Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Postrun: the day after

Monday. My hip joints were so sore it was difficult to walk.  My quads were a little sore but not too bad.  Just from missing 4 weeks of running? Use it or lose it.  It's almost comical to be this sore.  I feel like I'm starting over.  Wasn't I running 6 and 7 seven miles before?  What happened?!

I had to go to the grocery store and what did they have on sale?
My mom would make fried Spam sandwiches for me when I was a kid but she used the real Spam.  Did your mom?  Somehow I got a little nastalgic and bought a package. $1.

Meh.  Mine didn't taste like the ones mom used to make.  Probably best.  It wouldn't surprise me if she cooked ours in Crisco years ago.
Light Spam sandwich with cheese and a Jazz apple

I also made an impulse purchase at the store:
They were just so pretty and spring-like that I had to have them.  Purple and pink tulips. How could I resist?

Still taking my huge Glucophage crumbs 3x a day:
The largest I can take without getting sick.
These are the quick release pills instead of the extended release.  I wouldn't be able to crush the XR and take crumbs.  Still hoping that I either get used to taking these or I can stop taking them.  One or the other.
Chuck got home from work while there was daylight outside!  LOVE this time of year.

I put on a pork loin roast and we went for a walk.  My poor hip joints were so stiff but I think it was good to work them out gently.
3.1 miles in 56 minutes. We weren't setting any speed records, that's for sure.  But the evening was nice and the company was perfect.

Then it was time for dinner and a cup of sleepytime tea.  And a little action with the foam roller on some slightly sore quads. :)
Breakfast-2 fried eggs, light toast, sugar free chocolate milk

Lunch- light spam sandwich with mayo and cheese; Jazz apple  (wasn't that great, the apple was the best part)

Snack-low carb carrot cheesecake yogurt

Dinner-roast pork loin, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes, spinach, small slice sugar free lemon cake (90 calories)

Hunger: almost none except when it was time to eat

I was also a good girl and took all of my meds:
2 Thyroid pills
Glucophage crumb 3x
800 units Vitamin D 3 times
2 low dose aspirin
1 slow release iron

Gosh that seems like a lot of pills.  Hopefully one day I can get off of some of these.

It's absolutely gorgeous outside.  I'm thinking a bike ride may be in order.  Hope your area is starting to show signs of spring too!  In this part of Texas, we get about 3 weeks of spring (if we're lucky) then it's summer.  So we have to enjoy every minute we can. :)


  1. Not lucky today with our weather but hoping to be better by tomorrow. I need a sunshiny day. Maybe it will motivate me to get moving again. I remember spam sandwiches. Loved em them but doubt they would sit well with me now. I don't do great with fried anything these days other than veggies sauteed in a little olive oil.

  2. Ah, Yes. Springtime. Two or three of the best weeks of the year in Texas.

    Maybe this evening we go for a bike ride instead of a run. It'll be a nice change of pace.

  3. glad you made it back to a run and post walk.... someday I wanna run.

  4. I bet the nice walk helped to move some of that lactic acid around in your legs and you'll feel better with whatever you do tonight.

    The expiration date on the Spam is what would scare me. What kind of food is good for 3 years?

    When you wrote this:

    "But the evening was nice and the company was perfect.
    Then it was time for dinner and a cup of sleepytime tea. And a little action"

    OK right here is where my eyes bugged out of my head! I was all like TMI! TMI!

    Thank goodness you followed with:

    "with the foam roller on some slightly sore quads. :)"


  5. LOL @ Light Spam!!! I cannot even believe they make that...really, what is the point?! HA!

    Great job on your run, Kelly! Isn't it amazing how quickly the endurance diminishes?! It hit me this morning during my run. I started belly-aching about doing 2 miles, then had to remind myself just 4 months ago I ran a half marathon! Crazy!
    Just wondering what thyroid meds you're on? Is it Synthroid?

  6. @Helen, oh they make lots of foods that will retain their shelf life. Packaged tuna. MREs. Twinkies. LOL

    @Marisa, I'm taking Cytommel and levothyroxine (Synthroid). I'm making an effort to actually take my meds as prescribed now. I've been off and on with it.

  7. We used to get Spam in a can. One of my favorite things was using the little key to open the can! Never did like the taste, though.

  8. I have to confess I've never tasted spam!
    I take quite a few meds and having a specific time to take them really helps me.
    Sugar free lemon cake sounds awesome!

  9. OMG!! SPAM in a freaking bag... SPAM!!!! HAHAHAHA

  10. My mom used to make Spam breakfast sandwiches when we went camping - fried Spam, a fried egg, a slice of cheddar cheese, sandwiched between two slices of toast. It was good! I went through a nostalgic phase (too funny, what Spam evokes) about 10 - 15 years ago and made my kids fried Spam. They liked it - and I'd probably still like it if I ate it now! Ahh, food memories. :)

    LOVING this Spring weather. This is when it's so nice to live in Texas!

  11. ok Im laughing at the spam and my thoughts of ICK!!
    as I frequently eat the enveloped chicken salmon and tuna straight out of said envelope :)

    never had spam
    not starting now I guess :)



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