Friday, January 28, 2011

What the Scale Doesn't Know (with pictures)

Before I talk about scales and my general dislike of them, I'd like to share my Friday with you. 

Exercise can be so much fun!

First, I went to the shooting range with Chuck.
That was a lot of fun.

Then we went paddling with the kids.
Ready to go.

On our way!

Chuck and Charlie pulling away from the dock.

The wind was really bad.

Love being on the water.
 We even got to see an osprey up close. Fun trip but the wind made paddling quite a chore.

Got home and jump roped. 

Then rode my bike around.

Then Chuck and I played catch with a Nerf football until the street lights came on and it got too dark to see the ball.

Great day.  A fun way to burn up the calories.
Now on to scale hate.

I've had more ups and downs in my emotions because of the scale than anything else.  One day I'm on top of the world because the scale shows a lower number.  The next day I'm down in the dumps and want to give up because a higher number shows up.

Recently I have been working out like crazy and eating right and having calorie deficits and the scale still won't go down.  It's so friggin' frustrating.

But my clothes have been fitting better and I've dropped from a size 18 to a size 14 since December.  That's awesome!  The scale? Hardly moved at all.  It kills me on weigh in day.

Helen sent me a link to a sparkpeople blog post where a girl hardly lost any weight but lost clothes sizes.  It was so inspiring for me to read this. (thanks, Helen!)

It also made me want to do something similar.  Could I see a difference?

The first two pictures are of me at 190. I wore size 18 pants and large or extra large shirts.
The last photo is me at 189.5 (as of this morning because of sore muscles) wearing size 16 pants (in the picture though I now wear 14s) and size large shirts.  What is hard to see in the picture is how much my belly, waist and muffin top have shrunk. I don't see a huge difference in the pictures but I do when I'm standing in front of the mirror.  Or when I'm trying on clothes.

I'm firmer. My collar bones show.  I can feel my ribs. Muscle definition.  And it's 1/2 pound difference.
Strength training is so important!

People have tried to tell me how important it was to use weights but I was so lost that I didn't know how to start.  Oxygen magazine has been a huge help with their 3 part series (starting in January issue 2011) of "Your Best Body."  Also the book New Rules of Lifting for Women is filled with valuable information and a 6 month training plan.

I still have weight (fat) that I need to lose but I'm not quite as freaked out when I step on the scale because the results are visible no matter what that number says.  From size 18 to size 14 with only a half pound difference?!  That's amazing to me!

Don't let the scale rule you.  Let clothes be your guide. They tell a more accurate story.  Take measurements once a month.

Next pictures will be in the new 14s.  I just had on my 16s because they are so loose and comfy. :)


  1. Yes, the scale is frustrating. You won't hear any argument here. I know it sounds cliche to say but in your case it is probably true. That being that muscle weighs more than fat. With all the strength training and toning that you have been doing lately, you are increasing your muscle/lean mass.

    I can see a difference in the pictures. In the third picture your waist and hips both look narrower. Kelly, you look fantastic!

    Love the photos and video - wow you're a good aim.

  2. Your waist is so much smaller - look at your shape!!! You sure are making a great case (and you know how I feel about the scale) for strength training and going by clothes sizes vs. what the scale says.

    Great job - I can't wait to see you in a couple of months - you are going to be tiny!!!

  3. That's a major non scale victory!! Don't let the scale bring you down when you're seeing your results

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful and fun day!

    Thanks for writing about the scale not matching the progress. That's something that's so important to keep in mind -- it's SO much more important than the number on the scale, even though the scale has more psychological influence...

  5. Awesome shooting!
    Just as you methodically hit every target there -
    You will no doubt hit every target in weight loss....
    just sometimes you have to go back to one or two of them.... The order might be off - but the goal will be reached!
    In other words - yes - the scales lie like a big dog!

  6. Wow! That's so great to see! I try not to let the scale get me up or down. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't.

    I searched for the Oxygen magazine weight training plan, but I couldn't find it. I'm trying to start strength training, but I'm looking for a plan.

  7. I can see a big difference in the last picture too! Way to go!

    Sounds like an amazing day!

  8. Wow you guys know how to have fun :)
    You look fabulous!

  9. The scale can really throw us in a loop of mental turmmoil. I have been there and still am actually.

    What I've come to realize its not the number on the scale that matters its how fit and healthy you are. If your clothes are loose and your happy keep doing what your doing. The scale will catch up eventually and if it doesn't that is okay because you feel good about yourself.

  10. You have it right about changing your body composition. Results just aren't a number!

    I would challenge you to weight yourself once a week, just to see if you can do it.

    Since I am back in losing mode, I have not weighed myself since the beginning of January. I will weigh at the end of the month. That makes the little losses seem like more (since I am a turtle).

  11. Definitely can see a difference. I hate the damned scale as I've gone through that, too--only with not as quick results as you've had! You're losing fat but gaining muscle--perfect.

    I **loved** the shooting video! Dang, you're good. =)

    Just smiled from ear to ear that the two of you were outside playing until it got too great to be a kid again! ;-)

  12. You are looking fantastic! The scale can be so frustrating. You're right- we need to pay attention to more than that number!

  13. What a fun day! I cannot wait to be able to do something outside - so sick of winter!

    You do look smaller - and your post reminds me that I need to do more strength training! :D

  14. I need to find a good routine to shed my belly and core section a little bit!

    Great job Kelly. And I can see a difference!


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