Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Weekly Scale Results

The scale and I were having relationship problems for a while.  We weren't on speaking terms.  I gave it the cold shoulder and it would only say ugly things to me.

My past relationship ended with me shooting my old scale.  I found out it had been lying to me by saying I weighed less than I really did.  Even then it would just get stuck in a rut and wouldn't say anything new to me.  So it had to go.

The new scale and I have had some bumpy times but I think that we're coming to an understanging in our relationship.  As long as it tells me what I want to hear we'll get along just fine.  And its life isn't in jeopardy.

This week: Down 3 pounds.  178.0     BMI is 27.9

Not too shabby.  It is so good to see the results both on the scale and in my clothes.  I think I may have found what works for my body.  That being said, I'm still jealous of you guys posting your bagel eats. :)
*Almost got hit by another car on Friday.  This time it was a Suburban.  I had to swerve into another lane to avoid this car.  Different location and different situation this time.  Chuck was following in his truck and saw the whole thing.  I drove with my lights on afterwards so maybe people would see me.  Lots of crazies on the road.

*Replaced my stove!  YAY! It's so nice.  The broiler is in the oven instead of in a drawer at the bottom.  It has 5 burners!  I cooked veal scallopine and sauteed chard on it last night. Perfection.

*Chuck shot in a tournament Saturday and came in second.  I'm so proud of my guy.  He was really hoping to come in first but his shooting was great.  He only missed coming in first by less than a second.  VERY close.

* Sunday we are going to another hockey game.  I think Charlie really enjoyed it last time.

Hope you're having a great weekend.  I don't know about you but this one has flown by.  Monday always seems to drag. Perhaps it's the theory of relativity: time's perceived speed is determined by how much fun you're having. :)


  1. Wishing you a great Sunday, Kelly. Sorry about the almost accident again. I'm glad that I'm not driving right now. That will change when we get a second car by the end of the year though. There are crazies around here too.

  2. The scale can certainly be unfriendly. Glad to see it's treating you better! I eat Kim's Light Bagels, I buy them online, they are awesome! 110 calories and really good!

  3. Woot Woot on the scale love! You certainly deserve it after all the crap it put you through!

  4. Woo Hoo for scale love! Sounds like a great weekend, other than almost getting run into!

  5. Have you thought about taking the bus? Darned other drivers. Be safe out there!

    Yippee to the loss!!! You are certainly doing something right.


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