Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Daily Grind

Happy Wednesday to you!  The time change has me pumped.  I love that it gets dark later and later.  Kids are outside playing in the neighborhood. Neighbors are out working in their yards and grilling. Lots of birds are visiting my birdfeeder.  It's just a great time of year.

Tuesday was an absolutely gorgeous day.  Blue skies and perfect temps greeted me.  Unfortunately my Glucophage crumb did a number on my stomach so I didn't get out to exercise like I had planned.  :(

The small crumb I took with breakfast left me feeling lethargic, sick, and spaced out.  I hate that feeling so much.  I took a smaller crumb with lunch and still didn't feel good.  I took an even smaller crumb with dinner and was feeling better by bedtime.  Darn medicine.

I am giving myself three months to adjust to this stuff and if it's not better by then I'm going to insist that I stop taking it.  Surely I can control this insulin resistance with diet and exercise.  It's a little frustrating.

Rachel had her last cake decorating class yesterday.  She completed a cake project and received her certificate.  Proud of my girl.
Her teacher taught her how to smooth the icing so she doesn't get crumbs in it next time.  A cake that is hard to resist.  It's sitting on the kitchen table now.  Siren call.  But I resist.  Sugars become a permanent fixture on my hips.  Not worth it.

When we got home from her class I wasn't feeling terrific still and I was getting fed up with it all.  I'm about to pull in the drive when I see a couple of neighborhood kids playing basketball in my driveway.  I'm irritable from feeling like crap and I may have snapped at one of the kids.  One of them said, "---- said I could play basketball at his house."  Me: "This isn't his house."  And then I felt even worse for being mean to little kids.  So I move the miniature van so they could play.  That seemed to make them happy.  Then Chuck got home and played some ball with them.  I hate being irritable then doing something mean.  :(  Maybe I should bake them some cookies or something.  Because nothing says love like sugar. Right?

I cooled off and was finally in a better mood that evening when I started to feel better. Still, no excuse for being mean to people.

The eats:
Breakfast:  coffee with milk, low carb bagel wtih cream cheese

Snack: small cup of sugar free chocolate milk and an apple

Lunch: cheese omelet with salsa and a side of strawberries, small slice of sugar free lemon cake

Dinner: beef chili, 1/3 cup rice, 4 multigrain crackers, 1 bite of Rachel's cake

Hunger: not really that hungry. Especially after lunch.

Meds: took them all.  Glucophage made me feel bad most of the day. 

Exercise: none.  Felt bad.

Have a great day!  See you tomorrow. :)


  1. I think if it makes you feel that bad, it's time to really address that with the doc. It's messing with your quality of life. Man, frustrating, right? When you've been zipping along so actively.

    Now, the nanny in me: Way too many starch items for someoen with glucose issues/insulin resistance. Really..look over your meal plan. The glucophage may mean it keeps things under control, bloodwise, but folks like ye and me can't handle that much starch/sugars items in one day's plan. Milk also causes a rather significant insulin response, didja know?

    Okay, nanny mode off.

    Feel better. Hope the doc can sort you out or, even better, that your body shores up and you won't even need the fricken glucophage. Be well...

  2. Great job resisting that yummy looking cake! I hope that you get things balanced soon, and start feeling better. :)

  3. I'm with Princess...Nanny Mode dictates that even "sugar free", there are too many processed carbs and not enough protein and veggies. I am a type II, controlled with diet and exercise, but that diet control? It's Control with a capital C, which in my case translates into no bagels, no bread, no white rice, no pasta and certainly no bite of cake unless I plan on a 30 - 40 minute run to burn it off. Ever. It's a personal choice for me, because I'm holding off medication for as long as possible, hopefully forever.

  4. You are much more patient than I am. I would have ditched the glucophage already and just work with diet as you are now and see how the numbers look at your next visit.

  5. I'm with Lori, I would have ditched that dumb Glucophage by now too and tried to modify my diet instead.

    I don't blame you for feeling icky and grumpy and mean. I'm sure not feeling well from the meds does not help!

  6. Have you tried moving your glucophage to after dinner only...morning glu gave me many issues but after dinner was fine within 3 days....I found waiting to about 2-3 hours after eating was best for me......sooner and i had cramps and bathroom runs. I agree with mir lots of people don't think about milk but it can really cause a sugar spike.


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