Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beef 'n' Cake= BeefCake?

I am one proud momma. Rachel, my 15-going-on-16-too-soon year old daughter, received her first order for a cake.  This is a big deal because Rachel wants to be a baker/pastry chef when she grows up. The ordered cake was a teacher appreciation gift for a literature class.

Everything is edible. The "paper" and pencil and bookmark. All of it.  I think she did a great job. :)

We delivered the cake yesterday and both the customer and the recipient were very pleased with it. Did I mention that I'm proud of her?  :)  Charlie, my 10 year old son, had some sage words of advice for her: take the money you earn and put it in your business.  Love my kids.

She only charged $20 for the cake which I think was a steal. Way to go, Rachel!!
I was going to exercise yesterday but my muscles were sore and I spent most of the day on the road. It just didn't work out.  Maybe the muscles needed a day of rest anyway.
Chuck usually does the grilling for the family but he had some things to do so the grillmaster last night. On the menu: strip steaks with a garlic compound butter and veggies.

The steaks look ok but I overcooked them and one side didn't even get a nice char to it. :( Darn. I hate messing up in the kitchen (or at the grill as the case may be). I must grill again to redeem myself.
 Fashion Thursday?  Why not! So here are the new crops from Coldwater Creek that I just love. And a top from Kohls. Shoes from DSW. That is not a muffin top that you see. It's the top of the pants. :) It's true!
So I see this photo and while I do see how far I've come I can still see the areas that need some work. The tummy (my nemesis that I've mentioned before) and arms and thighs still need some renovation. Extreme Makeover Belly Edition is more like it. But still I can say that I'm pretty happy where I'm at right now.

So what's on the menu tonight?  Need some ideas over here besides burnt steak. :)
Have a wonderful Thursday.


  1. Love the tank top. It looks coral in the photo. Coral is one of my favorite colors.

    Rachel did a great job on the cake. She is a very talented young lady.

  2. That cake is amazing!!
    I'd definitely eat those steaks :)
    You are simply fantabulous!

  3. You should be a proud momma - she did a great job on that cake. It looks almost as goods you do Kelly!

  4. Rachel's cake is FANTASTIC!!!!! Love the top, it's a wonderful color! Have a great day Kelly!

  5. Brilliant cake. congratulations to daughter.

    And to you: you look amazing!

  6. Rachel did a great job with that cake - I am super impressed with the notebook paper and pencil! Nice details. :)

    You look fantastic. I don't see your trouble spots. Enjoy that bod - you've worked hard for it!

  7. The cake looks AWESOME !!! But thats way to cheap for it lol She deserves more than that for her hard work.
    You look great, I didn't see any problem areas either. You should be proud of your hard work, I have been reading your blog for a long time & I am so impressed :)

  8. OH! I just ordered a similar cake for my bday for 100!! i would have pay your daughter 50 ;)

    Oh well, there's always next year!


  9. That cake looks wonderful. What a great job she did. You look great. Absolutely no muffin top. I also want those steaks.....yum

  10. Your daughter is amazing! How cool!

  11. Rachel is uber talented - kudos to her!

  12. What a great looking cake! Rachel is well on her way to becoming a baker/pasty chef extraordinaire!

    Love the capris and the top...both look great on you!

  13. You really look great!!! Congrats on the very hard work, but most of all realizing the need at 30, not 70 as I have done when heart and bone problems retard the progress of exercise, which for me is light at a gym near my house.

    And your daughter's talent is great, but I'afraid that occupation might be hazardous to my health. I love sweets.

  14. Awesome cake and truly, Kelly, you are beautiful! Look at you rocking the world... Wonderful!


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