Friday, March 25, 2011

Quickie Post

  • scale shows 178.9 this morning.

  • almost got in another wreck yesterday at the exact same location in the exact same way.  But I looked over my shoulder before I made the turn and, sure enough, a Honda minivan zoomed straight in the turn only lane.  What have I done to offend thee, O Honda?! (I like Hondas but they hate me.)

  • went for a hike at Sheldon Lake State Park with the kids. Was scared by three alligators when they jumped in the water. Saw a snake, bunny, birds, frogs, fish, and flowers.

  •  I had to visit the restroom and while...visiting...a wasp climbed from under the toilet bowl right between my legs.  I screamed.

  • Off plan day. I planned on making veal and had it defrosted but the kids used the oven to make a pizza and then the oven wouldn't shut off.  It kept getting hotter!  Finally had to turn the breaker off or it'll start heating up again.  So while out looking for a new range we stopped at Mooyah and I got a lettuce wrapped bacon cheeseburger that was delicious. I didn't get all of my planned veggies in. 

  • I had to get up in the middle of the night on Wednesday and tripped and bumped my shin so hard that it's all scratched up and has a big knot on it that hurts. Ouch!  Also, my neck is sore from the little accident on Wednesday so I have to go visit the chiropractor.
Have yourself a great weekend!  Watch out for crazy drivers. :)


  1. I would like to come visit you and go on your hikes with you... sounds like so much fun!
    Congrats on the 178 - that's great! I love it when the scale starts to co-operate.
    And sheesh girl, you are an accident waiting to happen these days.... take care this weekend. I don't want any more close call reports come Monday.

  2. Charlie and the alligator slays me. :)

    Funny that the critters scared you - I know a park you should come walk in...that'll get your fear factor up!

    OK lady, sounds like you need a do-over of this week. Enough with the crazy/bad things! Universe, it's time to give Kelly a break,mmmkay?

  3. Whoa to crazy Honda driving people!!! What is up with that?! Stay safe, Kelly! From yourself and others ;) OUCH!

    YAY for the scale treating you RIGHT!

  4. Kelly, I'm sorry you almost had another accident. Maybe they should do something about that stretch of road. Anyway, I'm glad you escaped unscathed this time. You might have a little whiplash in your neck. It just has to wear off. I had it one time from getting rear-ended a few years ago. Hang in there and take care. :)

  5. Maybe you should just stay home today for your own personal safety?

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh, I could so eat that for lunch!

    Listen, twice is scary. You need to start turning left on the left side so you can't get rammed into! need to write a letter to whoever is in charge of roads and stuff in your city and let them know this is a PROBLEM with a capital P. If this is happening like this with you, guaranteed others hare having issues. Someone's gonna die! Eek!

    Okay, enough scary stuff. (Not thinking about wasps between legs, not thinking about wasps..)

    Happy weekend!

  7. Is there any bubble wrap in your house? You might want to make yourself a cape and boots!

    Hope you have no further incidents today.

    That burger looks flippin' delicious!

  8. Ouch! Sounds like you had a rough day or two! I would have screamed at the wasp too:) Yuck!!!! That burger looks great!

  9. That burger looks good- and a great idea to have a burger wrapped in lettuce instead of on a bun!

    I love the alligator pictures with Charlie. :)


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