Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bring Me Another!

Tuesday it was time to lift some weights. I really gave it my all and was sweating profusely. Funny how slowly lifting weights gets the heart rate up as if you were running.

35 minutes of ChaLean Extreme Burn Phase Circuit 3, week 2. Time to start week 3. There will be one more week after that before I move on to the next phase with new exercises. Can't wait. :)

By the end of the workout session my legs and arms were shaking and I was a sweaty mess. I rested for about on hour, ate some tuna salad on a low carb tortilla.

Exercise round 2: mow the grass.  Honestly, just trying to start the mower is a workout unto itself. I was getting so frustrated pulling on that cord and finally it roared to life. "Oh, you wanted me to start?" Then pushing it around the yard worked up a nice sweat.

Time to get cleaned up and ready for a dinner date with Chuck.  BJ's Brewhouse was having a beer tasting dinner. 5 course meal and 8 beers for $30!

I wore my new crops from Coldwater Creek (I had a coupon and got two pair for $25 total!!) and a brown shirt that's a little too big. I was a little surprised when I put the crops on and Chuck said that they were a little too big. He's right! I just got these last Friday. Size 12. Hellz yeah! Getting closer to those size 10s which is amazing considering that I've had more than a few splurges lately. Example: tonight's dinner.

We got to the restaurant a little early so they seated us at the bar. We had a beer while we waited.
 Time to be seated. The menu featured Samuel Adams. We got to sit near the rep for the company and chat about beer and her wicked awesome job. Republic Tequila is looking for an ambassador for their tequila in Houston. I'm so tempted. :)
Between the two tables for the dinner was a table set up with the beer. All of this was for the dinner.
 Believe it or not, they don't have large turnouts for these beer dinners. Maybe because it's not fancy shmancy like the wine and tequila dinners in Houston. Maybe because the chef doesn't prepare something off-menu for the dinner. More for us, I guess.

Here is our table. Three other people plus the rep sat at our table. The other table had maybe 6 people.
The waiter is bringing our "welcome" beer.
 The manager did a toast and we enjoyed our first beer: BJ's Lightswitch Lager.  Very light.
 Beer for the first course: Samuel Adams Boston Lager
 Paired with a slider and fries. Didn't eat all the bun or fries. Sure was tasty though!
 Beer for second course: Samuel Adams Imperial White. I really liked this. Fruity with a hint of pineapple and spices.
 Paired with a seared ahi tuna salad. Uber yum. The chef came out and discussed the pairings. I'm sure it's nice to see people enjoying the food you prepare.
 Feeling no pain. :)
 Next course was teriyaki shrimp. I had a couple of shrimp and some veggies. I'm usually allergic to shrimp and start itching in my throat and eyes and ears but these didn't bother me much. Wonder why?
 Paired with a cherry wheat Samuel Adams. LOVE the cherry beer.
 Then a palate cleanser of Summer ale.
 Wait, I think this was the cherry wheat. Maybe? No, this was the Latitude 48 IPA.
 And it was paired with parmesan chicken that was very good. Loved the basil and sun dried tomatoes. With a squirt of lemon it was yum. There's a pile of broccoli under that lemon.
 Time for Samuel Adams cream stout. But before they brought it out the manager put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Honey, do you need another beer?"
ME: Sure! 
HIM: What do you want?
ME: How about some more of that cherry beer?
HIM: You got it!
Really?! The guys at the end of the table then told us that all of that beer is for us to drink. We can have anything we want.
So here is cream stout (strong!) and the cherry wheat again.
 The stout wasn't my favorite but it did pair well with the chocolate pizookie. A pizza cookie: chocolate chocolate chip cookie with chocolate ice cream and a piece of chocolate. Makes my mouth happy. :)
 After dinner beer: another one of their stout beers. I forget what this one was called. It was not the Wee Heavy listed on the menu. Meh. I don't like the dark beers as much. Just a personal taste.
 Waiter asks me if I'd like another beer. Sure! How about the Imperial White? By this time they're just giving out bottles of beer. I drank a few sips and decided I was done!
 It was a lot of fun hanging out with new people in a relaxed atmosphere and trying new things. All for $30 each! They host these dinners quarterly. Definitely going to the next.

The portion sizes of the entrees were small but that turned out to be a good thing because you don't get overstuffed like we did at the tequila dinner.

Got home and Michigan J Frog was there to greet us.
No more spirit dinners on the calendar for now. That should help speed up weight loss. I'm really excited about fitting into size 10s very soon. I can't believe it! I started this as a size 24. Hard to believe I'm so close to my goal.

I did take a good hard look at my body yesterday to evaluate how close/far I am to my goal shape. I'm wondering if that flap of skin on my tummy will ever be where I want it to be. Two kids. Overweight for a while. I'm no spring chicken (though I'm not old either!). It may be one of those things that just is. I'll worry about that later.

Do you have a tummy skin skirt? If so, have you ever considered surgery?  Just curious.

Have a wonderful Hump Day. Mine will include exercise, delivering Rachel's cake (pictures tomorrow), and eating super duper healthy. See ya tomorrow.


  1. That looks like a meal my hubby and I would love to do! I love Sam Adams beer.
    congrats on almost being in a size 10 that's fantastic!!
    Love r eading your blog and adventures!!

  2. Looks like fun! Not my kind of dinner since I'm not a beer drinker but the concept is cool.

    Congrats on closing in on size 10!

    Yep, I have the belly apron. Have had it since before having kids on fact. I hate it and as soon as it's financially possible I'm getting rid of it.

  3. How fun that the manager was so generous with the beer! The food looked good - we are getting a BJ's near us soon and I will have to go try that dessert!

    Woohoo for the size 10! Shrinking Kelly! That is fantastic. :):):)

    I have the belly skin but am not interested in surgery - too much pain, recovery, no exercise...and then there's that whole possibility of dying from complications...just not for me.

  4. Great job on the loose clothes!
    I have little tummy flap that is only obvious nekkid. I never had kids, either.

    I don't know if I will ever bother to get any work done, although I certainly could use a lower body lift to help the skin on my thighs. I don't know if it would feel like me anymore if I changed all that.

    Yay for beer! I see so much wine on blogs and hardly any beer. I like beer :D

  5. Hurray for moving on down.

    Beer. I'm not a fan. Fills me up too much and I like to chew my fillings, not drink them lol.

    I have the skin. Tummy tuck is on my "if I win the lottery list."

  6. Oh my goodness, that dinner looks soooo fun!!! Congrats on shrinking!!! Have a great day Kelly!

  7. Hope Blogger is nice to me today - I left you an epic long comment on your last post and it ate it! GAh!

    So here goes...

    What a fun dinner!!! Everything looks delicious and YOU look beautiful! Yay for size 10's...I know you'll be there in no time!

    DYING over that pizookie!!

  8. Your throat didn't react to the shrimp as it was coated with all the beer! Ha! It all looked AWESOME.

  9. That is exactly my type of event and I heart Sam Adams beer - I've had all of them (except like you not a fan of dark beer) but have never even heard of the Imperial White before - maybe its a regional thing and not available in the midwest??

    Yep, I have a muffin top of a belly - still have 34 pounds to go, but I think it will just be a smaller muffin top.

    And I am okay with it and would never do surgery - just a personal preference. :D

  10. Looks like fun! I have never had an entire beer, so a dinner like that would probably kill me.

    I have a flap and don't give a flip.

    Looking forward to cake pics...


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