Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Shelley has put out the call to send in your old prom photos.  Not you whippersnappers (get off my lawn!)who just went last spring.  We're talking old school.  ;-)  I sent mine in right away but I thought I'd share with you here too.

My mom made all my dresses because we were dirt poor I couldn't find any that I liked.
1987-15 years old

That hair!  I was waaay too thin.  I had an eating problem then.  I was all nerves around my mentally abusive boyfriend so I couldn't keep any food down.  I'd be hungry but I just couldn't eat. I'd get instantly nauseous.  Apparently he knew about it because he took me to a donut shop once and made me eat a donut and threatened to break up with me and leave me there if I didn't keep it down.  That sh!t wouldn't fly now! I'd stand up for myself!
 1988-16 years old

Sun In.  Turned my hair a reddish blond.  Love the 80s.
 1989-17 years old  Right before Chuck and I started dating.
Still a very shy girl. In less than two years I'd be married.

My favorite dress that mom made. Ah, to be thin again. :)
It's hard to believe that my 15 year old will be going to her first prom this year.  Time surely flies.  Time keeps flowing like a river to the sea....on and on. (Alan Parson's Project, enyone?)

I wish I had taken better care of myself.  I got lazy and ate whatever I wanted.  Drank my share of tequila.  Just had a great time. 

Lordy, I remember one time Chuck and I got a bottle or two of Boone's strawberry hill (a cheap wine you can get a gas stations) drank it up and headed to Galveston to go night surfing with some folks.  They went out in the water to show us how to do it but came back because there were too many sharks in the water.  They decided they would be ok and continued to surf.  Drunks night surfing with sharks?  We headed to Subway and called it a night.  And woke up with a lovely headache the next day.

Stupid eating/laziness finally led to:
I look swollen!  2004
At least it's coming off now. :)

Weight: 174.2 Yay. Down .7!

Breakfast-coffee w/cream; 2 scrambled eggs with cheddar

Lunch- leftover teriyaki chicken (huge); 1/2 c. strawberries

Snack-  1 oz mixed nuts (no peanuts)

Dinner: Monterey Chicken with sour cream; 3/4 c broccoli with lemon pepper; 1/2 c. strawberries
The family LOVED the chicken.  Bacon makes everything better.
Dessert- low carb ice cream bar

Monterey Chicken
from Six Ingredients or Less Low Carb Cooking

4 chicken breasts
Lemon pepper
8 slices bacon, cooked
4 slices Monterey Jack cheese (I used provolone)
1/2 cup diced tomatoes (I omitted)
3 Tbs sliced green onions (I used chives)

Preheat oven to 350*. Place chicken in a sprayed 8x8 pan. SPrinkle lightly with lemon pepper. Bake 20-30 minutes or until cooked through.

Place 2 slices bacon on top of each chicken breast, cutting to fit if necessary.  Top with cheese. Return to oven to melt cheese.  Place on serving plates and top with tomato and onion.  (I topped with chives.  It's great with sour cream but will add 1 or 2g of carbs.)

Per serving: 325 calories; 17g fat; 38g protein; 2g carbs; <1g fiber; 2g net carbs

I leave you with my flowers of the week. Asian lillies. $10 from manager's special section. They smell good too!
They're so pretty!
Happy Tuesday to ya!


  1. As usual dinner looks great. All my prom dresses were homemade too. My grandmother was a great seamstress and formals were not in the budgets. Both my wedding dresses were homemade too. If I knew how to work my scanner I would dig out some photos. You looked very lovely, Kelly.

  2. I'm definitely trying that chicken - just copied the recipe!

    You know it's funny, in your Prom pictures I couldn't see you at all. In your heavy picture, I couldn't see you at all. Except for the smile. That smile is the same!

  3. Oh mamma Mia, you looked beautiful at your proms, mine were horrid!!! I don't have pictures because of so many moves. I remember having to borrow a dress, funny how you block some stuff out of your mind

  4. So much to say, but first - in that 2004 picture, did you all have the same glasses frames? LOVE IT!

    Just to give you some time reference: 1987? My first son was born. 1898? My second son was born. You were in high school, you young thang!

    Yep, too thin in the first two pictures. Incredible what we do to ourselves and put up with from stupid boys. Been there, done that.

  5. Was that really you in 2004??? no way! Where is the abusive deush today?? have you looked him up? I can't believe some men think it's ok to be mentally abusive towards women.


  6. I adore that gold dress! Completely gorgeous.

    I posted my Prom photo, too! Check it out on my blog :)

  7. I could eat a plate of bacon. Seriously. Num.

    The book about exercising while fasting is by De Vany: THE NEW EVOLUTION DIET. I liked it a lot. His eating is very I.R. friendly. Very "primal" only less fatty.

    You were a princess. I mean, Beauty Queen, Homecoming Princess level pretty and slender as a ballerina. I NEVER, even at 15 or 16, had a grace and figure like THAT.

    Wow. I'm impressed. I think I have a crush on ya. ; )

  8. I love all the pictures Kelly! My Mom made a couple of my dresses too and my graduation dress. :D

    My sister and I were sun-in freaks - but our hair was long and it took forever to grow out. Love the 80's!

    I need to find my pictures!

  9. It's just a jump to the left....
    And a step to the right!
    Right way of thinking, that is!
    Kelly - you are beautiful!
    And you can cook!

  10. so odd how far back those are because the last two dresses would be in style today... the middle one would need a little bit changed but not much


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