Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Tuesday Munchies and Headaches

Tuesday I had a massive headache from hell and just couldn't figure out why it wouldn't go away.  Today I found out.  Hormones. Ugh.  Not very fun at all.

Started the day off with a beautiful omelet filled with spinach and cheese.  It was very pretty and perfect!  I took a picture but I guess my camera thought it looked so good that it ate it because I can't find it!  Trust me, it was impressive. :)

Snack- 1 cup broth, celery stick with french onion dip

Lunch- smoked brisket that I got for $8 for the entire brisket though it was originally $21 (!) and a salad with Caesar dressing
 My head was killing me so I played the lazy housewife yesterday.  Not much going on.  I did change the cat litter box.  Hey, it's something.

By the way, I had no idea cats were so annoying when they came in heat.  She will be making an appointment to visit the vet soon! OMG, we were all going crazy with her for a few days.  Cats are so weird. :)

Snack-protein bar (yum!)

Dinner-sweet hubby suggested we eat out since I was a spaced out zombie with a headache.  Good idea.  I had a steak salad from Freebirds. Yum!  I told them extra "death sauce" and they certainly obliged.  My nose was running and I started to sweat a little.  Makes you know you're alive!
Hottest salad I've ever eaten.

Little dessert- sugar free jello

In all I had 21.3g of carbs that day.  Still got in some veggies.

NSV (non scale victory): I bought a pair of shorts on Friday.  I had tried them on a week earlier but wanted to wait to buy them in case I found a better deal (I'm a sucker for good deals) but, alas, there were none.

These things fit when I first tried them on. Last night I was able to pull them off without unbuttoning or unzipping them!  Crazy, I tell you.  But in a good way. :)  So could size 12s be on the horizon?  I shook the magic 8 ball and it said "outlook good." ha!


  1. Your food always looks scrumptious, Kelly. That steak salad looks awesome. I'm thinking I need to have one of those this week sometime. Congrats on almost being a size 12. I'm there now and probably will be staying here. DOn't want to get any lower really and definitely don't want to go higher. All my shorts are too large now though but it isn't in the budget to get any new ones right now. I will have to save that for later. :) Hang in there and I'm crossing my fingers for the size 12s.

  2. Awesome - 12's and then some.
    Must be all that Hot Sauce, hottie!

  3. "Outlook good" indeed! You are doing great! I am so craving a steak salad now...hmmm, we do have a Freebirds here. :)

    We've always gotten our cats fixed before they went into heat - I can only imagine how annoying it must be.

    Hope your headache is gonzo today!

  4. Hurray for a good outlook! I love that.

    I had a steak salad with gorgonzola yesterday so yummy. But now you've got me wanting to try that death sauce. I love some spicy!

    Hope your headache is a thing of the past. (Maybe the cat not being ridiculous will help?)

  5. Could be more than hormones. When you first go Very Low Carb, headaches can happen, then you acclimate. :)

    BTW, Target carries some larger sized CHAMPION stuff. I don't recall if it was as cheap as the walMart DanskinNow (not sure), but some of teh stuff was cute. I actually kinda prefer the Danskin Now. :)

    Later, babe...hope the headache takes a hike.... mmmm, steak salad...mmmm...

  6. then won't need the "larger sizes" for long. heh. she comes!

  7. Size 12 is in your future and that is AWESOME! I can't wait until my clothes are feeling loose!


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