Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weigh In and Exercise Roundup

Weigh In: -1 pound   188

Mood/Feelings:  Extremely Slightly disappointed.  This means I lost 1 of the 2 pounds I gained last week.  I weigh exactly what I weighed this time last month (at least when comparing it to the old scale's numbers). 
1200 calories per day and exercising my rear off.  Something isn't right. I also haven't had a "time of month" since November 2010 (and it's not possible that I'm preggers).  I did some reading and it seems that I might not be getting enough calories for the amount of exercise I'm doing.  But the challenge I'm doing is 1200 calories only.  Soooo.....gotta do some thinking and more reading.  Perhaps some experimenting. (Your opinions are always welcome so don't be afraid to tell me what you think.  I don't get angry or upset with folks easily.  ok? I'll still respect you in the morning.)

Exercises for 1/17-1/23/11

Monday: 40 minutes Zumba (hurt my back shaking my money maker);  30 minutes strength training lower body using Oxygen mag's January routine

Tuesday: Biked with kids for 13.17 miles;  strength train upper body using Oxyg. mag's January routine + 2 sets of 10 pushups and 2 sets of 10 close grip pushups

Wednesday: Run 2.5 miles using 1:1 intervals (not a very good run);  40 minutes Zumba

Thursday:  REST

Friday:  strength train lower body using Oxygen mag's January issue

Saturday:  Bike ride with the family 10 miles

Sunday: ran 6 miles using 30 sec run:45 sec walk intervals and felt terrific! (longest run for me so far);  strength train upper body using Oxygen mag's January routine

I'll give a little recap of my run tomorrow.  I'll tell you now that I felt great afterwards.  It was one of those great runs that make it all worthwhile. YAY!

Daily calorie burn has been between 2400 calories and 2700 calories per day.  Not too shabby.  :)


  1. Wow you are doing amazing but you are definitly not eating enough! You should be eating all of those calories you are burning from your exercise too!

  2. Sounds like you're doing everything right - congrats on the 1 lb loss at least. Cheers, Rick

  3. First of all, good job on losing the 1 lb- it's better than gaining for sure!

    You just mentioned that you are wearing smaller clothes- maybe the scale isn't showing it- but you are getting smaller. The scale will catch up!

  4. i don't think you're eating enough, either. Do you have any idea what your BMR is? If you knew, then you could figure out better how much you should be eating. As it is, depending on your BMR and what you're burning, chances are, you're not taking in enough calories even for basic body functions. You're an exercising machine! =)

  5. Allan did send out some 1400 cal days to try that you might consider....also if you can monitor your body fat it may be going down more so than your weight. If not it may be time to review your diet with your doctor or a nutritionist...but great going getting into the smaller size and losing the pound.

  6. You look very young but is there any chance you are perimenopausal? I've heard that sometimes exercise can affect hormone levels. Just a thought. Great job on all the exercise!

  7. Maybe not enough Rock Star...
    Ever think about that?
    Just sayin'.....

  8. Congrats on the 1 lb. I think it sounds like you're not eating enough for all the exercise possibly putting your body in don't lose weight mode

    Keep rocking the exercise!!

  9. I agree, it sounds to me like youre not eating enough lady! This is such a frustrating journey. One second it feels like second nature and then next it feels like having to do crazy math calculations to figure out exactly how to make things work again..


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