Friday, January 14, 2011

A Quickie

Just a quick post before I head out the door for the day.

  • 1 hour of Zumba yesterday on the Wii.  I wasn't thrilled the first time I tried this but this time I just relaxed and had fun with it.  Had a great time, worked up a lovely sweat and burned over 500 calories in an hour.  Lots of fun.
  • 45 minutes strength training lower body + 2 sets of 10 pushups and tricep pushups.  Tricep pushups are killer.  Make a triangle with your two hands using thumbs and pointer fingers then do pushup. Works the triceps.
  • Part of "doing something I don't think I can do": Warrior Dash!  3.18 miles of obstacles including high winds, fire, mud, water, hills, cargo net climb, tire hurdles.  But beer, medals, and Viking helmets are at the finish.  Races in large cities across the nation. Chuck and I are doing the one in Conroe, TX.  Wanna join me?
  • Using my roller to rub the soreness out of my legs.  Every time I do I get that song stuck in my head: "They see me rollin; they hatin'; patrollin'; they tryin' to catch me riding dirty" 
  • PeiWei Dan Dan noodles are addictively good.  1/2 order is 390 calories per their web site. 
  • Another "doing something I didn't think I could do": Chuck and I are signing up to be part of the Galloway Running Team in Houston.  We'll be joining the half marathon team because we're only half crazy.  February 26th
  • My fortune cookie: "Your example will inspire others"  Aw, that's sweet.  No pressure. :) Does this mean I've inspired you to do Warrior Dash with me?? :D
Have a great weekend! TGIF!

And just for fun: (I'm going to wear one of these at the Warrior Dash)


  1. I LOVE That shirt! And, I wish I still lived in Houston..I'd join you in a heartbeat! Hubby and I almost moved back to Conroe when he was laid off a few months back, but he found local work. I miss Texas!

  2. What fun you and Chuck are going to have - I'm serious about being there to watch (and cheer) you guys!

    Speaking of half crazy, I have a sticker for you. Watch your mail soon. :)

    I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for ice cream!!!

  3. I love how you and Chuck take on those things together!

  4. Yeah, I can relate to that t-shirt's message.

    I'm doing a 5K next week but I cannot imagine wanting to do a half marathon. I have fitness goals but I don't think I am ever going to be iron woman. You slay me with your fitness achievements. Wow!

  5. How exciting! The Warrior Dash sounds like fun, except maybe the fire part. I think it is so cool that you're trying all these new things. I've been stuck in a rut for a decade or longer. I need to follow your example and just find ways to live life in new and exciting ways. Have fun!

  6. You are very inspiring and motivating. It makes feel like trying things that I never though I could do. That is a great shirt too. Have to get something started though before I get that one. The other one is on the way. I might post a photo of it when it comes. The only issue is that is is sleeveless and my batwings will be showing. Gotta love those flapping wings. :)

  7. I have seen that warrior dash and think it would be great fun!! I don't think I'm at the point to be able to do it, though. Someday!

  8. Awesome, Kelly!!!! I can't wait to follow along with your training with the Galloway Team!

  9. I hit the Zumba class this morning! Wow, didn't know we could burn that many calories. I think I'll go tomorrow too!

    Great shirt, you should get alot of laughs.


  10. "Your example will inspire others... in bed!"


    i can't do ONE push-up (the real one, chest down to almost touching, then up). I cannot do a triceps pushup, though I did try. I am a push-up weenie.

    Girl, you must be one muscly lady! :)

  12. warrior dash rocks some friends of mine did it I was sacred to belay.

  13. Kelly, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I ordered the book you suggested and it came today. I am into reading the first part and am already hooked. Thanks so much for the suggestion. :)

  14. zumba on the wii? cool! I'll have to look for that. I've been doing the DDR lately- also a good indoor workout that's not boring. (to me anyway)

    sounds like a lot of fun fitness ideas! fun shirt.

  15. The warrior dash sounds pretty awesome- can't wait to hear about it!

    Love the shirt!

  16. You do inspire others!
    One of my friends at work asked me if I wanted to run with her group and train for a marathon next year.
    Everyone has marathon fever!

  17. I'd join you for the Warrior Dash but I live in Ohio. A friend and I are considering the Ohio Warrior Dash. It sounds like a lot of fun and challenging. Good luck!

    Love the t-shirt!


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