Thursday, March 10, 2011

Springing through the Day

You can almost feel spring in the air.  Blue skies.  Everything is turning green.  Warmer temps. It's my favorite time of the year.

Started the day with two fried eggs, some sliced strawberries, and 1 piece of toast. Yum!  It kept me satisfied for hours.

Rachel had biology lab today so while she was busy dissecting critters, Charlie and I stopped for lunch at McDs.  I had a quarter pounder with cheese on half a bun (healthy, yes?) and a side salad. While we were there this fine piece of car pulled into the parking lot.
HA! Just noticed a bird decorated the back window of my van. LOL
An Audi.  Parked right by my miniature van.  I think that should be my next car. Niiiiiiiice.  Not going to happeeeeen.

After lunch Charlie and I went for a nice 2 mile walk. It was a "stop and smell the roses" walk.

Every where there were signs of spring.

For dinner I made a huge taco salad: lots of greens, taco meat, pinto beans, salsa, cheese, Greek yogurt and a little dressing. Yum!  For dessert I found some sugar free butter pecan ice cream and had a little bit in a coffee mug but it must have been hiding in the freezer for a while because it made my tummy say ugly things. :(

Good news: Chuck is not going to Calgary on Sunday!!!  He still may have to go but it won't be this Sunday so I'm a happy camper once again. Yay!  Still has a rush on his passport so he can be ready.

More Good News: I'm down to 182 this morning!  Yay!  Another pound gone. Slowly but surely. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, Kelly. I'm glad the trip has been delayed for a bit. It gives you more time to plan. Have a great day today!

  2. You make me want to move to Texas!

  3. Send me some spring, Kelly!!!!!

    Glad Chuck gets to stay home a little while longer :)

  4. Spring! I looks so lovely :D

  5. Okay, Kelly, I am COMPLETELY jealous of your signs of spring - really, Charlie is in shorts?!

    I went to walk this morning - I have a hideous Adidas yellow coat that I normally wear when I walk outside so everyone can see me. :D

    I put it on, got half way down my drive and went back for my WINTER COAT! Boo hoo. Still got a 40 minute walk in though! :D

  6. Hey that's my car!! I was out in that area!


  7. Yep. One pound is worth a celebration. That's 3500 calories you did NOT eat. :)

    My hubby is still in Canada, but tomorrow, he'll be here once more and life will be all right again.

    It's good to live with love, yes? And spring..well, I love winter. :D

  8. Like I always say, we Texans EARN Spring and need to enjoy every bit of it! Summer will be here in what? a month? LOL

    Congratulations on the loss!!! And yum, your taco salad sounds great!

  9. Good thing Chuck isn't coming to Calgary - we still have a ton of snow.

    I want to move where you live! :)
    I love spring....

  10. Yay for the loss and for Chuck not having to leave! Lots of good news for you today! :)

  11. Still no spring here...maybe in a few weeks.

    I love how your spring is coming along though.

    Great job on the loss!

  12. What a happy day. =) Congrats on the pound!

    Would you believe we still have snow up to our mailbox and I cannot see to back out of the driveway, the snow is taller than my car. And you have beautiful buds, warm weather and no coats! ENJOY. (Deep in the heart of Texas is *still* going through my head. There's just something about that song.)

  13. this is the time of year we LOOOOVE us some texas huh?



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