Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Perfectly Ordinary Post

I didn't know if I should even post today because nothing extraordinary happened yesterday.  I have nothing enlightening to share. No funny stories. 

I did go to the chiropractor yesterday and she worked me over. First I was put on a table with a roller and that felt wonderful.  Then I was taken to another room and had to lie face down.  She rubbed some gel around my neck and shoulders and used a wand that would make my muscles jump and tense.  She must have had it turned up pretty high because my muscles were jumping like crazy.  Then off to another room to get my neck and back cracked.  No movement in the back but a little in the neck.  She said my hips are better too.

Let me tell ya, I am sore today. My neck and the muscles between my shoulder blades are tense not to mention my hip joints and quads which are sore from my re-entry to running this week.  I thought for sure that the scale would say 178 today.

Weight: 176.2  *shock* I'm still up .1 from Monday but I'll take it.  I expect to see a drop as soon as these muscles return to normal.

And on to the eats for the day.
Note: I am eating way fewer carbs than most low carb people eat.  I'm trying to correct my blood pressure and insulin issues but will be adding more and more carbs until I find the most amount I can eat and still lose weight.  But eating between 20-30g of carbs is considered pretty strict from what I've read in the books.  I will not be staying at this level.

Breakfast: scambled eggs, cheddar and a few bacon bits; 1/2 cup strawberries
I got busy with various things (washing some clothes, going by the pet store for supplies for my zoo, getting the ham ready to bake, etc) that I completely forgot about lunch until after 2pm.  Forget about food?!  That's crazy.  But eating a satisfying breakfast (lots of protein and some fat) keeps you going and there is no hunger at all, which is a fairly new concept for me.

Finally remembered that I needed some lunch: Jay Robb strawberry protein (1.5 scoops) mixed with unsweetened almond milk.  Tastes like strawberry milk. LOVE it.
I find it at the grocery store and Vitamin Shoppe
Snack: (forgot to take picture) 1/4 c. almonds and a cheddar stick

Dinner: baked ham, Italian green beans and spinach
I'm not a fan of the green bean but I'm sure they're good for me so I choke them back.

No food touching just the way I like it. :) Hey, is that green bean touching my spinach?!
 This is the way my great grandmother, my grandmother and my mother all made ham. It comes out like a pot roast in that you can shred it. Delicious!

Ham instructions: Buy a butt ham. Trim off the outer fat. Cover it with water in a big pot and boil it for about an hour (I was told that this is to help remove some of the salt. I dunno).  Spread butter all over it and sprinkle with pepper. Place in a baking pan and lightly cover with foil. Bake at 325* for 2-3 hours or until it shreds easily.  May need to put a little water in the pan after a couple of hours to keep juices from scorching. Remove, shred and nom.

Dessert: low carb ice cream bar (5g carbs)

No massive cravings yesterday.  And I have a box of Ding Dongs on top of my fridge!  I got them because Charlie likes to share with the neighborhood kids and I just became "mom of the year" because I supplied Ding Dongs. :)

I did read that if you are having carb cravings, you can bust even the worst of cravings with a tablespoon of powdered glutamine (an amino acid) sweetened with your sweetener of choice (no sugar though!) and dissolved in a tablespoon or two of heavy cream or half and half.  I haven't tried it but Johnny Bowden from iVillage swears by it.

That's it for today.  And sometimes it's nice to have a slow, non-exciting day. :)  Now off to recaffeinate with some sugar free Rock Star.


  1. Hehe, you said "butt" - I don't know why I'm channeling my inner Bart Simpson, but there you have it...

  2. Kelly, I don't think there has to be a good reason to blog. Blogging is a reward unto itself. LOL I love the look of that ham. It makes me want some. I think I will be doing ham for Easter or something. I'm glad you are feeling better. I have never been to a chiropractor so I didn't know that visits cause pain. Yikes!

  3. I am the queen of blogging about nothing LOL! It's just fun.

    That Jay Robb strawberry protein is good, but really $$$! I got some on sale at 50% off and thought it was still pricey. Guess it is worth it because the taste was so clean.

  4. Whatever you blog is interesting whether you think so or not. I like to read what you are doing during the day (I think it's cool where you live and what you do) and what you eat... I'm learning stuff from you you know...

    And my Mother, Grandmother, GG etc always have boiled their hams too... they say to rid of the salt... so from my home to yours they can't be all that wrong :)

  5. A regular day is a wonderful day!

  6. who needs something to blog ABOUT!!! thats me the nothing blogger.... hee hee hee

  7. I like the ordinary days just as much as the exciting days.

    Hope your body is feeling a bit better!

    Love the eats...especially the ham!


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