Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meet Motley Schu!!!

Texas Independence Relay is March 5-6, 2011.  Chuck and I will be handling 3 of the exchanges.  Our last name is Schumann so we are team Motley Schu.  What will the runners see when they arrive at the exchange?
Rock on, party people.
 That image will be on a banner hanging from our tent at each exchange. LOL  We get tee shirts so it's all worth it.  Plus it'll be fun to experience the relay without having to actually run it.  I love the Guitar Hero guitar and Chuck's guy-liner. I think the only time I've ever seen him dress up is when he wore a priest costume and I wore a nun costume and we went to a bar to drink and bless people.  It was Halloween.  Lots of fun.

Speaking of running, I haven't.  First I was sick.  Then I got better but it was freezing outside.  Then my sinuses attacked me.  Then my right hip started acting up again.  I went to the chiropractor and she said my lower back was out of alignment.  She got a big crack out of it and it felt better.  But now it's bothering me again somewhat.  Darn hip.  I keep inviting it to the party and it doesn't want to play.

I have been keeping up with my strength training though.  I'm starting to see a big difference because of it.  I can pull off my size 16 jeans without unbuttoning them.  The size 14s fit terrific.  I can wear my daughter's jeans and some of her tops (that's her purple top in the Motley Schu picture and an old XL black shirt I had in the closet).  I can feel the muscles under my protective layer of fat. Slowly but surely that fat will melt off.

The new dumbbells are working out fairly well.  It's nice to have a variety of weights.  I'm weak on lateral raises but can lift a lot more on dead lifts.  The dead lifts scare me a little because I'm so afraid of hurting my back so I am very careful with form.  Which reminds me: Chuck's back is still hurt from bringing in the weights. :(  Poor guy.  We've been to the doctor and the chiropractor.  It's better but it's still hurt.

The weights have two slides per dumbbell.  Just adjust to the desired weight and lift. They go up to 55 pounds.
 It holds plates to the dumbbell depending on how much weight you selected.  5 pounds=no plates. I think this is 15 pounds.
 I got them at Academy for about $200.  What I don't like is that they can be kind of awkward on some exercises.  But I don't want to have a mountain of dumbbells so this is an acceptable trade off.  The cool part is that they look like I'm lifting a ton of weight because of their size. :)

Last night Rachel started her cake decorating class at Michaels.  She was the only person who signed up!  That's good though because she got the teacher's undivided attention.  She came home with two pretty gum paste flowers.  We had to eat the unpictured pansy flower to see what it tasted like.  Guess I should have taken a picture first. :)
I'm so proud of my little baker. I can't believe my baby is 15 already.  Time goes by way too fast.

I guess I should give myself some tough love and go to the Y and use their treadmills.  It seems that treadmills aggravate my hip worse than running outside.  Maybe it's mental.  Maybe I'm mental!

Keep warm out there.  It's supposed to rain here then get down to the 20s.  Icy roads in Houston is never a good thing. 


  1. Love the photo, Kelly. You guys look great and I'm sure you will have a blast!

  2. It's not mental - your stride changes when you're on the TM. So don't do it for goodness sake. Take a little walk instead and keep up the great work with the weights.

    You two are AWESOME. I wish I was running that race just to go through your aid station!

  3. Love the get-up! It looks like a LOT of fun!
    And those weights are the cats meow. I have some similar and love them. I was getting stronger and needed heavier weights. But I was getting tired of having all these free weights lying around (didn't have a stand). So the select weights are great as they take up so much less space.
    Glad you are enjoying them.

  4. Love the weights, the photo and your daughter's cake flowers. What a creative bunch you all are!

    Stay off the ice!

  5. I wish I was running that race just so I could come to your aid station!!!

    Thanks for showing how those weights work - I could not figure that out. Nice that you will only end up with two dumbbells, and not a plethora of them, as you go up in weights.

    Those flowers are so pretty - love that Rachel is getting personal lessons!

  6. I love the pic!! Im a Girl of the 80's and loved Motley. You guys look great.
    what a great little baker you have

  7. You guys are too much! I just love that you are volunteering for the relay in such a fun way!

    Great job on the weights and yay for smaller clothes!

  8. Love the photo!

    I had thought about those weights before joining a gym. They are such space savers.

  9. Your husband cracked me up with the motley schu look! There's his Halloween costume!! (My hubby loves his Guitar Hero, which puzzles me, as he owns several REAL guitars and basses and I figure why not play those? hahah)

    Size 14? That's cause for celebration!!!

    Happy day: ROCK ON!

  10. How fun is this!
    Love the weights!

  11. hehe I love the picture! You two seem like such a fun couple. :)

    I have always liked that style of weights but didn't want to spend the money. $200 isn't bad though! We ended up getting a pile of dumbbells off of Craig's List- I really need to use them more!

  12. I absolutely LOVE your picture - awesome!

    And your daughter is going to become a great baker! I've always wanted to take those classes, but all the Michael's near me have closed their doors. :(

  13. Ok, I'm definitely going to target and getting the adjustable ones I saw there..they were $65..I thought those were expensive..but after the $200 price tag...that's a steal!!!!

    I LOVE the picture, btw. Awesomeness!


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