Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Cold is Better and Yet It's Not

How's that for a confusing post title?

My cold is better.  I rested and took my vitamin C and drank my fluids.  I wore my bodybugg during my rest time and the calorie burn was waaaaay down.  It was tough to see such low numbers.

Yesterday I couldn't stand staying in bed.  I missed my exercise which is very weird to a former couch potato.  Maybe I'm an endorphin junkie.

So I got out of bed and did my strength training routine for chest, shoulders and triceps.   I really need to get some heavier dumbbells for some of the exercises.  10# is not enough.  I'd like to get some of those dial-a-weight types but they are not cheap.

My cold may be better but it got super duper freaky cold outside.  Ok, it's 22* outside.  That may not be cold to some of you but it's a nightmare to me. (I'm being a bit dramatic, no?) It sounded like a hurricane came for a visit with the high winds.  And to make it fun we're having rolling blackouts.  Each neighborhood will be without power for 15-45 minutes during the blackout.  It's not the end of the world but it gets cold really fast when the power goes out.  I'm not too worried about me but I have tropical birds (cockatoos, cockatoo, cockatiel) upstairs and they don't like the cold.

During one outage this morning I started thinking about what it must have been like to live in a cold log cabin during the 1800s.  There would have to be someone to load wood in the fire.  Everyone would have to snuggle together to keep warm.  I'm so thankful for my modern conveniences.

It really wasn't that long ago that folks didn't have heat on demand.  My great grandmother came to Texas in a covered wagon and lived to see a man walk on the moon.  Amazing!

When I was a kid we had a wood burning stove and that was what heated our house.  My mom would get up throughout the night to load wood in that fireplace so we'd stay warm.  When our stove and oven broke we couldn't get it fixed so she had to cook on it.  In the morning she'd warm our socks on the top of the fireplace and put them on our feet before we went to school.  I remember sometimes waking in the middle of the night to hear her outside chopping wood for that fireplace.  My dad worked shiftwork at a refinery so he was often gone at night and couldn't help.  I'm so glad that they have a new house now.  I remember how excited she was to turn on that thermostat when she moved into the house. :)

As far as losing weight, I've only worked out once this week so far and it wasn't a high calorie burner.  That's ok though.  And I've been doing great with my calories and I've managed to stay away from the scale.  Well, there was one time I got too close to the scale.  We had a blackout and I stumped my toe on that darn scale on the way to my closet. LOL  Stupid scale!

Stay warm out there!  I heard that the ground hog did not see his shadow so spring will be here early...or something like that.

In short, my cold is better but the cold outside is worse.


  1. I was really surprised at how fast my house got cold this morning during our 30 minute blackout - and I know, I cannot imagine living without a furnace like our ancestors did! Your poor mother - wow. She sounds like a pioneer woman!

    Stay warm my friend!

  2. So glad you are feeling better. I completely understand you with the exercising addiction - when you start seeing visual results you don't want to stop - even when your body is "forcing" you to take a break. But it is better to rest and heal than to push it and get either sicker or prolong it.

    You sound a lot like your mother - strong, caring and determined :)

  3. Stay warm!! And taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for you.

  4. We haven't had a blackout (yet) on this side of town, but I'm sort of waiting.

  5. Glad the cold is better...the one in your body.

    I was hoping to get some of that arctic blast, but Miami seems to have missed the cold fun. :( Seriously, I hate warm winters. I like chilly days here...summer is hot enough suffering.

    Well, stay warm, babe...or shiver..shivering burns calories. ; )

  6. Freezing our hineys off here too, Kelly. I wore my heaviest coat out to my appointment and I still froze the whole way there and back. We have the thermostat on 69 but I'm still cold. I need to put on my thermals I guess. :)

  7. Brr, it is cold. Good job on the calorie intake and keeping it under control while sick. That's not easy! Cheers, Rick

  8. whats the deal with TEXAS huh?
    cold and rolling blackouts and in my 'hood weird water rationing?!

    bring on the summer and take care of you.



  9. My brother and step-son live in Austin - the weather is so cold, and my step-sons apartment was without heat so they stayed in a hotel last night!

    We have a wood burning stove and love it. The first year we heated our whole house with it and our gas bill was never over $20!

  10. Glad that you're feeling better! I can't imagine having to lose power when it's so cold out! BRR!


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