running Gear (and running memories)

Saturday we headed out to Galveston for some shopping and R&R.  I was in need of a new pair of running shoes so a stop was planned at the island's running store.

My Asics were purchased in late 2008.  They took me through my first adventures into running at 10 second intervals because that's all that my 250 pounds could sustain.

They carried me through my first 5k at 230 pounds in August.  I thought I was going to die.  Hot, overweight, and struggling with 12 second running intervals and hearing people make comments like "people should either walk a race or run it. Not both."  The police were tailing me in that race and one even offered me a ride to the finish line.  But I crossed that line on my own two feet and still have the shirt to prove it.  I knew nothing about running.  Didn't even own a sports bra.
 I didn't give up and eventually my Asics were with me the first time I ever ran a mile.  I never thought I'd be able to do it. I used to literally dream about running that mile.

Asics were on my feet when I ran 2.5 miles straight with Shelley at the Armadillo Dash.  Lots of fun!
I had them on when I did a 6K walk in downtown Houston with my family.  It was a lot of fun and Shelley even came to town for that one!
 I had on my Asics when I completed the Pink Door Legacy 5K.  GREAT post race party there.  That was a very tough run for me.  Not sure why.  Just one of those bad runs.  But still lots of fun!

 I also had on my Asics when Rachel and I ran the last Summer Kick-Off fun run.  This was the 19th annual and final one.  The kids ran it in 2009 by themselves.

Lots of mileage and memories on those shoes. 

I got to Fit to Run (check out their facebook page)and they were busy.  Apparently there was a fun run at the state park that morning that I did not know about. 

The owners of this little shop are extremely friendly.  Have you ever met people that just make you feel good inside?  They're encouraging and make you feel like you can do anything?  That's these folks. We talked and then they had me do some squats so they could see my ankles work (so glad I was not sore from a workout!).   Then they measured my arch.  Had me try on some shoes and watched me run.  Apparently I am running wrong so they gave me a mini-clinic on running.  Nice folks, I tell ya.

After trying on some different shoes I decided on the Newtons.  Bright blue and lime green.  They have a nice spring to them and correct my foot strike.

I should mention that they said my Asics were shot. LOL  Yeah, I got my money's worth out of those!

They talked to me about hydration and nutrition.  Even invited me to their running club. If you live near Houston I would HIGHLY recommend a trip to this shop.  They are so helpful.  The lady gave me so many tips and told me to call if I ever have any questions.  Before I left she gave me a big hug and lots of encouraging words.  They also have running clinics for FREE.
 New goodies include Newtons, the stick (a self massage tool for sore muscles...a MUST have), nathan water bottle, calorie free electrolyte tablets, two pairs of drymax socks, and a wealth of information (not pictured).

Also arriving in the mail:
Then it was time to stop by LaKing's Confectionery.  We can't go to Galveston without stopping here.
It's located in an old building on the Strand.  Wooden floors.  Old time soda fountain.  Homemade ice cream.  Fresh in-house roasted coffee.  Handmade candies and old-fashioned candies.  Terrific malts.

They make their own saltwater taffy then toss samples to the crowd.  I indulged in 6 pieces.  :)  Just enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.  Chuck and Charlie enjoyed a chocolate malt while Rachel had an ice cream sundae.  I sipped on Diet Coke and enjoyed my taffy indulgence.

Sunday turned out to be a dreary day.  Cold, rainy, overcast, high winds.  It was made brighter by a good weigh in!  But I sure didn't want to do my long run in those conditions.

Still, I put on my Newtons, long pants, shirt, and hoodie and headed out the door with Chuck.  What a sport he was.  No one likes to run in the cold and damp.

I was diligent to avoid any puddles in my new shoes. Hated to break them in in that kind of weather. 

5.25 miles. Of course running in the nasty weather made me feel like a pretty tough chick.  And I'm proud of Chuck for being out there with me and enduring.  We laughed when the wind would pick up and send shards of rain into our eyes.

Good times. :)


  1. I am looking forward to the next one!

  2. Hey! Great run! And I always wanted to go to a running store like that and get fitted for shoes and have them look at the way I run.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new shoes. Asics are my shoe of choice.

    I'll haveto check out that store when I'm down in Galveston next!!

    I used to get really bad plantar facitious (sp?) and would fill up a 250ml coke bottle with water and freeze it - then use that to roll my feet on... ice AND massage at the same time! BLISS!!

    Go Go Running Girl

  4. Hurray for new running gear! I always feel like I run better and faster when I get new stuff.

    You ARE one tough chick running in the rain and all. Very impressive.

  5. Oh, I'm in love with those bright Newton's. What happy colors!!!!

    I like Jackie's book and I keep it in the living room. I have one of the cds (arrived last week), but haven't opened it. I've been so sore with my Pilates, plus JW's plan for us, that I couldn't handle her cd. Just know it. But I will be getting stronger and will be able to!

    Happy new-memory-making in the new shoes. And thaks for the family pic. I really like the happy, relaxed look you all have. It's clear that tehre is oodles of love betwee y'all.


  6. We have a small family owned store here and it was a life saver! Well at the very least a shin saver!!

    I just agreed to run in a 5k in March, I'm so nervous but reading this makes me feel so much better!

  7. I love my Asics - I have two pairs that I bought when I was doing that 100K walk in September. Glad they lasted you so long and that you found something even better for you. You are one heck of a runner :)
    And Jackie's DVD - I think you will like it. I used a light weight this morning because I hadn't done it in awhile and wasn't sure how I would do. It was the ab work that killed me off... I've got some core work to do. I did buy her Ab DVD before Xmas but haven't had a chance to try it out... looking at her abs though, I bet it is really tough.

  8. I love those shoes!!
    You are definitely a hard core runner now :)

  9. I'm glad you joined my challenge. I am drooling over those chocolate covered somethings in that picture.

  10. I really liked the ode to your old Asics - nice send-off! And how fun to see those pictures again - doing the Dash was great, but boy can I see nerves when I look at that picture of us starting the race.

    So glad you had such a great experience at Fit to Run - I really am serious when I say that I'll drive to Galveston next time I need new shoes...they are that wonderful there.

    So my shoe-twin...what races are we going to do this Spring? The Dash and what else?

  11. ok this long great jampacked post and Im left thinking: I DO NEED A STICK DONT I?!



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