Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Enchiladas and Flowers

Getting ready for some fun in San Antonio!  I had to get my hairs trimmed yesterday and a little color done.  That takes a good portion of the day right there.

On the way home I had to stop by the grocery store.  Valentine candy on clearance everywhere!!! I saw a box of dark chocolates and picked it up.  Looked it over. Thought about it then put it in my basket.  While shopping I kept thinking, "I know I will not stop at one and these things are loaded with empty calories."  So before I left I went back to the motherload of chocolate and left my box.  I don't really need them.  Plus I have my dark chocolate drizzled strawberries at home.  Win!  Disaster averted.

Dinner came from America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook (one of my faves): Chicken Enchiladas.
Sorry about the cell phone camera picture.
 They were surprisingly easy to make and every one loved them.  Highly recommended.

Rachel had her cake decorating class.  She learned how to make some sugar flowers out of royal icing last night.  I'm a proud momma so I have to brag a minute: the teacher said she is a natural at this. :D  Rachel wants to work in a bakery when she grows up and makes cakes like on Ace of Cakes.  She has already assembled a portfolio and interviewed a baker as part of her career class that she takes.  At 15 I didn't have my life in order that much!  I really am proud of my little girl (who isn't so little anymore).

Here are some of her edible creations from last night:

All of the flowers harden and can be placed on anything.

I had planned to go for a run yesterday but Chuck and I were both tired so we postponed it until Wednesday night.  Instead I did strength training: biceps, abs, back.  I was able to lift some heavier weights on a few of the exercises so I guess I'm getting a little stronger.  That's a good feeling.  Call me Xena Warrior Woman. LOL 

Today my mom is coming to spend the night.  We both have a doctor appointment tomorrow to check up on our insulin resistance, etc.  I'm a little nervous because I hate needles.  I've passed out before and hit my head on a sink when they've taken blood.  Seriously.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.  I'm a little giddy because I get to meet Anne and go see Wicked this weekend.  The countdown has begun!


  1. I hope the lab work goes well. Have fun with Anne and enjoy your week. Hugs. :)

  2. Beautiful flowers!
    I'm so jealous you get to meet Anne and see Wicked :)

  3. Your "little" girl really does have natural talent - I predict she'll go far!

    Yum, enchiladas. I think I need to put those on our menu for next week.

    Blech on bloodwork. I just had mine done and as I said to the tech, I have to get this done every few months and it never gets any better!

    Honestly? I cannot wait for Anne's post after this meetup. I wonder if she'll cartoonize you?

  4. Edible flowers. I would be all over those! She is very talented :D

  5. Good luck at the doctor's appointment. Those flowers are incredible! Such talent!

  6. Take lots of pictures of the "Wicked" meet up - you guys are going to have so much fun!

    Rachel is really good at cake decorating and I think it's fantastic that she has a life plan already. Good for her - not many 15 year olds do (and I certainly didn't).

  7. Those enchiladas look good. We love mexican food. Yum. How fun, you get to meet anne. Have a great time at wicked. Take pics

  8. So you're coming to my town to see Wicked? Hope you have a great time!

  9. Awesome! Awesome that you left that box of empty calories at the shop. Great!
    Beautiful flowers those. Very crafty.

  10. So, you're prettied extra pretty now? :)

    I love the flowers. So nice. That rose is lovely.

    And what? I'm so jealous. You got to meet Anne!!! She rocks!!!!

    I'm proud of you for putting back the choco. It's definitely a temptation for me...dark of the wonders of the world...for sure.


  11. ay! It's almost time!
    I just can't wait!
    Work work work is over..... time to play!
    We'll have Wicked Fun!


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