Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weigh In and Exercise Roundup

Weigh in: 189  I'm up two pounds. 

 It's a little frustrating because I work hard at this.  But I have had some sore muscles so I'm thinking that might be the reason for the gain.

The scale did show that I gained lean mass and lost fat so that is a plus.  Yay for strength training.  PLUS my muscles are looking nice and my size 16s are getting loose.

My calorie deficit shows that I should have lost 2 pounds.  Hopefully those two pounds will pack up and leave by next weigh in.  I've given them an official eviction notice.

Exercises for the week:

Sunday:5.25 mile run

Monday: run 3.4 miles on treadmill; strength train upper body + pushups

Tuesday: REST (saw Hood to Coast movie)

Wednesday: Run 4 miles on treadmill

Thursday: 1 hour Zumba; strength train lower body + pushups

Friday: Run 3.08 miles

Saturday: 6.5 mile bike ride; strength train upper body + pushups

Onward and downward.


  1. You train like a pro athlete!
    Maybe it's just water and recovery.
    Keep doing right and the numbers will take care of themselves!
    But you already know this. We all know it!
    Busy busy week for you!

  2. You are doing great on your exercise, Kelly. I wish I was up to your level already but it will take me some time. Loving the book you suggested and slowly working my way through it. Not much hurry with my toe still is sad shape though. I gained 4 pounds before my last weigh in. It was a horrible feeling, especially when I knew I brought it on myself with my lack of compliance. However, this week I have lost that 4 pounds and am back where I started. Let's hope we both see the lost we want next week. Good Luck!

  3. You work out so hard, that it must be retention. Right?

    I finally, finally, finally was able to show a loss. I don't know where those remaining 2.5 pounds are than I should have lost (at least) considering I'm big and have been eating 1200 and exercising...but I hope they fall off sometime this month, geesh. Stupid fat.

    ' )

    I admire your "athletic" mindset. I'm still a couch potato in my heart...

    Happy new week to us!

  4. Aww, heck, I just read all your exercise and now I feel like going to the gym. Thanks a bunch =P

  5. Wow your so busy exercising your making my knees ache :)

  6. Wow sounds like you have been working hard - I hate when weigh in doesn't correspond but that is something that happens to me too when strength training. The good thing is though is teh more muscle mass the faster your calories will burn - bet you can bet on a good loss next week - well done!

  7. Just keep going. You will retain water for a few weeks with a new strength training routine due to new breakdown, so maybe only going by measurements could be a possibility for you (if you can stay off the scale).

    I find predicted numbers and weight loss never go hand in hand.

  8. I feel so lazy when I read your fitness schedule.

    Don't worry about the weigh in. I am sure that you will drop that pretty quick and that it isn't about anything you did wrong but probably something related to the insanely awesome fitness schedule you are on.

  9. Don't fret about the gain - I'll come off!

    I've left you an award on my blog :)

  10. SERIOUSLY Girl you are rocking the exercise.

    I know it is easier said than done but do not let yourself focus on the weight.



  11. Way to go on the exercise! If you gained muscle mass- I wouldn't worry about what the scale says otherwise- I'm sure you're looking better!

  12. You train like a athlete! Don't let the scale weight throw you. Keep up the good work especially since your clothes are getting loser.
    I'm always inspired when I stop by don't leave comments often but I am inspired by you.

  13. At my weigh in on Saturday it showed up .2 pounds, which I want to blame on the Chinese food I ate the night before.

    I had 37 activity points last week, and didn't eat all of them, so not sure if I will eat half of them this week?

    I have a cold, so I can't breath through my nose, so I think my exercise is just going to be 45 minute walks on a treadmill this week.

    Have a great Monday!

  14. Very cool that the scale can differentiate between weight/lean mass/body fat - and the fact that it shows you are losing in the latter departments means that the overall number will catch up. Still, I know it's hard to see that dumb first number. You are doing wonderfully with your workouts - wish I had the energy to do half of what you are doing!

  15. Time to take some measurements lady!


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