Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weigh In & Exercise Roundup

Weigh in: (from my fancy shmancy scale's web site)

I am not paying any attention to anything behind the decimal point.  No rounding numbers for me. From 192 to 187. 5 pounds down. (even if I were rounding the loss would be 4.7 pounds then I'd have to round it to 5 pounds so it all works out in the end)

The numbers did not support such a weight loss but I didn't have a loss last week so I guess it's just catching up.  Yay!

Feeling great. I'm back in the 180s.
If you're just tuning in and saw that I used to weigh 185 but now I'm up to 187 and calling it a loss, let me explain.  I bought a new scale that is more accurate than my old scale.  The new accurate one showed that I weighed more than my old scale.  I gotta trust my new one.  That's the number I'll be using.  Especially since we shot the old scale. :)

Size 16 jeans: getting loose in the seat and waist.  Still have that darn belly pooch though.  I'm trying on the size 14 jeans every other day.  When I'm comfortable that my muffin top isn't spilling over the top I'll wear them in public.

Went to Galveston yesterday for a little shopping but I think I'll share that with you tomorrow. Some of you may know about some cool goodies that I got though. ;-)
Exercise for last week:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: 4.07 mile run; strength train upper
Tuesday: 3.63 mile run; Bike 18.26 miles
Wednesday: 3.62 mile walk; strength train lower
Thursday: 40 min. Zumba on Wii
Friday: 3.16 mile run; Bike 9.5 mile
Saturday: strength train lower

Today is supposed to be a 5 mile run. Weather is super nasty today. BUT I rejoined the YMCA yesterday so I could go hop on the treadmill if necessary. :)


  1. 5 LBS!! WHOOP! That's awesome!

    I'm so excited for your size 14s!

    Go 'head get your run on!

  2. That's such a cool scale! Way to go on the fantastic loss!

  3. Woohoo, 5 pounds!!!!! So happy for you, Kelly! :) You worked extremely hard and it's about (damn) time the scale showed it!

    As far as the belly issue showing with the jeans, try those empire tops - if you find them with the seaming just under your bust, but still cut slim enough, your new cute body shows but not the belly. (still the curse of my existence; hence, my knowledge of such magical tops).

  4. Great job!

    There are times we get rewarded for the hard work we do :D

  5. Way to go, Kelly! I knew it would happen for ya! You are doing AMAZING!!!

  6. I hope when your scale talked to your computer it said,


    Congrats. ITA with Shelley about the empire waist. It's my best friend in clothing.

  7. Way to go Kelly! You worked hard last week and it showed! Keep up the great work!

  8. That's great - five pounds - woot!

    I have a muffin top too - some of my daughters jeans are so low rise, my belly sticks right over - gross!

    Good luck on your run - even if it is on a treadmill :D


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