Monday, February 28, 2011

Steps and the City

Exploring a city is a great way to get in some exercise and not even know it.  We just had a great time but really burned off the calories.

Allow me to share our Austin city experience with you through pictures.
Puttin' on the..
At night there are places where the food trucks park and you can buy all kinds of treats a la carte. Must come back to experience this.

a chicken truck!

This one made me hungry!
Bacon cookies?
I do believe it's time for lunch:
Hmmm.  Should I have the lasagna log?
Nope. I think I'll have the salad (minus the croutons) and some chicken parmesan (most of it) and a few bites of spaghetti.
There are many shops and bars along 6th St.

This one had a welcome sign for me. Drizz-anxxx.

Damn Good Food.  They said so. Must be true.

OK.  We visited a Museum of the Weird.

The Fiji mermaid.  So realistic!  I believe!

Fossilized Faeries. PROOF that they exist.

So scary.
I want these boots!

So that was the REAL mission of NASA the whole time!

Energy on wheels.  Gives you wings.

Heading back to the hotel to freshen up before the concert we ran into some HEAVY traffic.
At the Long Center to see Blue Man Group!!!
Check out the guy giving us the stink eye. LOL Don't be such a hater, dude.
Blue Man Group! Best.concert.ever! Go see them if you get the chance. 
These were like giant beach balls that the crowd would hit back into the air.  They would light up at the same time.  Incredible!
The kids got pictures with some of the members of the group.

It was a long but very fun day.  Totally wore us all out.  We all slept very soundly that night.
Austin was a lot of fun.  I know we only saw a fraction of the city so we'll have to go back again. :)

Poor Rachel was exhausted but had a sleepover to go to as soon as we got back Saturday. She stayed up until 3am and got up at 7:30am!  Sunday she was a zombie.

Exercise and "diet" news: Doing good.  I haven't run in a while so I'm going to start back with an easy 3 miler this week and progress back to my training schedule. 

I have really enjoyed lifting weights.  It's amazing to see the changes in my body.  I love seeing the muscle definition.  I lifted Thursday before we left and Sunday when we were back home.  Today (Monday) I start a new strength training routine from Oxygen magazine.

Rachel and I can wear the same clothes so it's pretty cool to be able to borrow her jeans since I only have 1 pair of black jeans that fit now. Time to go shopping.

Hope your weekend was fun and filled with happiness.

Austin: Another Grand Adventure

A little warning: this a photo intensive post. :)

The Austin trip flew by.  I was hoping to be able to meet up with Mizfit but time just did not allow it this time.

We arrived late Thursday night (Chuck had to work that day) and got settled in.  First they gave us the wrong room key and it wouldn't work and a woman opened the door because she thought someone was trying to break in.  Oops!

Friday morning we went downstairs for the breakfast buffet but there wasn't much for someone watching her insulin so we headed off to Denny's.
 Denny's will make substitutions like egg whites and turkey bacon.  I had the ham & cheese omelet made with egg whites and a few bites of hash browns.  Couldn't even finish it.  So filling.
 After breakfast we had to go to the famous Round Rock Donuts.  Sometimes people wait for an hour to get their donuts.
 Are you kidding me?
 Are you kidding me?!! I took a bite.  Not bad at all!

Then it was time to explore Austin.  First a stop at Texas State Cemetery:

9-11 Memorial

Stephen F. Austin
 Wise words:

This beautiful hawk was screeching in a tree.

Children on a hot tin roof? On the top of a building across the street.

Since there are so many pictures that I want to share with friends and family on here, I'm going to make this another two or three part post. :)