Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not Eating Enough?

Believe it or not, weight can stall if you're not eating enough. And I don't think I have been.  I know weight loss is going to be slow for me but as long as the scale is showing some sort of movement in the right direction I'm happy. For now. ;-)

I'm looking at my food journal and the pictures and realizing that I'm not eating all of the recommended veggies and protein.  That is one good thing about taking pictures and writing it all down: you get a bird's eye view of your eating habits and can make corrections as necessary.  I just haven't been hungry eating this way. 

I mentioned that Rachel (my 15 year old daughter) has lost some weight and a lot of inches just by eating what I cook.  Here's the picture to prove it:
Even the belt that she is using to hold up her pants is too big!  We went to the Goodwill store yesterday to try to find some new bottoms but didn't find anything so we'll go out looking this weekend.  She has the "problem" of being pretty tall (at least 5'8" and growing) which can make finding pants that are long enough a problem.  Fortunately we are reaching shorts season!

She went into the dressing room to try on some jeans and came out saying, "I need hand gel now! I think I just stepped in a puddle of pee in the dressing room.  I want to go home." 

We probably won't be going back. Ewwwwwww!
Started out the day on the run.  Went to the chiropractor and my back and hips are one big ball of knots.  She said they are seized up in a cramp and can I ever feel it!  She got no movement out of my back, just a little out of my neck and hips.  I go back tomorrow so she can work on it again.  In the meantime, my back  hurts like a muthah.  Right between the shoulder blades.
Got to visit the farmer's market.
You have to cross train tracks to get there.
They grow a lot of their produce and have a strawberry picking field where you can pick your own. We did that last year and it was a lot of fun.

The strawberries look so tasty.  Can't wait to add them back into the menu.  Won't be long now.  Just a few more days.
It's an open air type market.  You can get nuts, plants, fruits, veggies, jams (Mayhaw jelly!!!), the best watermelons, homemade beef jerky and sausages, fried pies, and eggs here.  The kids were almost in begging mode for those fried pies.  They are homemade and good with flavors like coconut, chocolate pecan and peach.
The kids: "Stop taking pictures of everything. It's just weird." LOL
Lots of carb friendly veggies for cheap.
Any lettuce, only $ .99!
New way to cook bacon courtesy of Alton Brown.  He is the MacGyver of cooking!

Slice the bacon in half and place on heated waffle iron.

Close the iron and let it cook for a couple of minutes and check on it.  As soon as it is cooked, remove to paper towels.  Drain off grease and repeat.
Perfectly crispy bacon that doesn't shrink or curl. Thanks, Alton!!
I cleaned my waffle iron with hot water.  I'll let you know if it still functions.  This is great for cooking bacon but I'm not so sure how the waffle iron feels about it. May have bacon flavored waffles in the future.  Is that a bad thing?
Weight: 177.9  Not eating enough protein & veggies. Not drinking enough water.  Will be remedied.

Breakfast: protein bar on the run

Lunch: bacon cheddar omelet with salsa. I blend my salsa until smooth because I can't stand tomato or onion chunks.
The kids loved these!  We were all quite full afterwards and remained that way until dinner time.

Dinner: lemon pepper pork loin; big salad with cilantro, romaine and spinach; baked "potato" casserole (it's really cauliflower)

I cook the cauliflower in the microwave then blend in the food processor with a little sour cream, butter, a splash of vinegar (it really adds to the flavor), salt and pepper.  Put in 8x8 casserole dish. Top with cheddar, bacon and chives.  Heat in 350* oven until melty and hot.  We never have leftovers.  One of my new favorites.
Reminds me of potato skins.
The pork loin was a little too small for a family of 4 so I didn't get as much protein as I should. Oops.
Did get a big salad though!

Exercise: walked with Chuck and Rachel around the neighborhood for 2.6 miles.  I may have shuffled my feet a little to try to get in some running.  And Rachel may have said, "I thought the doctor said no running." So I may have felt guilty and stopped.

Charlie didn't go with us.  He's not feeling well and running a low grade fever. :(
Have a wonderful Thursday.  Thursday is Chuck's Friday so I loooove Thursday.  It means the weekend is close at hand. YAY!


  1. Bacon flavoured waffles?? I'd eat them :)It does take some time to figure what works for us! I totally believe that no two people are the same.

  2. More protein? How about some smoked ribs? Or maybe a smoked turkey?

    You're doing great. I know we tend to hear that a lot, but I mean it. And your success is showing in other areas (like Rachel's waist and my waist).

    So, keep up the good work!

    You can add nutritionist to your resume now, right after nurse, doctor, psychologist, encouragement officer, chef, teacher, and taxi driver. :)

  3. Everything looks so beautiful at that farm! Especially the strawbabies :)

    I totally have to make that baked cauliflower!

    Hope Chuck feels better soon!

  4. I follow this method:

    This is a popular misconception—that to lose fat and get lean, you have to eat less frequently and adhere to the traditional "three square meal" philosophy.

    There is a variety of metabolic explanations for why this pattern of eating is so effective for fat loss. First, small frequent meals (SFMs) can help to stabilize both blood sugar and insulin levels throughout the day. When blood sugar levels spike, fat storage can be promoted because blood sugar will be kept under very tight control by the body. And if glycogen reserves are full, excess blood sugar will be stored as fat. These spikes will also cause for more production of insulin, leading to a potential rebound hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) effect a few hours after your meal. This can instigate hunger and cravings, cause your energy levels to crash and may slow your metabolism.

    In contrast, keeping your blood sugar levels moderate and consistent smoothes out energy levels, keeps insulin levels more constant and helps keep your metabolism humming. When you eat six nutritious, smaller meals a day, the food can be more efficiently absorbed and processed by your body than the "three squares" most Americans eat each day. You can create a metabolic environment that supports healthy fat loss and muscle gains.

  5. I used to make a similar version of your baked potato casserole - it was good and I'll bet we'd like your yours as well.

    I would have gone insane with buying everything at that farmer's market - and those strawberries?!? YES PLEASE! So good. Love the the kids were embarrassed by your picture taking. Hey, it's why we are here, right, to embarrass our kids!

    Rachel looks fantastic! Poor traumatized girl - I'd never want to go back to Goodwill again after that dressing room incident.

    OK, eat more, my friend. And don't run yet. No rush. Just get to feeling better - that's the important thing.

  6. I'm so envious of you and your farmer's market. We have on not too far away but it is too soon for realy fresh veggies. We make do with what is shipped into the market.

    I'm sorry you are still in pain from the accident. I hope the chiropractor gets you in good shape soon. Hugs. :)

  7. That farmer's market is gorgeous! And the prices are so good. I can't remember the last time I saw a head of lettuce for 99cents. I would have had a hard time not spending lots on all that beautiful produce.

    I wonder if I would like cauliflower if I made it like that? Probably, just because of the cheese!

  8. man what do they put on those strawberries to make them look so good! yummy - they don't look like that at my farmer's market!

    i want to come to your house for dinner - your food always looks amazing!

  9. My kids lose weight by eating what I cook, too, but that's because my cooking is terrible.

  10. I love the birds eye view that tracking give me too!

    The effect your healthy eating has had on your daughter must REALLY make you feel GREAT! Lot's of fab mom points for you!

    Hope you're back heals quickly. I know you're itchin' to run!

  11. Yummy... Those berries look great.
    Can't wait for the veggies to be in season here.. YUM!!

  12. Hope Charlie feels better...nothing sucks like your child having a fever.

    Love that Rachel is benefitting as well!

    The cauliflower dish looks fabulous...I will definitely try that.

    Great market!!! Love the berries...

  13. I love farmers markets. That cauliflower dish looks so good! Eating healthy is contageous!

  14. Please tell Rachel she looks absolutely perfect. Gorgeous girl!

    Green with envy over the farmer's market.

    Interesting way to cook bacon! I'm one on those strange peeps that hardly ever eats bacon. I don't crave it, don't think of it, but sometimes it's yummy. lol

    You're doing great!


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