Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Sea Food

Weight: 173.8  Looking at our weight history, Chuck and I both had a substantial gain three days after our trip to the Tango & Malbec restaurant.  Guess that's when it finally shows up on the scale.

Was it worth the price?  I think so.  It was a great experience.  Lori had a post that really stuck with me.  Is (insert whatever here) worth the price?  Is being 130 pounds worth the price it takes to get there?  Or is 140 pounds better for me?  Is an occasional date with my hubby to a fancy restaurant worth a temporary gain on the scale?  It makes you stop and think.  Thanks for the post, Lori.

Along those lines, I've been putting off weight training even though I have a plan and the weights.  Why? It's so silly I kind of hate to admit it: the scale.  I know that when I start working with weights I'll gain some weight. Yes, it may be temporary but it bugs me.  It'll be worse when the muscles are sore.  I told you it was silly!  But I like the way I look when I have muscle definition so I'm willing to pay the price even though there will be a scale upset. I'll be starting weight training again May 2.  Next week is going to be a crazy week so I'm not going to set myself up for failure.
Eats: made an effort to get my minimum protein requirement today
Breakfast- coffee and cream; 2 eggs scrambled with cheese and bacon bits; almond milk with protein powder

Lunch: tuna on salad greens with Italian dressing; almond milk with protein powder

Snack: carbmaster strawberry yogurt

Dinner: Baked cod, spinach with cream, strawberries

Cod wasn't that great.  Too bland. Need to find some new fish recipes.
While preparing the cod I saw a spot on a flap of the flesh that looked like it was bruised.  I'd seen something like this before when my dad would clean fish from questionable bayous.  It would turn out to be a worm.  Curious, I cut into the bruised looking area and sure enough:
GROSS!!!!  I'm off fish for a little while. Bleck!!
Dessert: glass of Estancia cabernet; Atkins bar

exercise: a little 2 miles bike ride.

I've also been doing a 15 minute clean fling every day this week with the kids.  I set the timer for 15 minutes and we set about cleaning.  The goal is to get as much done as possible in those 15 minutes.  Believe it or not, you can get a lot done in that amount of time!  And it's not so long that we dread it.

Have a groovy day. :)


  1. Nope, no way would I ever have touched that fish after finding the worm. No wonder you had such a small piece on your plate!

  2. I understand completely the issue with gaining weight when working out. I kind of feel the same way. I don't want to gain the weight back even if it is muscle.

  3. I know a lot of people who got the scale to read what they wanted before they did weight training. Once they started gaining weight from the ST but their clothes didn't change, they were fine with whatever the scale said!

    ITA - sometimes the treat is "worth it." I call that living.

  4. How does a worm get in to a fish?? not in the water right? I do weights 3 times a week, you will continue to see weight loss it takes a lot of hard work to build muscles and the muscles you build will not impact the scale too much. I'm also scaled obsessed but remember that when you do weights, you are also burning a lot of fat and calories...


  5. Oh my God! You just turned me off of fresh fish for a while!!!!! I wonder if frozen fish is any better or if the worms are frozen with the fish?? Yuck!!!

  6. A little FYI about the fish: it was frozen cod and the worms do get in the flesh while they're still in the water. They deal with parasites like all animals.

  7. Oh blech. Good thing I DON'T eat seafood, because I definitely wouldn't after seeing that worm!

    I agree with you on the whole "worth it" thing - which is why I chose a higher weight to maintain - so I could enjoy the splurges that come along with life. I just didn't want to be struggling with my food to keep my weight down.

    Glad you are going to be picking up the weights again soon. Probably will be best to not weigh yourself for a couple of weeks while everything adjusts - but oh now nice it will be so see your muscles, right?!?

    Great idea on the short bursts of cleaning. You are SO right - you really do get a lot done in 15 minutes. I need to remember that! :)

  8. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! I already have trouble eating fish and now I really don't want to, after eating tuna for lunch, too.

    Get strength training. Right now. Don't wait. Screw the scale. My tip - when you start weight training, ditch the scale and only use a tape measure. Would you rather weigh the same and be a size smaller or weigh less and be the same size?

  9. YUCK! That is so gross about the worm in the fish!!

  10. OMG! I would have barfed all over the place, I once found a little bitty rolly polly lookin thing in my cauliflower and had to throw the whole thing away, the though of it just made me sick to my stomach!

    I feel ya on the strength training, I am the same way, I do NOT want to see the scale go up right now and to be honest I am just bored with strength training -I like my running, I like to be moving - no squat down and up, squat down and up ... blah blah blah, so boring! lol ... If they could make strength training fun, I would be all for it! ... Good luck either way!!


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