Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I can do better than this

Did you have a good Valentine's Day?  Mine was busy.  Very busy.  Not exactly a romantic day.  Chuck and I are using the trip to San Antonio this weekend as our Valentine's Day (or weekend).

I played taxi to Rachel so she could go to a Valentine cookie exchange.  While she was there Charlie and I went to lunch at a Mexican food restaurant.  I had cheese enchiladas. Not the best choice for someone trying to drop a few pounds.

I have not eaten very well the past two days and I felt it immediately. My kitchen is filled with chocolates, cake, cookies, Girl Scout cookies and more.  The list goes on and on.  I have sampled here and there.

Last night we went out to a Chinese restaurant because I had a coupon and was feeling too exhausted to cook.  It's not that I ate a lot but the choices were not top notch.

So I'm determined to resist all the evil temptations that are around me.  I can do better than this.  I had a couple of bad days with the eats but I'm back at it today.  Eating out too much and sampling have to stop.

Started the day with oatmeal and a protein shake.  Things are good so far!


  1. You know what I like about this post Kelley? That you are not beating yourself up but simply state that you can do better. That is the exact mindset of a successful person!

  2. I have trouble with sampling, too. Free samples ought to be "free", dammit!

  3. I hear ya on the sampling. That gets me every time! Glad you are keeping positive. I agree with Helen about your mindset! Way to go, lady!!

  4. Yeah, I have trouble when the stuff is in my house - it's hard to be hands off...I don't even really like Girl Scout cookies, but when Jeff bought a box (after they came to the front door) I was so tempted. I finally made him go put them in his car!

  5. Sorry your Valentine's Day was delayed but I bet you will have a wonderful weekend. A whole weekend is better than one day. Hang in there, Kelly. Soon, at the sweets will be gone and you wont be tempted so much.
    Hugs. :)

  6. I feel ya, I totally binged and feel so yuck today. Have a great weekend

  7. The only good thing about my husband being in another state is no chocolate in the house this year for Valentine's.

    You aren't beating yourself up, that's great.

    And love the blog, coming out of lurkdom to comment.

  8. Save some room for this weekend!


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