Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Weight: 173.4   Another pound gone. *poof*  Yesterday I started getting scared: what if something's wrong with me?!  I've never lost weight like this before.  Maybe I'm really sick. Then Chuck reminds me that we're all losing weight.  Oh yeah.  Good.  Except for Charlie who was thin to begin with.  Little boy metabolism. :)
"Things sweet to taste prove in digestion sour."
-Richard II, Act 1, Scene 3

I don't think I've mentioned it yet but Saturday night I had a carb splurge.  It was not intended so I'm not too thrilled about it.  It started with tequila on ice and ended with a Mexican Hurricane and southwest eggrolls.  We  had a grand time and met total strangers at a bar and just had fun talking and hanging out.  It's not something that we've done before (meeting strangers at a bar, not having fun. We have fun all the time.)

For two days my body revolted after that.  I wasn't hungry and just felt lethargic.    I didn't start to feel normal (can I ever truly be "normal" though?) until Monday night when I had that ribeye steak.  After that, I was back to me.  But Sunday and all day Monday I had to force myself to eat.

Well, Tuesday I made up for it. I wasn't hungry; I was hawngry.  Lock up the pantry, batten down the fridge. I was on the loose.

Breakfast: coffee, 2 eggs and a bit of turkey sausage link
Snack: camera shy fudgesicle (2g carbs)

Lunch: chicken breast, 1/2c. strawberries, salad with Italian dressing
Snack: Carbmaster strawberry colada yogurt with a scoop of strawberry protein powder (the yogurt is available at Kroger and has 4 net carbs)

Dinner: smoked turkey breast (I did a good job if I say so myself. It's not bragging if it's true, right?), asparagus with lemon pepper, broccoli with a little cheese
Dessert: a small piece of Russell Stover sugar free chocolate w/almonds (1g net carbs) and a few (maybe 10) peanuts

The beast was finally satiated.  Guess I was making up for Sunday and Monday.

Other than smoking turkey (instead of cigarettes and weed) and reading blogs, not much happened. But somewhere in there I shed a pound so I consider it a stellar day. :)


  1. My experience with this weight-loss business is that you hit a tipping point where your body actually gets with the program and starts helping you out. You gain more energy, while fuels even more weight loss, which makes your body work better and more efficiently.

    Don't worry... be happy!

  2. Ok, I've read the book, now to put it into action. I notice you aren't really eating any carbs whatsoever. How long did it take you to get used to it? Of course the book says 15 grams of protein to 30 carbs within 2 hours of eating carbs...not sure if I should try it awhile with almost zero carbs to see if I start to lose again and then add some back in (which sounds more like Aktins instead of Insulin Resistant Diet. Just looking for your opinion, you are doing awesome and I have been stuck for 2 months battling a monster within that just doesn't want to give up carbs knowing it is what I have to do.

  3. Sorry, I signed in with my old Halloween blog, last post.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss, kelly. All your hard work is paying off. You will reach your goal before you know it. Love the food porn. I have had breakfast yet so maybe it is time to grab something. :)

  5. Nice weight loss!! Your doing great :)

  6. Kelly, it would be almost impossible for me to have zero carbs per day. All I'd be eating was meat. Not even eggs! Yikes.

    The IR Diet worked great for my mom. She's lost 50 pounds since Novemeber. I, on the other hand, have a worse case of IR and it seems the only thing that will really get my weight loss moving is keeping my carbs between 30g-40g per day.

    The basic day goes like this (though I don't always reach the numbers exactly):
    3 meals of 10g carbs each
    2 snacks of up to 5g carbs each
    and a small glass of non-sweet wine if I want it.

    Some days I don't want all the snacks. Some days the meals won't be 10g carbs each. I don't stick like glue to it. Though I'm not concerned with reaching my "carb quota" each day I am concerned with eating adequate protein each day which is different for each person. Depends on sex, weight, height. That sort of thing.

    I will eventually add more carbs as I get closer to my goal until I find how much I can have without gaining weight. It will be a trial and error sort of thing. Again, each body is different so while I may only be able to have 50g carbs each day someone else could have 130g per day and do just fine.

    Try the IR Diet sugggestions. If you don't see the scale budge just cut back on the carbs some. I know it's very frustrating. Believe me, been there. But you'll see changes in the scale.

    And even though I've given up some things, I still get pancakes, ice cream, even pizza. You just have to learn how to make it work for you. Low carb ice cream, tortillas, pita bread. Search for recipes online.

  7. Freakin' incredible.
    Way to go, hon! I am so happy for you. Giddy even.

  8. yay! for that pound! add it to the others :)

  9. It's makes me so happy to see you found what works for you, Kelly! You are SMOKIN' it! The weight loss, that is... not the weed ;)

  10. I think its fun when you can just start talking to people in bars - although we haven't done that in years - I don't think I need to bring the happy hour back, because like you, all of a sudden an order of cheese sticks all to myself sounds like a good idea!

  11. Hmmm, maybe we can smoke some turkey when we do Beach Palooza? "Yeah brah, got me some goooood smoked turkey to go with that after-race beer" LOL

    You are killing the scale. Which is a nice turn of events after all those months of it being so mean to you!

  12. Thanks Kelly, I am going to start on the IR diet and see how it goes then cut back if I need to. I think the IR issue is why WW is not working for me. I plan so many of my points for carbs knowing I shouldn't do this at all! All in the mind, I have known about my IR issues since last summer and have resisted limiting carb intake because, as most IR individuals, I CRAVE CARBS. But I am biting the bullet and going to finally do it. Will post on the blog how I am doing! Thanks for everything!

  13. Hate to rain on your parade but are you concern with how fast the pounds are coming off? I swear you lose a pound a day lol...

  14. Glad the scale is moving for you - I remember how stuck it was for a while there.

    It is all individual what works and what doesn't.


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