Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's Eating You?

What's eating you?  A small bit of stress.

I really don't know how to say this without sounding pathetic so I'll just put it out there.  Chuck, my sweetheart of a husband and best friend, may be leaving for Calgary, Canada for two weeks soon.  Soon as in Sunday.  Just found out yesterday.

Chuck and I don't spend time apart often.  I enjoy spending as much time with him as possible and he likes to spend his time with me. Lordy, this sounds a bit pathetic! Twenty years of marriage and he still gives me butterflies. (not literally though that would be kind of cool)

We've only been apart for two weeks one other time and it was tough on both of us.  So I'm not exactly looking forward to this. But it would be very good for his career as he would be learning a new software to support.  I want him to go but at the same time I don't want him to go.

I let it get to me more than I should have allowed yesterday.  I started the day eating a healthy breakfast and snack.  Then the news. A small rice krispie bar seemed like the logical thing to run to.

Then to the grocery store.  A cadbury egg suddenly looked like a giant, chocolate coated Xanax. There may have been a piece of baklava involved as well.

I realized I was acting foolish with the silly reason for my stress.  I was acting ridiculous!  He's only going to be gone for two weeks! Get a grip!

So instead of stressing I decided that I would treat those two weeks as if I were the one going away. I will focus my time and energy on losing weight and eating right so that I can surprise him with a little smaller wife when he gets home.  It doesn't have to be a stressful situation if I change the way I look at it.  Instead of something to "deal" with I will treat it as a challenge.  And that makes it kind of exciting!

While he's away I'll go on hikes, run, ride my bike, visit new areas of parks, lift weights, take a class at the Y, try new recipes. I may event try to take the kids camping by myself.  That's a pretty big deal.  I rely on Chuck for so much, doing things like that on my own would make me feel like a bad ass.

Stressful situations can be a matter of perception. I choose to see it as something to tackle instead of something to tackle me. :)


  1. You sound like me before Mr. Helen took his recent trip. Somehow, I survived. I did some things I'd probably not do if he was home (including making some food I really like that he doesn't). Plus the reunion was a lot of fun ;-)

    You also have those cute kids of yours to help keep you busy.

    So you're right. This will be all about the attitude you choose!

  2. Goodness! You give me too much credit.

    While I am not looking forward to the two weeks, the long term payoff is very promising. After all, a trophy wife has needs, and I intend to meet them. :)


  3. I hate it when John and I are apart as well - and we are together 24/7 because of working at home!

    I do tend to treat those times when he is gone as bachelorette time. Good movies (or movies I would be too embarrassed to have John know I wanted to see), some shopping, and hogging the bed :D

  4. Awww you two are sooo cute!! Just think about the day he comes back and what fun you will have :)

  5. Aw, you will be just fine. Road trip to CS? Jeff is out of town each week this month. Just sayin...we abandoned wives have to stick together! (j/k Chuck)

  6. I understand how you are feeling. Even when Dail and I were separated last fall we didn't go more than two days without seeing each other. The last time he had to go away for computer training, his company allowed me to go with him. We spent a week in Colorado together. I wish you the best and I will be sure to come by often to help pass the time for you here on the blog.:)

  7. I totally, totally feel ya. I'm much better about his trips now, afte 28 years of marriage. But in the first decade+, his business trips would freak me out. Even if it was a couple of days, I'd be weeping on the floor. i know, not normal.

    I still don't like separations. He's going to Canada on Wednesday for some special work thing, and I feel blue already.

    But I don't have spasms and tantrums anymore. :)

    The challenge will be not to hit the comfort foods. :D

    You'll be fine. The mindset is solid.

  8. This sounds like the story of my life right now! It's hard when your husband is away- and for TWO weeks- that's a long time! :(

  9. Kelly, so sweet that you and Chuck still like to be around each other at 20 years!! :)

    I'm sorry he has to go but luckily its only 2 weeks. Could be so much worse! Love ya!!! hang Tough!

  10. "chocolate covered Xanax" made me laugh! I'm going to have to stay out of the stores until Easter is over :)

    Love how you turned stressed thinking into an incentive. It is all about how we choose to see things. I hope you have a great two weeks.

  11. You guys have such a cool relationship--at least it seems that way from your blog. ;-)

    Me? I love it when hubby goes away. Yup, I can do things that he doesn't like, like not cook, stay up late, sleep in late, um, used to be eat fast food but that doesn't happen now. The great part lasted two days, and then I missed him something awful. The worst was when he was in Africa. sigh...

    Focus on the positive--great idea. Enjoy you adventures.

    Chocolate covered Xanax. For me, that would be a Reese's Egg or Christmas Tree or Heart...WalMart had a huge bag of them for $10 today. I smiled and remembered when I would have bought it and ate it in two days. Now I get one at Chritmas, one at VD, and I'll have one on Easter.

  12. I can understand how you feel, Kelly. My husband travels a bit for work and it's hard for us, too. He's been traveling for quite a few years now, so I'm used to it, but in the beginning, it felt like an eternity!

  13. I am going to look for the chocolate coated Xanax. The ones in this house are plain old white. Now if they were vanilla flavored, (my really favorite flavor) it would be OK, but not even that--bitter as gall.

    Hope your resolve holds up for 2 weeks and you will have 14 stars for stamina and resolve.


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