Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Crazy Adventures (and weigh in & other stuff)

A few weeks ago Chuck and I went to see the Hood to Coast documentary at the theater.  It was one of those movies that makes you think you can do crazy things like run a 200 mile relay race and live to tell about it.

Fast forward to late January with a visit to the running store in Galveston where they tell me that there is a similar relay in Texas!  And, hey, it's coming up March 5th!  I'm aware that I am not ready to join a team to run this relay but I figured that Chuck and I could get the experience by volunteering to hand out some GU or water.  Plus volunteers get a tee shirt!  I'm all about the race shirt.  My favorite apparel. ;-)

I emailed the volunteer folks at the Texas Independence Relay and said sign me up.  And did they ever!  We have volunteered to.....well, I'm not exactly sure what we've actually volunteered to do yet....but I do know we will be the folks at exchange 12 -  3-8pm on Sat near Schulenberg; Exch25 - 1-5AM on Sunday in Simonton, and then Exch38 - 10:30-5pm on Sunday.  We'll be involved for over 15 hours.  Sleep?  We don't need no stinkin' sleep!

Wait, it gets better.  He (the volunteer coordinator) was going to call us Team Schumanns but  I suggested we be called Motley Schu.  Now he's making a banner for us and wants us to dress up as 80's rockers.  We are to get a picture sent to him by Wednesday for our banner.  LOL  So not only will I be handing out stuff to the runners but I'll be dressed as an 80s rocker chick.  I think it'll be a lot of fun. :)  Hey, wanna join us?  Should be a crazy weekend.

Here's a little video the race coordinator Jay made acting like a rocker dude.  It's a nice little montage of the race last year:

Weigh in news:

187  Down 1 pound.  Yay!  Finally moving in the right direction.

Measurements: (I've started taking measurements once a month)  change since January 4th
Hips: down .5"
Waist: down .5"
Thigh: down 1"
Upper arm: down .5"

So while the weight is very slow coming off since strength training, the measurements are showing improvements.  That may warrant its own post. ;-)

I had a few sick days so there wasn't as much exercise as usual.  I didn't even run once!

Sunday: REST

Monday: REST

Tuesday: Strength train chest, shoulders & triceps

Wednesday: strength train quads, hamstrings, glutes & calves

Thursday: 50 minutes Turbo Jam; strength train biceps, abs & back

Friday: REST

Saturday: 20 minutes Turbo Jam; strength train chest, shoulders & triceps
I mentioned before that my 10 pound weights just weren't enough anymore so I went to Academy and got some dial-a-weights that go up to 55 pounds.
 Chuck hurt his back carrying them in the house and can hardly move.  Poor guy. :(

I also got my Thermapen in the mail!!!!!  If you watch cooking shows you may have seen this before.  America's Test Kitchen uses them all the time. I didn't want to pay the hefty price tag so I waited for their annual sale and finally got to order one. Yay!  It's so cool.  I feel so chef-like.  If you love cooking you understand this is a pretty big deal. LOL  I'm such a geek for kitchen gadgets.  Yeah, it's just a thermometer but it's a fancy thermometer.  Instant read!

Today I'm doing a "take 2" on the Almost No-Knead bread recipe.  I checked the yeast so I think I should have better results this time.  I'll let you know.

Enjoy your day.  I've got a lot of blog reading to do.  Im behind!


  1. The race sounds like fun. I hope you will share lots of pics afterward. Congrats on the loss. I know it get harder when you are working out and are close to goal. It cant be very frustrating. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. It sounds like you're doing really well! Those are some awesome looking (and heavy) weights too.

    Have fun racing!

  3. I hope your bread turns out! I am just about to make more bread today too - it doesn't last long when I make it!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. Wow.. the race sounds really fun!

    And I'm jealous of the thermapen! Some day I want one too... so cool!

  5. Congrats on the loss!!

    Omg that volunteering sounds fantastic!!
    you must take lots of pics.
    motleu schu. Love it

  6. Awesome you!
    I think you are born to run.
    In no time, that will be you.
    And I will cheer you on like a crazy woman!
    Race shirts Rock!

  7. Sweet weights!! I need to do more strength training! Great job on the weight loss! You are doing so awesome!!! Totally inspired!

  8. "Motley Schu" - that is AWESOME! You guys are really going to have an interesting experience with helping at that relay race...I'm envious!

    So how do those weights work? Can you post a picture of them with what you are currently using? Sorry about Chuck's back...poor guy!

  9. Those relay teams are going to love the Motley Schu!

    Congrats on the downward movement of the scale. It all adds up to getting to goal.

    Now I need to find a termapen. I hate the regular kind of thermometers where I'm squinting and trying to figure out if it's really 165 or closer to 160 ;-)

  10. Great job on the 1 lb! You are doing so amazing!

  11. Great job on the 1 lbs loss, considering you were sick and didn't get to run. Great stuff! Cheers, Rick

  12. Welcome to the Thermapen family, Kelly! We also posted a shout out to you here:

  13. I've been to that store! the owner is really nice! she's very helpful if you need running shoes!



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