Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Red Cheeks and Red Meat

Monday morning I had an appointment with the chiropractor.  I took a shower before I left and was kind of sleepy (Soma hangover) so I put on my shorts (which are waaaaaay too big now)  and grabbed a pair of undies out of the drawer which just happened to be teeny tiny itty bitty oo-la-la undies. I mean, no one is going to see them so no big deal.  Also wore my new Blue Bell Fun Run shirt.  It's so cute.

This time the chiropractor has me lie face down on the table and says she is going to attach the electrodes low on my hips because they are tight.  It was from running up and down hills on Saturday, I'm sure.  She lifts up the waistline on the back of my shorts (which again, are way too big) and I know she got a big eyefull of Kelly rear. I'm so glad I was face down because I could feel my cheeks (on my face) turn red.  So embarrassed.

Then after my session with the electrodes is over her mother comes over to take them off.  So now both of them get to see me and my tighty blackies.  Thought I was going to die!  My cheeks are turning red just thinking about it.  Lesson learned.  Oy!

Got home and made myself a plate of flax pancakes.  These are really good.
And while eating I got to look at my pretty new flowers.  I discovered a section in the floral dept. of my grocery store that has "manager's specials" for the flowers that are about to "expire."  Sometimes you can find some really pretty flowers for cheap.  I got a bunch of red and pink carnations for $3.
Wasn't hungry the rest of the day.  I did have a cheesestick for a snack.  Love Sargento's cheese snacks.

Here's the good part: dinner!
I had 3 huge ribeyes in the freezer that looked like they were cut off a mammoth.  They were regular $52 but I got them for $20 in the "manager's special" section.

Grilled them and let them rest with a little butter.
Grated a little bit of my fancy gouda from Holland to put on top.
I can't tell you how many times I've grated my knuckles of this grater. There really is a little bit of me in every dinner.  LOL gross.
And time to eat.  Served with a big salad.  It's hard to beat.
No way I could eat the whole thing!
The best tool I ever got for cooking is the Thermapen.  You get perfectly cooked meat every single time.  Chuck likes his steak medium rare so we just get the temperature 125-130 for his.  I like medium so the temperature is 135-140.  And it comes out perfect.  Thermapens are expensive but they are instant read and a great tool to have. My only complaint is that I wish they had ideal meat temperatures printed on the thermometer like my cheap Wal Mart digital thermometer.  Then I could just look at it if I was cooking poultry or pork, etc. instead of looking it up each time.
Must have!
Weight: 174.5

Weight loss last week: -1.2 pounds

I hope your week has been good so far.  The weekend will be here before you know it. :)


  1. Kelly, thanks for the tip on the thermapen. I'll have to get me one of those!

    Those steaks look great! And as long as we are sharing red-cheek experiences, there was this one time I got my head stuck in my purse ;-)

  2. Red cheeks - LOL

    And those steaks look delish - Ron would LOVE them....

    And I'm lovin that scale number you've been posting - you are rockin it !!
    Have a fantastic day Kelly!

  3. O.k next time your having steaks like that let me know what time to be there!!
    Congrats on a nice loss this week

  4. Your chiro and her mother were probably thinking how awesome you were for not saving your fancy panties - you must have a drawer full to be wearing them on a Monday! :)

    I love carnations - and with those prices, how can you NOT fill your house with flowers?!?

    Too funny, we had steaks last night, too. Not quite as big, but oh so good!

  5. I guess it's better to have the chiropractor see you in your teeny pretty undies than old granny ones! ;)

  6. OMG those steaks look yummy!. LOL at your red cheeks. Funny story.

  7. I don't know... I kinda want to be the chiropractor now LOL

  8. Mr. Helen (the butcher) would be oh so proud of you for your steak cooking skillz.

    I've also learned the undies lesson the hard way. Mom was right, wear good underwear because you just never know lol!

  9. Good lucky steaks!
    And what about that rump roast!???
    More like a petite steak!

  10. LOL @ Kelly rear!

    Everything looks yummy! I'm not usually a meat fan, but you make steak look amazing!

  11. Those steaks look wonderful. I will have to check into the thermometer.

    I lost most of my modesty when I had my first baby. I was there through 2 shifts of nurses and before it was over I'm sure every nurse on the floor had seen my hoohah and most have even checked my cervix. When it was finally time to push, I didn't care if someone came in to film it for the 6 o'clock news.

  12. Great job on the loss!!

    It always happens- when you think the doctor isn't going to see your panties- they will! lol

  13. LOL@at the teeny underwear! Very cheeky of you I must say.

    Nice steak!!!


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