Thursday, January 27, 2011


So checking on the scale and the numbers seem to be very happy at 188.  187 seems to scare my body for some reason.  I told it to just skip 187 and let's head towards 185.  It's a friendly number.  Try it!

Good news: my shape is changing!  The muffin top is going away. I shocked myself when I felt the back of my arm and there was a muscle there.  Where did that come from?  I grabbed a glass and there was a muscle in my forearm.  Wow! Really?  I must say that the new shapes are surprising me.  This is so much nicer than just a number on the scale.  These are visual results.  Thank you, strength training!

Tuesday I went for a 30 minute run at a park while the kids played at the playground.  The very small track loops around the playground so I could see them at all times which is nice for a worry wart like me.  Bad run.  Darn it.  I hate days like that.  Heavy legs. Right hip hurting.  Wind blowing gale force in my face. Calves were sore.  But I got it done.

That evening I switched to Oxygen magazine's February routine for "Your Best Body."  Instead of bands we use weights and a stability ball.  I learned that using a weight that is too heavy while doing a tricep extension might just snap your arm at the elbow.  Needless to say I have some very sore triceps.  That's good right?  Means I'm working those babies.

Flabby skin on the arms has always been something that I dread, worry about, and think about too much.  I finally decided that if I'm going to have bat wings I'll just fill up that empty space with muscle. :)  Trying to think positive here.

Made a fantastic recipe for dinner: Lemony Chicken Saltimbocca.  It's from Cooking Light's February issue and I can not recommend it enough.  Chuck said it tasted like something you'd get at a nice restaurant.  Try it!  It's so easy and looks pretty and tastes divine.
Lemony sauce, prosciutto, sage leaves, chicken. 202 calories
 Trying to come up with a clever team name for the 10K relay race at Blue Bell ice cream.  Thought a little wine might help me with some ideas. All I can think about is all-you-can-eat ice cream.  Awesome.  ;-)  Hope they have the Overload Bars which I can no longer find. We called them Overlord bars. Not sure why.
Trying to get in my fruits.  What should it be?  If I am what I eat do I want to be apple shaped?
 ...or pear shaped?
Honeycrisp apple it is!  It was so huge that I counted it as eating 1.6 large apples on sparkpeople.

Want to know how to kick your butt in 6 minutes or less?  Jumprope!  I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest.  6 minutes.  Burned 90 calories in 6 minutes.  You think it's going to be easy.  Jump roping is for kids, yes? No.  That's some intense exercise.  Cheap, too!  I got my jump rope at Academy for $5.

6 minutes of exercise just didn't seem like enough for the day but I wanted to keep it low key so I went for a nice 5K walk in the neighborhood.  Felt good.

So things are just trucking right along here.  No earth shattering news.  Just trying to eat right and exercise my tail off.  Looking forward to that scale catching up with my efforts but at least I'm seeing a difference in my shape.


  1. Changing the shape of our bodies is such agonizingly slow work, but when you step back and realized that it has happened... such as looking at an old photograph... it can be mind-blowing.

    Kudos for you for keeping up with it and pushing forward.

    And I love me some Honeycrack apples, too.

  2. lets see:

    For whom the bluebell tolls
    Cream of the Crop
    Will run for icecream

    thats it. Of course, all day now I'll be thinking of these! HAHA

  3. I second the reference to Metallica.

    I also like "Carpe Criem". Say it fast. It works.

    Lookin' good, Sweetie.


  4. Chuck, it's a novel by Hemingway. :-/

  5. Jumping rope sounds fun but I will wait until I get the jumping jacks down first. All that flapping skin is difficult to deal with.:)

  6. I love seeing the changes in my body, too. :)

    Great job on the workouts. I don't know if I'm coordinated enough to jump rope. haha

  7. Yeah Kelly - love those NSV! Body shape changing is a HUGE success!! Freakin scales.... :)

    And about jumping rope - I tried it in the summer and can't jump longer than a few seconds before I trip myself up. I need some lessons. Good job on doing 6 minutes cause it ain't easy baby!

  8. Kelly did you see the blog on Sparkpeople from the woman who went from a size 16 to a size 8 and didn't lose anything? All she did was change her shape.

    Your posts are fun to read these days... you are like the Little Engine that Could!

  9. Awesome to see a difference. Doesn't it feel good, too?! You ARE working you tail off, lol.

    Now that I've been hashing titles lately, how about-

    Cone Crazies
    Nutty Butties (sorry)

  10. Oops. i put Nutty Butties cause I was thinking of the "Nutty Buddies" cone ice cream. But I just realized they weren't from Blue Bell :( my bad...

  11. Great ideas for names. Keep 'em coming! :D

  12. Oh I should mention that there will be 2 men and 2 women on this relay team.

  13. Inches lost means health gained!

  14. Good job on the jump rope - I tried one at the gym and almost died after a couple minutes. Ughh! Cheers, Rick

  15. That is great news - I am actually wearing a size 14 pants today and someone at work said "Biz, those are getting kinda loose on you!"

    Love it!

    Your dish looks wonderful!

  16. I like your literal shape pictures. :)

    Jump rope for 6 minutes?!? That is fantastic! Huge, huge workout. You have come so far with your endurance - I'm so impressed!

  17. Fancy eating - that is!
    hee hee -- the shape of things to come!


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