Monday, March 14, 2011

Running Report

I did it!  I'm back to running and a regular exercise schedule.

Sunday Chuck and I had breakfast and coffee.  I also had my teeny tiny Glucophage crumb.  We waited a few minutes then hit the streets.

A little over a mile into it my stomach told me that it was not happy.  Glucophage.  I know how it makes me feel.  It makes me nauseated and lethargic.  It's really a terrible feeling but I pushed through and Chuck and I finished the 3.1 (5K) run in a lightning 44 minutes. Woohoo!  Stomach was turning by the end.

My doctor told me that I am "sensitive" to Glucophage.  With the terrible reactions I have to small amounts, I wonder if I should be taking it.  He seems to think I should.  I go back for a visit to see how I'm handling the meds and if it's not better by then I'm going to have a serious talk with him.  This is ridiculous.

I also got my blood work results back.  Thyroid is still low so he upped my dosage slightly.  Everything else looks great.
  • Fasting glucose: 84
  • Total cholesterol: 147
  • HDL: 72
  • LDL: 49
  • Blood pressure is lower too!
I go back in May to do it all over again. My mom's fasting glucose was 108 which makes me a little nervous.  She goes back in 6 months.

Today (Monday) I woke up to be reminded of my run yesterday.  My hip joints are sore and my quads are stiff and achy.  I had planned on starting my new weight routine today but I think I'll take this week to get back into running and start weights next week.  Perhaps I'll just work on upper body today and let my legs and hips recover.  Later I'll go for a walk and tomorrow another run.

Eats yesterday:
Breakfast-2 fried eggs and a piece of light toast with a schmear of sugar free grape jelly and cup o' coffee

Lunch- just snacked around off and on during the day. We stayed outside the entire day because it was so beautiful. beef jerky, an apple, a few sips of Chuck's light beer, piece of cheddar, a few peanuts in the shell (slows you down)

Dinner- didn't have anything planned so I just threw together a bunch of stuff from the freezer. Grilled chicken fajitas, grilled turkey sausage links, roasted red peppers, spinach, carrots and broccoli, greek yogurt, cheese, salsa and low carb tortillas.  It was terrific!

Dessert- low carb ice cream bar  nom nom

I'm surprised how full I am when I cut back on my carbs! 

I am not weighing today because of the sore muscles.  I know it will show a gain because of the fluid retention and I just don't feel like messing with that. :) 

Have yourself a great day.  Don't forget to exercise.  We always make time for what's truly important to us.


  1. Congrats on the running, Kelly. I'm hoping your motivation will inspire me to get back into the exercise room where I belong. :)

  2. I wonder about that med too! I don't think you should still be having such a reaction to it - it's like your body wants to reject it. Good for your for powering through though. I'm sure your legs will be thanking you today!

  3. Great run!! I'd love to start running, but feel so heavy when I try.

    Have a great week!


  4. I would have a serious talk with your doc. There is no reason for you to be taking tiny bits of a med that makes you feel that bad.

  5. I agree with the doc talk. I'm having one this week, too! Sometimes they just need to be yelled at, I think ;)

    Yay for running!!! I'm back this week, too! Enough of this feeling blah stuff!

  6. Are you thinking that 108 is a high fasting glocose for your Mom and your 84 is low?

    Both are perfect in my book - even a fasting up to 120 is still okay!

    It's hard not to get wrapped up in the numbers though, right?!

    Happy Monday!

  7. Yea it's 3:00 a.m. :) I just have to think otherwise or I wouldn't have gotten up ....

    Good job on getting back into the running. I want to on one hand and don't on the other. My hips end up being so sore and then I can't do anything else. So I'm just sticking with walking and strength training. The key for me is stretching the hips - hope you are doing the same.

    I loved the trap shooting and once I get the hang of it, I'd like to try the skeet. It's a bit harder they say so want to get good at the easier stuff first :)

    And as for the meds - if you have that bad of a reaction to it, I'd get back to that DR and question its value. Not worth you feeling sick after taking it.

  8. Congrats on jumping back into exercise!! I know that everytime I get out of the habit, it seems like an impossible notion. i'm out of the habit for a week and the first time I get back into the gym I think it's the longest 30 or 45 minutes of my life!!

    I'm SO sorry you're having a rough time with the glucophage. It's not a very nice drug. I really wish you could find an alternative!

  9. Oh man, the glucophage sounds just terrible :( So sorry you have to deal with it.

    Congrats on your run! I'm running a 5K on my treadmill tomorrow. I'm going to try to push for 44 minutes, just like you! I probably won't do it in the short of time, but I'll just be happy to be running again!

  10. I'm glad you are going to talk with your doctor about the glu-yuck - there has got to be something else out there that will do what is is supposed to, without making you so sick. My guess is that he really doesn't understand how adversely it IS affecting you.

    And I completely agree with you "resting" your legs this week (like you are resting them with running, but you know what I mean!) - although you know that when I'm really running, I don't do any other lower body workout. Any case, glad you pushed through and got your 5K on!

  11. You continue to inspire with your smarts about making these changes and being healthful. Go, you!

    I keep telling folks that if they wanna calm their appetites and feel fuller longer, go lower to low carb. Works. My insane, large as a rhino's, insatiable appetite (I used to be able to eat 3 dinner entress with soup and dessert and bread at restaurants) calmed down a lot, a lot when I reduced starches to one serving a day and eliminated (mostly) sugar and the more refined stuff. Insane difference.

    Water and lower carbs. That made me calm down and stop binging. Amazing.

    Keep going. Inspire us some more!

  12. go go running!! I'm back at it as well. and .. enjoying it!!!


  13. Way to go on the running!

    That medication does not sound like any fun at all.

  14. Great job on running the 5k in 44 seconds! ;) That post on FB made me giggle. But good job on the run- excellent job actually!


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