Thursday, March 24, 2011

Car Accident (I'm ok) & Another Milestone!

Yesterday morning I headed to the grocery store because Rachel needed some gloves for her dissection lab that day (I always preferred to do my dissections without gloves but whatever) and to check out the "reduced for quick sale" specials (though I think they call them "manager's specials").

I was on the service road (we call it the feeder road in these parts) in the right lane to turn left, and there was a car in the left lane which is a "turn only" lane.
I've got mad drawing skillz. I'm the blue car.
When the light turns green I move forward to turn left but the grey car decides to go straight and rearends me.  I was so upset.  Not that I was hurt or anything but it's a real pain in the neck to get the car repaired and takes time out of my day plus there's the hassle, etc.

The guy gets out and just wants to exchanged info and leave but I insist we get a police report.  He wasn't very happy about that. Turns out he doesn't have his insurance or license on him.  The police show up and so does the kid's dad who is not a happy camper.  The dad apologizes to me and assures me that they have insurance.  The police report is taken and I'm on my way after two hours.

I was debating whether to mention this or not but it's all in good fun so I don't think anyone would be offended. Right?  So, we have a running joke around here that if someone cuts you off in traffic or is driving crazy or involved in a wreck it's usually a Honda.  I swear, they're out to get me.  After the accident, I call Chuck and say, "Guess what kind of car hit me. A Honda!!" LOL  Trust me, it's funny and ironic at the same time.  (I apologize if you're a Honda owner.  No offense meant.  Just that Hondas around here have always had something against me and one of them finally got me.)

So my miniature van, Vincent Van Go, has a cut on its fanny.
It's not too bad but you should see the poor Honda! Lots of damage.

I was a little shaken up still but I had to go to the store and while there I got into some weird buying mode.  I was not completely back to normal and started buying stuff. "Oh, I think I should buy some broccoli" and then fill up an entire bag. "Ham.  I should buy a ham."   "Rock Star.  I think I need Rock Star. I'll just buy 20 of them." My hands were still shaking a little when I tried to pay for all of my loot.

I can say that now I have a very full freezer.  I don't think I can fit anything else in there.  I also got 3 gallons of milk for no reason other than they were cheap.  So they're in the freezer too.  Wow, it's weird to go shopping when you're hopped up on fear.

The bump in my morning put me off on my schedule.  I got home as quickly as I could and made some eggs for me and the kiddos and then it was time to leave. I grabbed a couple of protein bars and was out the door.

So lunch was on the road: a protein bar.  These things are a lifesaver when you need something quick and portable.

I wasn't finished with my "retail therapy" (a term that I think Shelley coined).  I stopped by the book store and got me a new cookbook and a carb counter and also a couple of things for Charlie (my son).  I was finally feeling back to normal but a little tired and a slight headache. 

Got home, had a celery stick with french onion dip, and took the kids for a bike ride. VERY therapeutic. We stopped at the park to play on the playground. I climbed some bars to the limit that my fear of heights allows. Charlie passed me up to show me that "it's easy."

Then time for dinner: Chili-Stuffed Peppers from Protein Power that I borrowed from the library.
I really need to start using a different camera than my cell phone for pictures.

The peppers were huge and tasty.  Chuck and Charlie were the only ones that could finish theirs.

Chili-Stuffed Peppers
Serves 2 but you can double the recipe

2 large red or green bell peppers
3/4 pound ground meat
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 small red onion, minced (I used onion powder)
1 canned chipotle chili in adobo or 1 canned jalapeno plus a dash of liquid smoke
salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp. ground cumin
1 tsp dried oregano
1/2 cup grated cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese

Grill the peppers over an open flame or directly under the broiler, turning often, until the skin is totally charred.  Watch them closely so the peppers don't collapse.  As soon as they are blackened, put them into a plastic bad and let them sit for a few minutes until they're just cool enough to handle. Don't let them sit too long, or the steam in the bag will soften the peppers too much. (I did that!)  Rub off all the skin.  Carefully cut around the stem and pull it out.  Carefully scoop out the seeds with a teaspoon.  If you mistakenly tear a pepper, don't despair; they'll taste good anyway.  Preheat the oven to 350*.

Mix the meat well with the remaining ingredients except the cheese.  Stuff the peppers and stand them up or sit them down on a pie plate or shallow oven pan.  Bake them for about 20 minutes (I did mine for 30 mins) and then remove them from the oven to mound the cheese on top.  Return the peppers to the oven to melt the cheese and ensure that the meat is cooked.
per pepper: 8.5 grams net carbs; 32 grams protein

I served them with some of my broccoli stash from my crazy shopping trip at the store earlier.

Good dinner and I had the table set with some beautiful spring tulips.

For dessert, I had a low carb ice cream bar while watching Modern Family. Not a lot of eats for Wednesday but my schedule was thrown off balance. Total carbs for day: 21.5 grams

In case you're wondering "why all the low carb stuff all of a sudden?" it's because I'm trying to find the best way to eat for my insulin resistance.  The doctor had told me to cut back on carbs and gave me a diet but my body was still having fun with all of the carbs it was allowed.  So I'm doing a self experiment to find what works for me.  I'm a little jealous of you people who can eat oatmeal, pizza, and all the fruit you want and still lose weight.  It just doesn't work that way for my body. Believe me, I've tried.

Now for my new milestone. I've been monitoring my weight to record fluctuations and see what foods cause a gain.  Experimenting.

This morning I got on the scale and it said  Holy moly! Did you see that? 179.  As in, there is a seven behind that 1.  Are you kidding me?!!!  Excited doesn't begin to describe it.  I am in shock but in a good way.  I haven't seen the 170s in so long.  I almost thought I'd never get there but here I am!  Yesterday's scale showed 180.0 and today is 179.0. On the nose.  Wow.
A picture from my scale's web site.

The shorts I got on Friday are almost too big in less than a week.  It's about time for a cheap shopping trip!


  1. Wow! What a story - what a day!
    Time for a hike, wouldn't you say?
    Glad you are ok!

  2. Kelly, I'm so sorry about the crash but I'm glad you were not hurt. People just don't pay attention on the roads anymore. I'm glad I'm not out there driving. We just have the one car and it is a company car so I'm not allow to drive it.

    The pepper look wonderful and I'm putting stuffed peppers on the menu for next week. Another blogging friend had them yesterday so now I'm hankering for some. I don't know if the boys will eat them but I'm going to give it a try anyway. I think I will use the red bell peppers in stead of green.

    I'm so glad you are okay and CONGRATS on getting to the 170s! Good for you for making it and I know it won't be much longer until you get all the way to your goal. Hang in there and hugs. :)

  3. I am a Honda driver and I promise I won't hit you if I ever see you =) ha ha ha! I love my Honda so I am sorry you have such a bad relationship with them ;) And also very happy you were not hurt yesterday!

    179?!? ... You go girl!! I can't wait to see the 170's and I am so close, I hope you did a happy dance, I know I will when I see it =)

    Keep up the good work lady! All your food has had me drooling lately, those peppers look scrumptious!

  4. I know we emailed yesterday but I'll just say it again, here - so glad that you were OK! I'm always nervous in those outside lanes because I don't trust the people to make their turn - and see? They don't! Glad you insisted on the police report - was it a college-age kid who hit you? Bet he is in TROUBLE with his dad for not carrying his license, much less insurance! Dumbo.

    Now, you know I am very sorry about the accident. That said, I laughed at the thought of you buying 3 gallons of milk! I do understand that shaky feeling - it's like you brain wasn't fully KNEW you were supposed to buy groceries, and boy did you buy groceries! Guess it's a good thing you weren't on your way to a jewelry store, lol!

    Oh, and I didn't coin "retail therapy" but I do clam it. Often. ;)

    OH! (I know, this is the comment that never ends) - wowza on getting into the 170's!!! Congratulations - the low carb thing really seems to be doing the trick for you! Now, Blue Bell ice cream is low carb, correct? :)

  5. I also *claIm* retail therapy. I'm actually not a fan of seafood.

  6. You know how when you look at your reader and see the name of a blog and then the post title? Today yours read:

    Happy Texans "Car Accident..."

    and my mind went a little nuts. How can they be HAPPY Texans if they had a car accident?!! Etc., etc.

    So glad you are ok but sorry for the aggravation you'll have to deal with to get your vehicle fixed.

    Goldilocks is a Honda and my favorite car I've ever owned. She has been in an accident that was other other person's fault. So it's not Hondas lol!

    Obviously you were totally in shock while shopping which completely accounts for a full ham and 3 gallons of milk.

    Evidently, you're doing a lot right these days with your eating - at least the scale says so.

  7. I drive Acura, does that count as a Honda?!

    You know this is probably a hint that you need a new car! Minivans are not cool!!!! get a GMC Tahoe, that's what cool moms drive! Minivans are so 1980's!!

  8. I'm just so glad your o.k!! Stay away from Honda's :)

  9. Thank you for putting the part about your being okay in the header. I read the first two words and thought "eek!" then the next two and went "whew!"

    There are people out there who eat pizza and lose weight? Grrr...

  10. Wowza! Glad you are ok !

    WTG on the 179 ! That's awesome and well deserved! Great job!

  11. Shorts too big...the power of PROTEIN and LOW CARB for Insulin Resistant folks. Right there ya go.

    I want those stuffed peppers so bad I'm about to jump into this computer screen and grab one. :D

    Maybe Hondas are the bestsellers in your area, hence the...coincidences? ; ) Or you ticked off the Japanese...heh. (I'm a Japanophile, so I say apologize RIGHT NOW!)

    Glad the dad was polite and the damage was minimal. And none to YOU. :*

    Later, babe... :*

  12. Geez. I'm glad you are okay. Poor Vincent. I get the shakes when something like that happens. Must the fight-or-flight thing.

    The recipe looks really good. Thanks for sharing it.

    And congrats on the loss! That is so dang awesome!!

  13. Oh No! Thank goodness you are okay.

    ~A Honda Driver~

  14. Glad you are okay...thanks for the lovely diagram. You are an artiste!

    Love the tulips...I can only hope my milk carton vase idea is catching on.

    Peppers look delicious!!!

  15. UGH! What an idiot! I hate bad drivers. Glad you are okay though!

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