Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I love this day because I get to celebrate what a wonderful husband I have.  Wanna know how awesome he is?  Even though he hurt his back last weekend bringing in my weights, he ran and biked with me yesterday.  Not just a little running and biking but a Duathlon! He just wanted to be with me. Isn't that sweet?

The duathlon was my commitment to the Heart Healthy weekend put on by Lori at Finding Radiance (great blog and even nicer person).  We were to run 2 miles, bike 8 miles, then run another 2 miles. 12 miles total.

Just to make things really interesting (why do I do this to myself?) I worked out with weights for my lower body the day before.  I was so sore that I had trouble getting out of bed and walking.  Seriously.

So we start running intervals for our 2 miles.  No big deal. We've done much more than 2 miles.  But we haven't run in a couple of weeks plus I had sore legs and rear plus Chuck hadn't run in over 2 weeks and had a back giving him problems.  What could go wrong? (I actually thought about backing out of the challenge because it seemed too difficult but don't tell Chuck or Lori)

The run intervals went by fairly quickly.  The weather was gorgeous but very windy.  We headed back to the house (since we were just doing this in our neighborhood), grabbed a drink of water, then headed out on our bikes.  Whew!  Peddling seemed so much easier.  At least for the first couple of miles.  But the wind was so bad it would actually push on the bikes.  We couldn't hear each other talking without yelling even though we were right beside each other.  My legs were screaming too!

Finally reached 8 miles and went inside the house for a quick pottie break and a drink of water.  Then it was back outside to finish our last 2 miles.

Have you ever ridden a bike then tried to run?  I haven't.  We both started running and it felt like someone had tied cinder blocks to our legs.  Chuck and I laughed because it was so difficult. We were plodding along in such pain.  My legs felt extremely heavy.  It took a good mile before they started to feel better.  Weird.  The last 2 miles were the most challenging part of the whole thing.  But the sense of accomplishment after we finished couldn't be beat.  We were both so happy.  Maybe it was the endorphins.  I don't know but it was a great feeling.  Thanks to Lori for hosting the challenge (every one chose what they were going to do for their personal challenge).
The happy duathlon finishers.  Pay no attention to the chipped nail polish.
Weigh in: +1 pound  188
I fully expected that.  The large muscles of my legs and rear were incredibly sore.  I actually expected the number to be higher.  No big deal.  It'll go back down.

Exercise for the week:

Sunday- Strength training quads, hamstring, glutes and calves

Monday- strength training biceps, abs and back

Tuesday- REST

Wednesday-Turbo Jam Cardio Party 2 (45 minutes); strength training chest, shoulders, and triceps

Thursday- REST

Friday- REST

Saturday- strength training quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes (3 sets of 15 reps for each exercise)

Sunday- DUATHLON! 2 miles running/8 miles biking/2 miles running
This weekend I received the cookbook that I won at mybizzykitchen's blog: Now Eat This.  YAY!!!
It's even autographed!!
It looks like it has some terrific recipes.  I can't wait to try them.
Stopped at Kroger to pick up some supplies and decided to check my blood pressure at the little machine by the pharmacy.  My blood pressure has been way too high and I was hoping to see some good things since I've lost weight and have been exercising so hard. 152/101  That's not good.  But then Chuck used the same machine and it showed his as being crazy high too and he just had his checked at the doctor's office.  I think the machine is broken.  That can't be right.  But it still freaked me out.  I go to the doctor this week for another checkup on my PCOS and insulin resistance (and whatever else I may have) so I'm hoping for much better numbers there.
New obsession: dark chocolate drizzled strawberries!  It tastes like you're eating a bowl of chocolate dipped strawberries.  How appropriate for Valentine's Day, right?

Just take a little bit of dark chocolate. Maybe an ounce or less.  I used 15 grams this time.  Put it in a zip lock bag and set it in a cup of hot water.
 Once the chocolate has melted (about a minute or two) drizzle over some sliced strawberries.  This is 1/2 cup of berries.
Seriously tastes like a decadent dessert.  I LOVE this.

So that's about all that is going on over here.  I had a great weekend with the family.  Got to see Chuck shoot in a practice match. He does so great. I'm proud of him.  Got to do a duathlon and have an awesome endorphin rush. 

LIFE IS GOOD, folks.:)


  1. The strawberries look wonderful, Kelly. I may have to try that tonight for a special little treat. I this little heated mini crock that would be perfect for melting some dark chocolate. What a great treat!

    You are inspire me with your exercise. I've been dragging lately but I have tried some jogging and running. It looks like there may be some joint issues that might keep me from really running. Running is very hard on my hips and knees. Is that normal when beginning or should I take it as a sign to stay with more low impact exercising? I can walk faster now without really running so I can get a pretty good work out with speed walking. What do you think?

  2. What a trooper you are! You really gave yourself a challenge for the healthy heart weekend!
    So nice your hubby does it with you!
    Be sure and keep an eye on your bp. You don't want your little heart working so hard

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  4. I never thought to drizzle the strawberries like that - what a great idea!

    How sweet that Chuck did the duathlon with you. And the photo is adorable!

  5. They call a biking and running workout a "brick" and maybe that's why - your legs feel like a brick when you run after biking! You guys are so cute and I love that you did this together.

    Love the chocolate strawberry idea - adding things to my grocery list right now!

  6. You guys exercise SERIOUSLY! I hope hubby and I get to the point of more serious movement together. I love when he walks with me, but that's only once, twice max a week...cause he gets home too late and I won't walk in the dark usually (too dangerous in the urban area we live), plus come wet weather, MOSQUITOES. Ugh.

    I still am healing from the no-see-ums that ate me up.

    Keep going. YOu're an adorable couple and deserve to be healthy together!

  7. Bricks are hard. The hardest transition is from biking to running and that dead feeling never goes away when you first start, but it does go away after the first mile or so. It's just weird.

    Great job!

  8. Wow! Great job on that duathlon, especially considering the battle with the wind. It's great that you two are so active together. I hope John and I get to that point some day.

  9. Way to rock that duathlon, Kelly! I tried a brick workout at the shore once where I ran after I biked. It was sooooo hard! Hence the label "brick" I guess! HAHA!

    You and Chuck are awesome! Tell Chuck great job, too!!

  10. Wow you guys definitely kicked the exercise up a notch!!
    Those strawberries look awesome.
    :) I have that cookbook from the library, two great minds!!

  11. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, Kelly! You guys are so cute and you just crack me up. But, seriously, you guys are amazing! Congrats on getting out there and doing it together.

  12. I like the way you melt the dark chocolate and enjoy it with the strawberries. I am going to try this for sure this coming weekend - yum!
    I'm a new reader ;)


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