Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Spring has been celebrated as a time of renewal by various cultures in various ways for eons. Agrarian cultures saw it as a time that the plants came back to life and attributed it to the gods.  Me? I just love the baby animals and flowers. Still, it does make you think about renewal.  That means different things to different people.

I was a "little" lax on my eating over the weekend.  For a while I pretended that insulin resistance did not exist in my world. Calories did not matter. And it made me feel terrible physically and mentally.  The physical aspect is easy to explain: my body is not accustomed to that type of food.  The mental aspect: I felt like I was cheating myself out of all of my weeks of dedication and weight loss. I had also been getting a little sloppy with my carb counting and the numbers kept creeping up.

But it is spring time, after all. Renewal can happen at any moment.  For me, I rededicated myself to achieving my goals on Monday.

Sunday I started the exercise portion: HIIT (high intensity interval training).  Unfortunately for me Sunday was the day that every person in the neighborhood was milling about in the garage or front yard so they got to see an out-of-breath woman sprint passed them in 10 second bursts. Almost as soon as I started each sprint my Garmin, whom I call Garmigon, would begin the loud beeping countdown.  Mental picture: me huffing and puffing, thighs jiggling like I had a tub of jell-o hidden beneath my skin, and Garmigon beeping loudly as I tried to run as fast as my legs would carry me.

It was embarrassing.  I tried to imagine myself running with gazelle-like grace.  In reality I know I was either leaning too far forward or barely going anywhere at all. My fastest pace did turn out to be 6:15 but that could have been when I almost tripped over my feet. I'm claiming it as legit though.

This went on for 10 sessions of sprints and then recovering for a few seconds.  By the end of my workout I did feel as if I had done something substantial to or for my body.  The next morning will tell you if it was a pro or con.

Monday morning I woke up with new dedication to everything. Life in general, actually.  Only eating what I consider healthy for my body.  Looking forward to reaching goals and experiencing adventures yet unknown.

As soon as my feet hit the ground my hips reminded me that today was a rest day.  They were not impressed with the sprints on Sunday.  My quads decided to add their opinions as well.  So a walk was planned. I put on my shoes and everything!  Then I put some clothes on to wash and unloaded some from the dryer.  Somewhere during loading and unloading I hurt my back.  The walk was called off.  How in the world do you hurt your back doing laundry?!

Tuesday my back was still not very happy and the quads gave me a gentle reminder that they were on vacation and would not be participating in any activities.  Nevertheless, I began some plyometrics that work in the same fashion as HIIT: sudden bursts of energy followed by short recovery rests.  I stood in one place and jumped using my arms to aid in momentum. I tried to touch my ceiling 5 times in a row. Rest for a few seconds. Repeat. Fun to do in front of the whole family! 

Next week I begin adding strength training using ChaLean Extreme. Fun!! Time to firm up the jiggle.

Weight: probably not good.  Staying away from the scale for a while as I begin finding my exercise groove.  I know it always goes up anytime I start something new.  So my clothes and a tape measure will have to be my guides right now.

Adventure on the horizon: going to Canyon Lake tomorrow! I'm expecting a lot of swimming and perhaps a tubing trip. Can't wait. :)

Are your in need of renewal?  Eating gone off plan for a while? Exercising is lacking luster? Now is a perfect time to rededicate yourself to your goals. Forget about the past; work towards the future.


  1. As you know I have been working on my own renewal plan. Now I just need to get in gear, ya know?

    I seriously doubt your neighbors were seeing what you think they were... most of them were probably thinking they should be sprinting their Easter meals off too.

    Having said that, I usually go to our local high school track to run sprints. I like the fact that I can decide to spring a half or full lap then walk the same distance. Plus it's rubbery so it's a bit easier on my old bones.

  2. You go girl!! I have crazy respect for anyone who can do this type of workout because I cannot, I just hate the repititions! Sounds like your doing great though and the results will be worth the embarrassment ;)

  3. I'm in need of a new AC coil :(

    Can I have 1500?! :)


  4. I needed this post, thank you.

  5. Great post, Kelly. I am in awe of your knowledge about fitness and different types of exercise. I feel very amateurish by comparison. You are right though. This is a good time to renew and re-start my fitness program. You are a true inspiration. I hope your back is better soon. sometimes if doesn't take anything to aggravate a back.

  6. Go Kelly on HIIT! That is hard stuff and I am kind of lazy about doing intervals.

  7. Whoa, speedy sprinter!!! HIIT are brutal - way to go, Kelly!!!

  8. Yes! Renewal! Refocus! That is exactly what I need.

  9. Are you in need of renewal?
    Eating gone off plan for a while? YES!
    Exercising is lacking luster?

    Am I ready?

    LOL! Sometimes when I have "stuff" going on, "stuffing" is how I handle my bizness! Still working on that!


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