Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shrinking and "Stylish"

Wednesday I got to play taxi to Rachel.  She had a biology class so Charlie and I went out to Subway for a mother/son outing.  We were both starving but I could only eat 75% of my 6" sandwich before I was full.  Maybe my stomach is shrinking?  I wonder if I could still put the hurt on a thin crust pizza though. :D  Let's not find out.

My muscles were sore from my shoulders all the way down to my feet.  My neck and eyelids seemed to be ok but everything else hurt.  I got on the scale to see what it would say (knowing that sore muscles definitely cause weight gains) and when it started showing 3 pounds gain I jumped off.  Sore muscles love to hold on to that water.  Forget the scale, my legs are looking pretty darn good.

I needed my calorie burn to be higher so I went to the Y (eating a banana along the way) and thought I would just walk for a while until I burned some calories.  Well, walking just wasn't burning them fast enough so I did 1:1 intervals of run/walk.  Wow, I was slow.  One time I did crank it to the 6mph mark but that was the only time.  Finally hit 4 miles and was happy with my calorie burn.

Don't know about you but I have issues with the treadmill.  First, I can not walk on that thing without holding on to the sides.  I lose my balance every single time and about fall off.  But I can run on it without holding on.  I weave a little from time to time and always stay very close to the front because I'm afraid I'll go flying off the back and land on my face.  When I'm finished with the treadmill, I have trouble walking on solid ground again.  I hold on for dear life as I step off then slowly walk to the cleaner spray then slowly walk back to wipe off my sweat.  Then I waddle out of the gym trying to get my land legs again.  It's a show for sure.  Am I the only one who has trouble walking after being on the dreadmill?

Dinner: cheeseburgers and french fries!  Don't judge me.  I use 4% fat ground beef, 80 calorie buns, lowfat cheese, and baked fries.  It's all good.

Stayed within my calorie budget and had over 1250 calorie deficit.  Woohoo!  I'm on track for losing 2 pounds this week but with the sore muscles I'm not expecting much.  It's ok though.  I'd rather have smoking hot muscles than a number on the scale.

Found another shirt that I must have.  Don't you love it? You can get it here.
 "Stylish" is not a word that I think is a good adjective for me.  My favorite clothes are witty tee shirts (see above), race shirts, and hiking gear.  REI is my Nordstrom or Dillards.  When I think fashion I think Academy.  Recently I have ventured to Dressbarn (worst name for a store ever) for something to wear out.  Seriously, I do not own one dress.  At least not one that fits. :)

Despite all of that, some lovely bloggers decided to give me a Stylish Blogger award and I accept it with pride.  A BIG thanks goes out to

Thanks, guys!
The fine print:
1. Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers (or as many as you can)

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!

Seven things about me:
  • I was bit by a copperhead when I was 9 and almost had to have my arm amputated. Still have the scar and the finger goes numb in the winter.
  • I am not afraid of snakes despite above.
  • I have a big fear of heights yet plan to do ziplines this spring.
  • I've been married to my best friend and biggest supporter for 20 years.  Got married when I was 19.  (No need to do the math, I'm 21)
  • I LOVE science.  I'm a geek at heart.  I want to be a mad scientist when I grow up.
  • I'm a nature girl.  Love to be in the outdoors hiking, paddling, camping...anything.
  • I'm looking in to doing something that I don't think I can do just to prove to myself that I can do it.  Make sense? :)
  • I have two kids that I homeschool ages 10 and 15.  They're growing up way too fast.

I'd like to pass the blogger award love on to these people:

That's 15, right?  OK, I may not have counted.  You all get a gold star in my book.

Today's exercise: anything I can endure.  Seriously, no plan except some lower body strength.  Need to plan ahead a little more. :)  Oh, and some pushups for Suzi's challenge. 

Have a wonderful day and be kind to someone today.  Make it a goal to make someone smile.  It'll make you both feel good.


  1. Thanks, Kelly. I am SO getting that shirt as soon as it is in the budget. I love it. I also have the same issues with the treadmill. I have balance problems and have to hold on to the side rails. I thought it was just me. I also have a little trouble getting used to solid ground when I get off the treadmill too. It might be because usually I wear my Curves toning sneakers and they are supposed to make you walk a little off balance in order to work the legs, thighs, and buttocks more than regular walking. I can't guarantee they are effective but I do feel more of a burn in my legs when I use them.

  2. Love the tank! So far I haven't notice the problem with balance after the treadmill, but then I don't got that fast. On second thought, I do know that I have to keep looking straight ahead. If I start looking from side to side, I need to immediately grab hold of the railings.

    Great job with all the exercise. If my lungs can handle it, I am going to try the treadmill today.

  3. I loved the one that said "I thought you said run" LOL both great! Witty is good!

    Thank you for the award!!

    Keep rock'n the treadmill, you'll get the hang of it!

  4. I was a weaver when I first started on the treadmill but I'm better now...I think we've all seen someone go flying off the back of one (either on TV or in person) and that probably puts a little fear into you (me, too).

    Are you having any rest days? Your muscles need some time to regroup! And don't make me come down there and hide your scale, young lady! Stay off of that thing! Admire your lovely muscles and your new, more compact body...the numbers will happen, eventually, but it takes the scale a while to catch up to your workouts (believe me I know this!!!).

    Oh, and a copperhead bite? Wow! Freaking scary - I'm impressed that you are still such a nature lover after that incident.

    Thank you for the award!

  5. I love that shirt!! I don't have a treadmill so i only walk outside, but yep i'm sure i weave sometimes :)
    Thanks for the award and congratulations to all the other blogs.

    Glad to hear your getting those push ups in!

  6. Gotta love the One More Mile t-shirts! When I ran the Marine Corps Marathon I bought one that said,

    "The Few, The Proud, The Marine-a-thoners!"

    I wore that thing out.

    No TM issues for me, thank goodness since it's the only place I've been running what with all the crappy dappy snowy icy weather we've got going on.

    Thanks for the award. I hope I don't have to start Fashion Friday or try to make my running clothes match like Shelley does ;-)

  7. Yes, I do the after-treadmill walk. It's almost like walking on half-asleep feet, just without the prickles.

    When it comes to wabbling off, it depends on what exactly is in my water bottle >=)

  8. You Rock Star!
    Thanks for the shout-out!
    So good to get to know ya.
    No snakes on a zip-line!
    That would be fun.

  9. Thanks for the award, Kelly. I loved learning more about you- how scary about the snake bite!!

  10. I am an even sloggier (it's a word now;)) slogger on the treadmill! I feel the same unstableness and fear as you which I think hinders me from going faster! Oh well, at least we get it done!

    Thanks for the award, Kelly!!!

  11. LOVE that shirt !!! and CONGRATS on the award :)


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